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Mesika's Wallet  By Yigal Mesika Trick
Mesika's Wallet By Yigal Mesika
Trick by Yigal Mesika - $50.00

Mesika's Wallet is made of high quality leather and designed to be used as a regular wallet. With it, you will be able to perform miracles anytime and anywhere.Unlike most other wallets, you can hand this wallet away BEFORE you start the routine and still produce a FOLDED signed card, as well as...

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Cerberus Wallet Trick
Cerberus Wallet
Trick by Daniel Meadows - $139.95

Cerberus has everything the modern Mentalist needs packed into a small everyday leather wallet, only a little bigger than a deck of cards. If you're still looking for an everyday wallet that incorporates a great peek & load system, holds your business cards and will actually fit in your...

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Hideout V2 Wallet DVD
Hideout V2 Wallet
DVD by Outlaw Effects - $115.00

Once again the master of wallets Tony Curtis took on the task of recreating one of the mentalism communities favorite wallets. The result, in combination with Alakazam Magic and Outlaw Effects is the Hideout V2 wallet. Disguised as an everyday bill-fold wallet, the Hideout V2 is a...

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