Magic by Bond Lee

The Ultra Cane Trick
The Ultra Cane
Trick by Bond Lee - 55.00

Now available in eye-popping Metallic colors! After years of research and experimentation, Bond Lee and Magicalism have finally created the perfect...

My2 Holder Trick
My2 Holder
Trick by Bond Lee, Lee Jah Bond and Yan Yan Ma - From $10.00

An innovative quick-release holder and powerful weapon for any magician. "My2" is a classic tool redesigned by FISM Winner Yan Yan Ma to...

Waken Trick
Trick by Bond Lee, Lee Jah Bond, MS Magic and Hawin - 99.95

A hauntingly visual card trick in which you find a selected and signed playing cards with the power of shadow. Unlock the true power of the Haunted...

Rubik's Wall Trick
Rubik's Wall
Trick by Bond Lee, MS Magic and Happy - From $350.00

An impossible, jaw-dropping closer for your Rubik’s Cube magic routine. This is the ultimate closer! Members of your audience shuffle any, or all,...

Tic Tac Toe Pro Trick
Tic Tac Toe Pro
Trick by Bond Lee - From $59.95

A classic paper and pencil game between two players has now turned into an interactive game between the magician and audience. Each player takes...

Fanning Wax Accessory
Fanning Wax
Accessory by Bond Lee - 12.00

The perfect fanning powder alternative. Beloved by Asia's most talented card manipulators, "Fanning Wax" allows you to more easily achieve...

CSTC (Chinese Super Triple Coin) Trick
CSTC (Chinese Super Triple Coin)
Trick by N2G, Bond Lee and Johnny Wong - From $75.00

Squeaky clean and wildly powerful coin magic. N2G and Bond Lee, in partnership with Johnny Wong, are thrilled to release a new take on a classic...

Red Pill Blue Pill Trick
Red Pill Blue Pill
Trick by Bond Lee and MS Magic - 35.00

Red pill or blue pill, what is your choice? An original and unique piece of magic. The magician displays a bottle of pills, and has a spectator hold...

Born DVD
DVD by Bond Lee - 40.00

Endowed with elegance & artistry, Bond Lee, an internationally awarded magician proudly presents "born". A revolutionizing tutorial,...

Trick by Bond Lee and Zamm Wong - 34.95

Santa is help you with your magic! That's right, Father Christmas is here to provide a lot of magic in this holiday-themed multi-phase...

Shot Glass Matrix Trick
Shot Glass Matrix
Trick by Bond Lee and Patricio Teran - 49.95

A unique twist on a classic of magic. "Shot Glass Matrix" by Patricio Teran takes the famous coin matrix plot and accomplishes it with...

Ash Trick
Trick by Bond Lee and MS Magic - 34.95

A scorching revelation that appears in the ashes of a paper as it burns. "Ash" by MS Magic is an exciting way to reveal anything from a...

Appearing Cubes Trick
Appearing Cubes
Trick by Bond Lee and MS Magic - 69.95

A perfect stage magic effect for beginner magicians and professional magicians alike. Use the "Appearing Cubes" to accomplish a variety of...

Treasure Accessory
Accessory by Bond Lee, MS Magic and Pen - From $34.95

Produce up to 10 coins at your fingertips like real magic with this incredible tool. Brought to you by Pen, Bond Lee & MS Magic,...

4D Box Trick
4D Box
Trick by Bond Lee - 120.00

A super powerful impossible location effect. "4D Box" by Bond Lee is a special nest of boxes that enables you to perform a truly magical,...

Shadow Trick
Trick by Bond Lee and Alex - 29.95

An impossible signed card transposition from the mind of "Alex". "Shadow" starts by placing a blank card inside a windowed...

Prophet's Deck Trick
Prophet's Deck
Trick by Bond Lee, MS Magic and Pen - 99.95

A packs, small plays huge, multi-part prediction system that is super easy to use. Brought to you by MS Magic, "Prophet's Deck" by Pen and...

