Mindreading, mentalism, and telepathy occupy a serious space in the genre of magic. Even magicians need to have some mentalism principles and material in their work. We love mentalism that doesn't feel like procedure. Instead, it should feel natural, and like real mindreading. The other great benefit of mentalism is that it plays to a much bigger crowd.

Our first and main suggestion for mentalists is to closely study the work of Luke Jermay. His DVD sets, his Marksman Deck, and anything he has created are worthy of careful study.

Mental Telepathy Cards Trick
Mental Telepathy Cards
Trick by Chazpro and Santa Magic - 19.95

A fun and fooling effect that will dazzle every audience, even difficult hecklers. An audience member turns over one card and then conceals all the...

Prestige 2.0 (Dry Erase) Trick
Prestige 2.0 (Dry Erase)
Trick by Sergey Koller - 299.95

The mega-popular effect is now twice as big and comes in a convenient dry erase format. "It's clever, it has so many possibilities!"...

Richard Osterlind's Universal Force Book (UFB) Trick
Richard Osterlind's Universal Force Book (UFB)
Trick by Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti - 99.95

More than a decade in the making, "Universal Force Book (UFB)" by Richard Osterlind is a fully-customized, one-of-a-kind forcing device...

S'Pendulum Trick
Trick by Steve Marchello - 39.95

A convenient, practical, and powerful tool you can wear! "S'Pendulum" is Steve Marchello's amazing and organic approach to pendulum effects...

RoboTic Trick
Trick by Julio Montoro - 29.95

Mentalism + visual magic + a souvenir + Julio Montoro = "RoboTic". You show your spectator a business card from a toy shop you visited in...

The Traveller Book
The Traveller
Book by reese Goodley - 38.00

Michael Murray is back with an incredible reveal of a thought of country by Reese Goodley. "The thing that impresses me about "The...

13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set Trick
13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set
Trick by Richard Osterlind, Tony Corinda and Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - 99.95

Everything you need to start performing professional quality mentalism in one amazing set. Tony Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism has long been...

Profile Trick
Trick by David Jonathan and Nikolas Mavresis - 24.95

A hands-off, easy to do stunner from David Jonathan and Nikolas Mavresis. "Profile" is a fun, engaging routine that builds toward a...

Syncro Trick
Trick by Magic Pro Ideas - 39.95

Force, predict or guess any time on a borrowed phone. "Syncro" is a magic stopwatch that you can easily use on your phone or, even better,...

Crave List Trick
Crave List
Trick by Tora Magic - 29.95

"Crave List" is an amazing piece of mentalism from Tora Magic. The magician shows a menu of food completely and flips the pages. One part...

20/20 Visions Trick
20/20 Visions
Trick by Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd - 29.95

An incredible, easy-to-do double prediction of a thought-of drawing and chosen playing card. Someone freely thinks of a a drawing and then selects a...

PITATA Pendulum Sharpie Trick
PITATA Pendulum Sharpie
Trick by PITATA and ULTRAMantic - 349.95

Elevate your mentalism presentations to new heights by allowing your audience to literally feel the moment the magic happens. The "PITATA...

PITATA Smart Scale Trick
PITATA Smart Scale
Trick by PITATA - 749.95

An advanced mind-reading device that modernizes a beloved principle and infinitely expands its possibilities into the realm of real magic. The...

PITATA Smart Scale Pad Accessory
PITATA Smart Scale Pad
Accessory by PITATA - 199.95

A specially-designed pad that perfectly fits the "PITATA Smart Scale". No DIY required. Just put the gimmick inside and you're ready to...

PITATA Smart Scale Bowl Accessory
PITATA Smart Scale Bowl
Accessory by PITATA - 119.95

A sophisticated and organic housing for your "PITATA Smart Scale". Use the "PITATA Smart Scale Bowl" to instantly elevate the...

PITATA Smart Scale Kurotsuke/Russian Roulette Set Accessory
PITATA Smart Scale Kurotsuke/Russian Roulette Set
Accessory by PITATA - 24.95

Custom-made balls balls designed specifically for the amazing Kurotsuke/Russian Roulette you can do with the "PITATA Smart Scale". The...

My Word Trick
My Word
Trick by Dan Harlan - 39.95

Professional-level mind-reading that’s super easy to do. They turn to a page, think of a word and you can instantly guess it. It’s so fair and so...

Mental Chips Trick
Mental Chips
Trick by N2G and Kaifu Wong - 44.95

This devious new mentalism concept is a clever, self-working way to secretly obtain information from your audience. Twelve different colored chips...

Marry Kiss Kill Trick
Marry Kiss Kill
Trick by Wessel Kort and Green Lemon - 29.95

The beauty of a magic trick lies in its natural and innocent presentation, taking the viewer on a journey where reality bends, and the impossible...

Reality is Magic Book
Reality is Magic
Book by NEAT Review and Anson Chen - 59.95

13 original routines and 7 thought-provoking essays in one gorgeous hardcover book specifically written for the most loyal and devoted magic...

All is Foreseen Trick
All is Foreseen
Trick by Meir Yedid Magic - 24.95

A meaningful and thought-provoking new approach to a classic principle. "All is Foreseen" is based around the premise of whether we truly...

Psi Roller Trick
Psi Roller
Trick by Kaymar Magic and Michael Breggar - 24.95

A baffling, easy-to-do effect with a unique premise you'll love performing. "Psi Roller" by Michael Breggar is a wonderful combination of...

Stand-Up Mentalism With Playing Cards Book
Stand-Up Mentalism With Playing Cards
Book by Mark Strivings - 64.95

For those of you who perform full mentalism programs, think for a minute about the venues that you work the most. Now, mind you I'm not talking about...

Taste It Trick
Taste It
Trick by Andre Previato and Andrew - 39.95

A sensory mental experience designed for everyday performances. You pour some different colored Tic-Tac candies into the hand of your helper and...

No Chair Chair Test Trick
No Chair Chair Test
Trick by Vortex Magic and Paul Rohmany - 199.95

After more than two decades of fine-tuning in front of real audiences, Paul Rohmany, in collaboration with Vortex Magic, is finally releasing one of...

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When you create a smash hit like Heirloom, it’s hard to come up with something else that...
Venom Cube
This is the ULTIMATE cube matching effect. They mix a cube and it perfectly matches your...
Glance: Updated Edition
You present the current issues of two popular magazines...
Premise and Premonition
"When it comes to modern mentalism, Luke Jermay has set...
Marksman Deck
The “Marksman Deck” is a powerful utility item that will unlock phenomenal demonstrations...
The Memory Arts
Our new book shows you how to memorize any deck in less than an hour! No...
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Learn Mentalism at Vanishing Inc.

We have always been fascinated with Mentalism here at Vanishing Inc. We’ve been running The Event alongside our magic convention The Session for years which is dedicated to all things associated with Mentalism and had some incredible performers grace our stage there like Weber, Max Maven, Luke Jermay, The Evasons and many more.

We thought it would be useful to put together a list of resources for people interested in Mentalism. From those just wanting to get started, to people interested in the history.