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The Naked Zombie Ball DVD
The Naked Zombie Ball
DVD by Raymond Crowe - $35.00

Floating Ball Study for the Stage Raymond appears at over 150 Corporate shows a year. His work has been featured on "World's Greatest Magic IV" and he received a standing ovation for his performance at the 2003 FISM. Classically trained in Mime, Raymond applies these techniques to the humble Zombie...

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Zombie Tim Wright DVD
Zombie Tim Wright
DVD by Tim Wright - $29.95

Tim Wright who performs as Skilldini is one of the acknowledged masters of the classic Zombie routine where a silver ball balances on the edge of a scarf and then comes to life as it floats, jumps, vanishes, and appears while it interacts with you.Techniques and concepts discussed:Cloth Selection,...

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Zombie Re-Animated Volume 1 DVD
Zombie Re-Animated Volume 1
DVD by Jeb Sherrill - $35.00

Zombie Re-Animated is destined to become the definitive work on Zombie. This two volume DVD is designed to take a novice to an expert and an expert to the point of master. Nothing less than comprehensive, Zombie Re-Animated brings you through in-depth explanations of basic equipment, gimmick...

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