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Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards - magic

Yes! It's confirmed. Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards, our cofounder's mass-market paperback, has been released. The book is an anything, everything celebration of playing cards: tricks, shuffles, scams, and hustles, as well as the history, trivia, lore, and art of playing cards.

Joshua Jay tells us, "This is the book I always wanted to write. Traveling the world, I have collected tips, tricks, and stunts with a pack of cards that will appeal to anyone who loves cards. This is not a magic book, strictly speaking, but instead an exploration into playing cards, their history, cheating apparatus, and more."

Joshua will tour 18 cities in support of the book's release, including Minneapolis, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, New York, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and others. More tour announcements to come.

Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards costs just 18 dollars. There are FOUR REASONS TO ORDER HERE:

1. This is the ONLY place you will receive your book autographed by Joshua Jay.
2. Every order will come with a free gift of Joshua Jay's e-lecture notes (15 dollar value).
3. Every book will come with a DVD performing and explaining many of the flourishes, stunts, scams, and tricks explored in the book.
4. You will be directly supporting the artist, Joshua Jay, by buying direct and not through a large chain.

Joshua will also make several national television appearances in support of The Amazing Book of Cards

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FREE book: Sleight of Hand and Twist of Fate lecture notes ebook (15 dollar value)
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Customer reviews for Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards

Paul Heaney

If you like playing cards,you will love this book. Joshua Jay has a really easy to read writing style. You will learn some really good card tricks, cool shuffles and imaginative things you can do with cards like making your very own playing card wallet. You also learn a lot about the history of playing cards and some weird and interesting facts. Best of all, you get a DVD with Josh showing you how to do the shuffles, tricks and hustles. This a great product and is highly recommended.


Jordan Pampliega

Congratulations, Joshua Jay, you did it again! This book provides its readers a very good reference about playing cards in general. From history of playing cards, tricks and flourishes, tricks as well as crafts, Joshua Jay takes you step by step into things that you didn't thought were possible with cards. His teaching style is as clear as ever and his DVD takes you not only the methods but as well as presentation tips. The book and DVD are really worth buying and you won't be disappointed.