Distilled (Ryan Plunkett)

By Ryan Plunkett
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Distilled (Ryan Plunkett)

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Book or download by Ryan Plunkett (Book $54.95 or download for $41.21)

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Distilled (Ryan Plunkett) - magic
Distilled (Ryan Plunkett) Distilled (Ryan Plunkett) Distilled (Ryan Plunkett) Distilled (Ryan Plunkett) Distilled (Ryan Plunkett) Distilled (Ryan Plunkett) Distilled (Ryan Plunkett) Distilled (Ryan Plunkett) Distilled (Ryan Plunkett) Distilled (Ryan Plunkett)

Ryan Plunkett's Distilled is a handsome, 200-page volume of practical and professional material, plucked straight from his working repertoire. Like a fine whiskey, this collection of ten routines was distilled and refined slowly and carefully, over time.

Ryan Plunkett, a founding ensemble member and resident magician at the famous Chicago Magic Lounge, performs this material every night for sold-out audiences. He teaches clever and intriguing versions of classics like card-through-handkerchief ("Paper and Silk") and his version of ACAAN ("Any Card at Our Numbers.") Then there are more unusual plots, like "Fan Mail," in which a free selection matches a card found in a piece of fan mail, and "Gravity Deck," a strange vanish of a pack of cards wherein the spectator actually feels the weight of the deck diminish.

As Mike Pisciotta explains in the foreword, Ryan is, “a magician who takes the time to analyze the audience’s reactions to the material time and again, all while honing and fine tuning each piece for maximum impact.” And it shows: Ryan is a favorite at the Chicago Magic Lounge, and performs across the country at private and corporate events.

Contents of Distilled by Ryan Plunkett

Any Card at Our Numbers: Two decks begin on the table. One is chosen by a spectator then shuffled thoroughly, while the other is isolated under another spectator’s hand. Two numbers are freely named. Despite nearly impossible odds, the same card is found in both decks at the named position.

Fan Mail: This unique effect can span across the course of your show. A randomly chosen card from a red deck is shown to match a card given away earlier from a blue deck, which is concealed inside a piece of fan mail. It's funny, amazing, and teaches many valuable lessons about constructing an act.

Ace on Top: The Ace through Five of a named suit are placed in order, then rearranged. Despite repeatedly changing the sequence, the order always remains the same. With several phases, this routine has a lovely build and displays Ryan’s knack for crafting elegant, impactful card magic.

Magnetic Silver: In this multi-phase routine, you cause two coins to apparently become magnetized, attracting to and repelling away from each other.

The Time Machine: This is Ryan's handling of a classic plot in which you cause a deck of cards to go back in time, step by step.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Ryan has performed and explored this Dai Vernon classic for many years. While there are many variations already in print, in this version, every moment and subtlety has been considered in order to achieve a real piece of wonder.

Versatile Transport: This approach to the Slow Motion Bill Transpo allows for the use of any borrowed bill. It's a pocket-sized miracle that you'll be able to do anywhere.

Paper and Silk: Ryan has breathed new life into the classic Cards Through Handkerchief. Justifying the use of the handkerchief to make the deck “sleight of hand proof,” the audience is left convinced that the cards were never touched by the magician. Even so, the card penetrates the cloth with ease.

Muck Off: The magician demonstrates a classic way to cheat at cards: hiding cards in the sleeve and switching them into play. The magician then grants this skill to the spectator, with a card on the table switching with a card in the spectator’s sleeve. Combined with a logical kicker, Ryan has created a routine that will challenge even the most attentive audience.

Gravity Deck: The most unusual effect in the book. Placing a deck of cards on the spectator's hand, they slowly feel the box becoming lighter. They feel the deck vanish, bit by bit until you display the box to be completely empty. You then cause the cards to reappear inside the box. This highly original effect is as clever as it is deceptive.

Appointed with over 182 gorgeous photographs and step-by-step instruction, Distilled is a collection worthy of careful study.