Super Wand Trick
Super Wand
Trick by Bond Lee, MS Magic and HZ Wang - 110.00

Tranpositions, shapeshifting, levitating. All these miracles are packed into one magic wand with "Super Wand" by HZ Wang. "Super...

Soul Trick
Trick by Bond Lee - 279.95

A powerful, high-tech piece of magic technology that allows you to instantly know seemingly impossible information. With "Soul" by Bond...

Blaze 2 Trick
Blaze 2
Trick by Bond Lee and ZF Magic - 249.95

Ignite and extinguish a candle flame on command. "Blaze 2" is an incredible self-lighting candle. This beautiful piece of magic is brought...

Magic Spinner 2.0 Trick
Magic Spinner 2.0
Trick by Bond Lee - 24.95

Time to take your magic out for a spin with Magic Spinner 2.0!This improved version of the Magic Spinner lets you show any message you want!...

Aero Trick
Trick by Bond Lee, MS Magic and ZF Magic - 74.95

The world's lightest dancing cane. "Aero" by Bond Lee and ZF Magic is a beautiful, perfectly balanced dancing cane that is a true joy to...

Tac Tac Toe Pro V2 Trick
Tac Tac Toe Pro V2
Trick by Bond Lee and MS Magic - From $349.95

Bond Lee's personalized and amazing effect is back in a new V2 edition offering new templates and new sizes for any performance space from parlor and...

Dragon Parasol Set (Red) Trick
Dragon Parasol Set (Red)
Trick by Bond Lee - 125.00

A full set for a beautiful 2-parasol production. Comes with 2 gorgeous oriental style parasols (Red, with printed design) and 3 stylish cloths. The...

Rubik's Wall HD (Complete Set) Trick
Rubik's Wall HD (Complete Set)
Trick by Bond Lee, Happy and D.K. Wong - 695.00

The massively successful "Rubik's Wall" gets a big upgrade. "Rubik's Wall HD" allows you to perform the beloved "Rubik's...

Snowflake SG Trick
Snowflake SG
Trick by Bond Lee - $449.95 $382.50 (SAVE $67.45)

Bond Lee's snowstorm teapot is back and offers more advanced details than ever. "Snowflake is well engineered, beautifully fabricated and very...

The Rose Trick
The Rose
Trick by Bond Lee - 59.95

Now you can perform this astonishing effect!  The magician magically produces a rose, then vanishes it with a spark of fire. Then the magician...

Anything (Bond Lee) Trick
Anything (Bond Lee)
Trick by Bond Lee, MS Magic and Iarvel Magic - 249.95

Harness the power to alter reality with "Anything" by Bond Lee, Alen L., and MS Magic. "Anything" allows you to perform stunning...

Inflamed Trick
Trick by Bond Lee - 99.95

Make a burst of fire appear on command with this clever electronic prop from Bond Lee. "Inflamed" by Bond Lee looks like an ordinary...

Dragon Parasol Trick
Dragon Parasol
Trick by Bond Lee - 65.00

Gorgeous, professional-quality handmade parasol. Auto-open mechanism. Multiple colors available: Yellow Red Blue

Jumbo Chinese Coin Super Triple Coin Trick
Jumbo Chinese Coin Super Triple Coin
Trick by Bond Lee - 199.95

Now you can perform super triple coin effects with a jumbo Chinese coin thanks to "Jumbo Chinese Coin Super Triple Coin (JCSTC) - Version...

Mystique Trick
Trick by Bond Lee - From $349.95

Finally, you've found it! The last piece is needed to complete the ultimate stage or parlor routine: Mystique by Bond Lee, Jojo, and Wenzi! On stage,...

Secret Voice Accessory
Secret Voice
Accessory by Bond Lee, MS Magic and ZF Magic - 249.95

A portable sound solution for professional performers. "Secret Voice" by ZF Magic and MS Magic allows you to easily bring your music and...