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Mental XL DVD
Mental XL
DVD by Pascal de Clermont - $10.00

Pascal de Clermont is known worldwide as one of the top performing mentalists. This DVD is designed to get you introduced to some basic principles, and instantly learn a trick alllowing you to practice those principles. Contents : - ENILECEnilec is a trick using a standard dictionary. Your...

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Escape Artist's Strait Jacket Accessory
Escape Artist's Strait Jacket
Accessory by Premium Magic - $120.00

This is one of the best classical escape effects performed by many renowned magicians and escapologists. The Strait Jacket supplied is perfectly made out of canvas for durability and the belts and straps that are necessary come complete with the jacket. Available in sizes XL or XXL

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Cognition Trick
Trick by Ray Joel - $45.00

Ray Joel has taken a classic magic trick from the magic set he had as a child and has made it into a more justifiable and entertaining performance piece.

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