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Akronym - magic
Akronym Akronym Akronym Akronym Akronym Akronym

“I love it!” Christian Grace

A one-of-a-kind personalized revelation you can perform anytime, anywhere.

We’re so excited to partner with Conjuring Lab to bring you “Akronym", an groundbreaking online system that allows you to reveal any word in the most unique and surprising way possible. It can be someone’s name, a company, or whatever you want.

No assistants. No forces. Everything is done in real time on their phone.

"Akronym" is a completely impromptu stunner that can be performed on-the-spot without any prep work or pre-show required. It is an innovative web-based system that works on either iOS or Android. Nothing needs to be downloaded on your phone or theirs. You don't even need to have your phone near you.

This professional, fully-customizable routine works just as well in casual close-up settings as it does for corporate gala events with 1,000s of people. It's your easy-to-use secret weapon for blowing the minds of audiences of any size.

“That is literally incredible!” Lloyd Barnes

“That is sick. I love it!” Peter Turner

“Akronym checks all the boxes for me - practical, versatile, and devastating.” Doug McKenzie

You start by talking about how much you enjoy the feeling of a well-planned surprise in a good movie or book. The types of moments where something happens and you can’t believe you didn’t see it coming. It’s an amazing feeling that you’d like to create with your participant as part of your own story.

Let’s say you’re performing for someone named John. You have them roll an imaginary die and tell everyone what number it lands on (no forces). For this example, we’ll say they chose three.

It’s now time to add some substance to the story. So you have them search for something that interests them on Wikipedia. They can look for anything they want. Let's say they choose "Football".

Once they're on the page they chose, you point out how every Wikipedia page has a variety of links connecting them to other pages. Like the old game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (Six Degrees of Separation), It’s fun to click some of the links and see where you end up.

You invite them to start creating a new story by clicking any link they want. Whatever word they clicked is written down on a piece of paper (or, if you're in a pinch, you can write it down in the notes app on someone’s phone). They then freely click another link on the next page and continue doing this a few more times. Each time, you write down the word they clicked.

In the end, you’re left with a list of seemingly random words that don’t seem to tell much of a story...until you reveal the plot twist. You remind them of the number they freely chose earlier, three. The third letter in each freely-selected word is then circled. Their jaws will drop when they see it reveals “John”.



“Wait! What!? How!?! Sooooooooo good! I was totally fooled by the performance and I’m equally stunned by the method. 11 out of 10.” Mark Elsdon

Full Performance of "Akronym"

“Akronym” is a personalized, memorable effect that guarantees you’re prepared to leave a lasting impression anywhere you go. The ingenious method allows you to openly input the secret word and accompanying number right under their noses in the middle of the routine without them suspecting a thing. If you know the word ahead of time (i.e. you’re performing at a gala event for a company), you can even preset it in advance to save a step during your performance.

Always be prepared to blow minds. Get “Akronym” today from Vanishing Inc.!

You will be emailed a unique access code in a separate email after completing your purchase. "Akronym" currently works in English and French only. Please note that broadcast and TV rights are not included with your purchase. However, you can request permission by sending an email to performingrights@conjuringlab.com


Customer reviews for Akronym



Holy Shit dude, I just bought it and as always how curious am I, already figured out and fooled myself done it with my name, just nuts!

Thank you for this miracle!



Few things are released that can be described as "genius"

This is one of them.




2 word's
"Killer effect"



I sat on the fence before buying this. Don’t sit on the fence! It is so SIMPLE to do. And it kills!! The reactions I’ve gotten from this are stronger than other effects that take so much more effort. The creators deserve all the praise in the world for coming up with such a clever trick :)

But also don’t get this. I want it all for myself.



Bought it last week , practiced , then performed it Today for the 1rst time .

In a Bar , reactions were insane , screaming …

True story : the Boss had to calm down the spectators !

Was not sure before because .. but they don’t even look at anything , they just follow what you say .

Why not , everything is done in plain sight in front of them !

It’s definitely a worker , don’t need anything besides the spectator phone !

No reset , no nothing !
Not even your phone !

Amazing Thanks for your Work !!!



This was a slight impulse purchase, But I did watch multiple reviews first to make an informed decision. The "setup" was easy and direct. The website has everything you need to familiarize yourself with Akronym including scripts, videos, and detailed instructions. I had no issue with any part of the product. I have performed the effect now 3 times since my purchase. Each time it killed, it's very strong and it can close out your show! I am still working on a good presentation for it. But trust me if you're thinking about buying this, just do it. You'll thank me and the other reviewers.


Paul B.

I believe the good folks at Vanishing prefer top keep these reviews profanity free so I’ll just say this…Holy S#*@ this is good! It’s the perfect EDC without the C. Borrowed phone, pen and paper. Any. Word. Like many I rediscovered my love for magic over pandemic and have purchased a lot of tricks in the ensuing years. This just might be my favorite. I’m a “friends and family” magician but for pros who make most of their money doing corporate gigs this would be amazing. Company name, CEO name etc. I mainly do cards so to have something this impromptu and clean to break up the card tricks is great. Really, really strong effect.



Totally underpriced. I would surprise me if it didn’t go up. I’m just being honest. I’ve paid more for way less. Not only is it the best technology effect that I’ve ever purchased. It’s may be THE best effect I’ve ever purchased. Absolute jaw dropper. Nothing to carry. No props or gimmicks to carry. The only issue I see with it is that I have nothing that can follow it. I really can’t say enough good things about this. Great job on this one.



This effect looked and sounded too good to be true. I hesitated for a couple of days, and finally said screw it and made the purchase.

