Mindreading, mentalism, and telepathy occupy a serious space in the genre of magic. Even magicians need to have some mentalism principles and material in their work. We love mentalism that doesn't feel like procedure. Instead, it should feel natural, and like real mindreading. The other great benefit of mentalism is that it plays to a much bigger crowd.

Our first and main suggestion for mentalists is to closely study the work of Luke Jermay. His DVD sets, his Marksman Deck, and anything he has created are worthy of careful study.

The Drawing Test Cards (DTC Cards) Trick
The Drawing Test Cards (DTC Cards)
Trick by Luca Volpe, Alan Wong and Paul McCaig - 24.95

A simple, powerful and direct piece of mind-reading that fits in your pocket and plays huge. "The Drawing Test Cards (DTC Cards)" by Alan...

Magic Mind Trick
Magic Mind
Trick by Bacon Magic - 259.95

"Magic Mind 2.0" is a remarkable piece of cutting-edge magic technology. This convenient, compact, and highly practical magical accessory...

Mental Key Prediction Trick
Mental Key Prediction
Trick by Royce Luo and Conan Liu - 59.95

Flawlessly predict a four-digit number inscribed on the back of a wooden keychain. No forcing required. Just pure amazing mentalism. After...

Soul Trick
Trick by Bond Lee - 279.95

A powerful, high-tech piece of magic technology that allows you to instantly know seemingly impossible information. With "Soul" by Bond...

Glance 3.0 Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Glance 3.0
Trick by Steve Thompson - 39.95

The strongest, easiest, and most practical book test you’ll ever find is actually not a book test at all. It’s hidden within the pages of an...

Predicto Trick
Trick by Jonathan Sadowski - 19.95

A fun and commercial prediction with a stunning finale they'll never see coming. Limited to just 500 first edition sets! "Predicto" is the...

Mystery Solved 2.0 Trick
Mystery Solved 2.0
Trick by David Penn and TCC Presents - 54.95

"Mystery Solved 2.0" is a new version of the incredible transparent Card to Box effect created by David Penn. Compared to the original...

Burn by Daniel Madison Trick
Burn by Daniel Madison
Trick by Daniel Madison - 34.95

A truly impossible revelation burned into a playing card. “Burn” by Daniel Madison is a special tool that enables you to easily create stunning...

Magic Wallet Universe Trick
Magic Wallet Universe
Trick by TCC Presents - From $19.95

A concept series containing three elegant, minimalist wallets and one all-around combo wallet designed to suit your specific needs. The wallets...

Spirit Bell Pro Trick
Spirit Bell Pro
Trick by TCC Presents - 99.95

A premium quality "Spirit Bell" for professional performers. The "Spirit Bell" is an an effect as old as time. A brass bell is...

Dice Miracle Trick
Dice Miracle
Trick by TCC Presents - 80.00

"Dice Miracle" by TCC is an exquisite wooden ESP dice set crafted from ebony and boxwood inlays. This set is accompanied by three highly...

Off Stage Magic download (video)
Off Stage
Magic download (video) by The 1914 and Alexander Marsh - 30.95

Never be caught off-guard again. “Off Stage” by Alexander Marsh offers a variety of hard-hitting routines designed for casual situations. Powerful,...

Aesop's Favorite Book Test Trick
Aesop's Favorite Book Test
Trick by Dan Harlan and SarahElla Phant - 39.95

"Absolutely the best book test I have seen. This book really is totally examinable and offers several great effects not seen with other book...

The Professional Mentalist's Survival Manual Book
The Professional Mentalist's Survival Manual
Book by Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti - 34.95

The final volume in Richard Osterlind's acclaimed "Field Manual" series is here! While The Professional Mentalist's Intelligence Manual...

Pen Writer Accessory
Pen Writer
Accessory by Vernet Magic - 19.95

A thumb tip writer with real ballpoint pen ink. This is a must-have for any mentalism performer or mind reader. "Pen Writer" is an...

Pure Psychometry Trick
Pure Psychometry
Trick by Dee Christopher and The 1914 - 59.95

While blindfolded, you can intricately describe the visual details of an object and even correctly identify who it belongs too. All without any...

Counter Intuitive Book
Counter Intuitive
Book by Patrick Redford - 29.95

"Counterintuitive" by Patrick Redford is a superhuman impossible divination that expands on the work of Tomoyuki Shimomura and Sebastian...

AF ESP Deck Trick
Trick by Alexander Marsh - 39.95

As the name implies, yes, this is another [BLEEPING] ESP deck. But, don't tune out yet. This one is made by Alexander Marsh, and offers abilities not...

Eerie DVD
DVD by Richard Osterlind - 49.95 step beyond! Join Richard Osterlind as he takes mentalism one step further! Using props like crystal balls, pendulums, candles,...

Intimate Impossibilities DVD
Intimate Impossibilities
DVD by Richard Osterlind - 49.95

Most mentalists perform for small groups of spectators made up of family and friends. On these DVDs, Richard Osterlind turns his attention to...

Vertical Tyvek Envelopes Accessory
Vertical Tyvek Envelopes
Accessory by Alan Wong - 12.95

Durable tyvek envelopes now available in a convenient vertical version. These vertical opening tyvek normal envelopes are the perfect utility item...

Experimental Book
Book by Michael Murray - 37.95

Due to high demand, Michael Murray is finally making the lecture notes from his highly-regarded "Experimental" lecture available to those...

Rainman Book
Book by Vincent Hedan - 119.95

Kept guarded for more than a decade, Vincent Hedan is finally sharing the secret that won him the first prize trophy in Mentalism at the French...

Magical Problems & Mental Solutions Book
Magical Problems & Mental Solutions
Book by Michael Murray - 29.95

Nine incredible ideas from the clever mind of Michael Murray. Magical Problems & Mental Solutions features a variety of amazing mentalism ideas...

Switch Cup Ash Edition Trick
Switch Cup Ash Edition
Trick by Magic Dream and Jerome Sauloup - 44.95

Following the global success of the "Switch Cup", Jerome Sauloup returns with the amazing new "Switch Cup Ashtray Edition". This...

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When you create a smash hit like Heirloom, it’s hard to come up with something else that...
Venom Cube
This is the ULTIMATE cube matching effect. They mix a cube and it perfectly matches your...
Glance: Updated Edition
You present the current issues of two popular magazines...
Premise and Premonition
"When it comes to modern mentalism, Luke Jermay has set...
Marksman Deck
The “Marksman Deck” is a powerful utility item that will unlock phenomenal demonstrations...
The Memory Arts
Our new book shows you how to memorize any deck in less than an hour! No...
Learn stage magic

Learn Mentalism at Vanishing Inc.

We have always been fascinated with Mentalism here at Vanishing Inc. We’ve been running The Event alongside our magic convention The Session for years which is dedicated to all things associated with Mentalism and had some incredible performers grace our stage there like Weber, Max Maven, Luke Jermay, The Evasons and many more.

We thought it would be useful to put together a list of resources for people interested in Mentalism. From those just wanting to get started, to people interested in the history.