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Magic books are our favorite thing about magic. We believe magic books are the best way to learn magic, for many reasons. Most of you which you'll know. When you have to read the text and imagine what is happening, it leads to you creating your own way of doing something, rather than just aping something on a video. The time invested in learning from a book will pay off in spades.

We believe so strongly in magic books, that we publish many ourselves every year. From our smash hit Principia by Harapan Ong to essential reading like Scripting Magic, we've got something for everyone here. Books on card magic, coin magic, magic theory, magic history, mentalism and everything else in-between.

Robot Magic Book
Robot Magic
Book by Mario Marchese - $24.99

An explosion of creative inspiration from one of David Blaine and David Copperfield’s favorite magicians. "What you are about to read will...

The Maker Magician's Handbook Book
The Maker Magician's Handbook
Book by Mario Marchese - $24.99 $19.99 (SAVE $5.00)

One of magic’s most creative thinkers welcomes you into his exciting world of magic and making. Labeled by David Blaine as one of the best...

Cell Escape: The Real Secret Book
Cell Escape: The Real Secret
Book by and David De-Val - $39.95

40 years of escapology research has been packed into this fascinating book from master escape artist David De-Val. This limited edition release...

Lock Picking Book - Vol. 1 Book
Lock Picking Book - Vol. 1
Book by - $15.00

From the extremely limited David De-Val collection comes "Lock Picking Book - Vol. 1". This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from a...

Lock Picking Book - Vol. 2 Book
Lock Picking Book - Vol. 2
Book by and David De-Val - $15.00

A treasure trove of secret information from a master escape artist and lock picker. Building on the types of ideas presented in Lock Picking Book -...

Bewildering Impuzzibilities Book
Bewildering Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer and Hahne Publications - $26.00

Jim Steinmeyer expands his beloved Impuzzibilities series with the introduction of Bewildering Impuzzibilities. Bewildering Impuzzibilities is the...

Tricking the Brain Book
Tricking the Brain
Book by Joel Dickinson - $65.00

A masterful collection of close-up and stage mentalism that has been featured in professional performers acts and has been performed on television. ...

Orion (Silver Edition) Book
Orion (Silver Edition)
Book by Phedon Bilek and MindFX - $399.00

This special two-volume set is destined to be one of the greatest mentalism releases in the last decade. Brought to you by MindFX, Orion (Silver...

Stage by Stage Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Stage by Stage
Book by John Graham - From $60.00

“Every magician should read this book.” –Asi Wind What makes Stage by Stage unique is the scope and intention of this remarkable magic book. Author...

Weird and Awesome Wonders Book
Weird and Awesome Wonders
Book by William V. Rauscher - $59.95

Step right up!prepare to be amazed, amused, and astounded by the strange and wonderful curiosities found on the inside of a new book, Weird and...

Stylo Book
Book by Harapan Ong - $34.99

Harapan Ong is back and he’s brought friends! While Harapan Ong has been fooling magicians around the world with his one-of-a-kind card magic for...

Kranzilla Unleashed: The Magic of Nathan Kranzo Book
Kranzilla Unleashed: The Magic of Nathan Kranzo
Book by Nathan Kranzo and Magicseen Publishing - $45.00

Get lost in the clever, quirky, funny, unique and practical magic of Nathan Kranzo. Nathan Kranzo is known for creating some of the most interesting...

Freedom of Expression Book (pre-order)
Freedom of Expression
Book (pre-order) by Dani DaOrtiz and Grupokaps Proucciones S.L. - $99.95

One of Dani DaOrtiz's most beloved texts is available for the first time ever in English. Freedom of Expression is an incredible look inside Dani's...

Tangram - Volume 2 Book
Tangram - Volume 2
Book by Art of Play - $27.00

Immerse yourself in a captivating exploration of wonder. Following the massive success of the original “Tangram”, Art of Play introduces the...

Heroes of Magic Book
Heroes of Magic
Book by John Fisher and Squash Publishing - $75.00

A never-before-seen look at the secret lives of magic’s most iconic figures and the unique paths they carved on their way to becoming the greatest...

Variations by Boris Wild Book
Variations by Boris Wild
Book by Boris Wild - $34.00

Boris Wild cares deeply about making the maximum magical impact on his audiences. And, with "Variations", he'll show you how he's used this...

Stone Cold Mental (Volume 1) Book
Stone Cold Mental (Volume 1)
Book by Jeff Stone - $24.95

Stone Cold Mental is the debut release in a special series from Jeff Stone where he shares his most closely-guarded mentalism secrets from his last...

Before We Begin Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Before We Begin
Book by Asi Wind - From $60.00

Asi Wind is a shining light in our industry, and his first book, Repertoire, was a true sensation when it was first published. We're delighted that...

Eugene Burger: Final Secrets Book
Eugene Burger: Final Secrets
Book by Larry Hass - $120.00

The wait is over. Uncover the secrets of one of magic's most influential thinkers. Eugene Burger: Final Secrets is the second, and final, release in...

Gestalt Book
Book by Fraser Parker - $41.00

"Gestalt" is a groundbreaking new propless principle from Fraser Parker that allows you to secretly obtain a cue from your spectator. It...

Diary of a Madman Book
Diary of a Madman
Book by Jeff Stone - $15.00

The latest book from Jeff Stone, Diary of a Madman is an eclectic collection of ideas, tricks, presentations, moves, and routines ranging from card...

Hiding Your Bullets: Installing Rope Magnets Book
Hiding Your Bullets: Installing Rope Magnets
Book by David Alan - $15.00

The quintessential guide to the installation of rope magnets. Includes David Alan's "no glue" method! An in depth study of this amazing art...

The Artist Who Lied Book
The Artist Who Lied
Book by Ren X - $25.00

Maybe we should lie more. The connection between deception and art dates back to some of the earliest philosophers. How does the consideration of...

Theseus Book
Book by Nathan Colwell - $49.95

"Nathan offers a fascinating plot of truly Fulvesian quirkiness. It combines a topologically flavored impossibility with an existential...

Head Tricks Book
Head Tricks
Book by Joel Dickinson - $60.00

Head Tricks is an incredible book from Joel Dickinson filled with a variety of hard-hitting effects that are super simple to perform, yet astound...

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Magic Mail
Magic Mail is the perfect gift for a young person in your life, whether or not they have...
The Darkest Corners
A complete sellout at Magifest, The Session and Blackpool,...
Parlour Tricks
“Morgan and West are that rare thing, utterly unique, enormously entertaining and...
Singapore's Harapan Ong has caused an online sensation with his technical abilities....
Pure Imagination (Book)
Scott Robinson creates some of the most interesting visual...
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Magic Books

We really, really love magic books here at Vanishing Inc. We publish more than anyone else and pride ourselves on the quality of the magic books we make. We honestly believe magic books are the best way to learn magic tricks, and urge you try if this way to learn magic tricks is new to you. When sleight of hand is explained in a book you’ll learn in a more efficient way. If you’re interested in learning mentalism, close-up magic, stage and parlor magic, coin tricks or magic for Zoom, you’ll find a book here to help you on your journey. If you want to learn card tricks with playing cards, you’ll find more books here than you could possibly get through in a lifetime!

Here are some articles about magic books we hope you’ll enjoy reading.