I don't really have the words to describe how amazingly clever and easy to perform this freaking miracle is.

I don't generally spend $100 on what is essentially a download. Is it worth it? Wow, every penny.


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Community questions about Akronym

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Hirotoshi asks: is it possible to perform other language? for example Japanese

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It currently works in English and French. But, other languages may be added as time goes on.
  • Philip asks: Can you use Google Chrome rather than Safari as I use an android phone?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can use Chrome.
  • seth asks: Is this the actual Wikipedia site? Or some gimmicked clone that looks like it?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We can't expose methods in public, if you'd like to email our Support Wizards (wizards@vanishingincmagic.com) someone will be able to help you there.
  • Dean asks: Does it work on android, I noticed safari being mentioned in the promo, and I know some of the new releases are specifically for Iphones only. Thank you so much, if it works for android I will certainly be picking it up it looks incredible would make an amazing closer effect, well done ??

    • 1. Chris answers: You can use Chrome and it works fine on an Android phone (I have a Google Pixel 8 Pro). In fact, it worked so well that I was fooled on a part of it myself, thinking that things were not working properly. I reached out and got immediate help (within minutes) and found that it was working perfectly and that I was the one misunderstanding things. After fully understanding things, I will have 0 concerns performing this just like you see in the videos.
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  • James asks: I do not have a good memory do to age would I be able to perform this? And would this work with the Samsung Android Fold 4?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There's no memory work involved. And yes, works on any mobile device.
  • Paul asks: When performing this for a person, will it literally produce any name because there's more than one right way to spell some names ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It will produce any name, any word.
  • Marcel asks: When will this be available in german language?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We have no date when the new languages will be available
  • Simon asks: I notice that there is a cut within the Lloyd Barnes performance at around the 25 second mark, just after he rolled the imaginary dice. Please would you tell me what the reason is? Is this just to speed up the performance or is what we didn't see there relevant to the method? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is just to speed the video performance up
  • Gary asks: If the spectator chooses five or six, all of the link choices are longer words. Correct?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Correct.
  • Alvaro asks: Can this be performed remotely? (over the phone, zoom call...)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It cannot as you will need to access the phone
  • Bruce asks: What if your spectators name is longer then 6 letters?

    • 1. Yves Doumergue (creator) responds: The Akronym system can reveal words of any length. The dice roll corresponds to the number of the letter of each chosen word that will be used in the reveal. For example, if the spectator choses 3: the 3rd letter of each chosen word will reveal their name. The length of the spectator’s name will only determine how many words need to be selected.
    • 2. Gary answers: I haven't purchased this yet, but I'm pretty sure you would just have to have The spectator click on six or more links.
  • Dominic asks: The video and text here talk of using Wikipedia on Safari. I can't be alone in having the Wiki app on my phone, and when I put the website in Safari my phone immediately suggests using the app. I'm assuming that this effect does NOT work with the app but for some reason needs the use of Safari? If so, is there a script/suggestion for how one dismisses the idea of using the app when doing the trick? If not, that immediately weakens the impact, I would have thought.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Because you have the app and are using IOS native search engine, it will automatically recommend the Wiki app since it recognizes that it may be similar. It is the same thing as searching for YouTube on Safari and having the YouTube app. We recommend deleting the Wiki app for now.
  • Dominic asks: I think my last question was not fully understood. If one does this effect on the phone of an audience member and they have the Wiki App, I can hardly tell them to delete it. Doesn’t this seriously lessen the impact?

    • 1. Gary answers: I think I'm going to just ask them if they use Wikipedia a lot. If they say yes I won't risk it and I'll use my phone.
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  • Erik asks: How do you address when a person gives you a name or word when you are unsure of the spelling?

    • 1. Gary answers: I decided that in that case I will expand the story by asking them their favorite color after they give me the number on the die. At the end, after they've made all of their choices, the word that is spelled out is their favorite color.
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  • Kelly asks: Is there any risk that if Wikipedia were to change something on their back end or with their API, could it render this unusable?

    • 1. Yves Doumergue (creator) responds: At Conjuring Lab, our team has developed a solid infrastructure that allows us to monitor Wikipedia API and adapt seamlessly. Given that thousands of infrastructures depend on the Wikipedia API, it is highly unlikely that any significant changes would happen overnight.
  • Gary asks: How long does it take to be accepted to the Facebook Akronym group?

    • 1. Yves Doumergue (creator) responds: It takes at most 24hours. But most of the time it's within a couple of hours
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We do not control the Facebook group, I'm afraid.
    • 1. Yves Doumergue (creator) responds: It takes at most 24hours. But most of the time it's within a couple of hours
  • Andreas asks: It says in the video "Acronym is not an app" ... yet it is being sold as "Akronym - App by Conjuring Lab". That's a bit strange, is it not?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's not an app, but we do not have a "not an app" category on the site! :)
  • Aimon asks: Can you do this trick in front of 100s of people on the stage. i was going to get the person think of a name and then i reveal the name using this trick to close my show, what you think on it ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sure you could! It’s a small effect but has potential to play big
    • 2. Yves Doumergue (creator) responds: I have a couple of friends that are using it as a closer for their show. It's a parlor act that plays for 80/120 spectators.
    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sure you could! It’s a small effect but has potential to play big
  • Lee asks: I bought this. When will the email arrive?

    • 1. Jim answers: It should arrive within moments. Otherwise, contact customer service, and give them your order number.
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  • Matt asks: I saw that it was said it will work with Chrome on Android. Will it also work with Firefox on Android, or do we have to stick to Chrome?

    • 1. Kelly answers: I use Firefox on iOS and it works fine. Any browser will do!
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