212 Pages | Hardcover

“Ryan Plunkett is my favorite type of magician. He thinks and analyzes his repertoire like a true professional, and his passion for his craft shines through in all of his work. This book contains some of his A-list material, and you'd be crazy not to check it out!”Harapan Ong

“While The Complete and Unedited Works of Ryan Plunkett is my dream book, it was quite thoughtful of him to make the distilled version. Only brilliance.”Ricky Smith

“Ryan Plunkett’s Distilled is an excellent collection of professional, audience-tested routines. The methods are elegant and streamlined. The effects are direct and powerful.”Jared Kopf

“A wise wizard once advised (and I paraphrase), that “you only need 10 great effects.” Well, here you go! Ten deep mysteries from the mind of Mr. Plunkett.”Paul Vigil

“Each and every effect in this book is somehow both groundbreaking and a polished worker. You could spend your time being jealous, or you could get this book. Do the second one.”Michael Feldman

“I’ve seen Ryan perform the material in this book countless times for real audiences. No pipe dreams or Instagram bs. If you’re looking for solid close up material that could go directly into your real world work, buy this book."Nick Diffatte

“Distilled contains an excellent blend of strong effects and clever methods. While reading, I repeatedly thought: 'Oh, nice, that would have fooled me!' Sit down with this and a glass of single malt and enjoy.”Denis Behr

“What was Ryan’s approach to his latest book? Publish quality over quantity. There are only ten routines in this book, but they are all very strong and clever effects that use truly devious methods. Distilled has fresh new plots, stunning color photography, and strong material that Ryan performs on a regular basis. Get the book. You won’t be disappointed.”Jason Ladanye


Since the publication of Distilled, we have discovered that Mike Rose’s “The Grail” predates “Any Cards at Our Numbers” and shares many of the features of this marketed effect. The second deck used in the trick is the same procedure used in “The Grail” and the idea of doing it with two-decks was originally published by Peter Nardi in his updated release “The Grail Gold.” We wish to acknowledge “The Grail,” produced by Alakazam, as a predecessor and apologize for the detailed crediting omission in Distilled.

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Customer reviews for Distilled (Ryan Plunkett)



Many good routines are in the book with high quality photos detailing the moves.



This is one of the best books I have read this year. The routines on this book are taken straight from Ryan's working repertoire. The book itself is gorgeous with HD pictures and glossy pages. It's a really easy read and it's hard to put down once you get started on it.

One thing to note is that there are only 10 tricks in the book and you might think it is a lot of money for 10 tricks, but trust me, it's worth every penny.



I may be biased... I have had the pleasure of watching Ryan perform many times at the Chicago Magic Lounge. I've also attended a lecture of his in Chicago. I really think Ryan Plunkett can do no wrong. He is also a very nice guy. That being said, if it was just a bias, there wouldn't be so many additional great reviews. This material is amazing and it is worth it.

VI Monthly


Just received this and was immediately drawn into it. After the first three tricks, I can see myself using these very soon. The tricks are as intriguing as the methods and, to me, reading them is almost enough, but I really can't wait to try them out! I also find myself wanting to visit Chicago again, soon! Thanks to Ryan for sharing this amazing work.



Some incredibly valuable info in this thing. SO many good ideas, as well as full routines. A steal for the price.



This is solid material with a very classic feel but has some very modern concepts. The highlight for me is a disappearing deck in which the spectator actually feels the deck vanish before seeing it has vanished. Solid material for any close up table show.



Distilled is an excellent book. The effects are powerful and engaging. The methods are extremely well thought through and clearly described. The presentations are clever and fun to watch. The production quality of the book is exceptional. Thank you Ryan for sharing your magic!



The book is beautifully produced : once again the guys at Vanishing Inc demonstrate their fantastic skills in quality publishing. Regarding the contents, I am progressing step by step but I can guarantee you that Ryan's Any Card at Any Number (the first effect) is worth the purchase alone !



I ordered this book the second the pre-order was available, and for the couple days leading up to its delivery I was definitely skeptical of the fact that I had just paid $50 for a book with only 10 tricks in it. And when I got the book, I read through it all, every page, in about two hours. I have to say, I only really liked two of the tricks, and I was a bit disappointed. And then I revisited it. Reading through each trick a second time, I realized that almost every single trick in this book is easily worth $20 on its own. Any Card at Our Numbers is a phenomenal routine, Ace on Top is so much fun to perform, and Ryan's Bill Change effect is so we'll thought out and awesome. I'm going to be keeping that in my wallet at all times. Overall, this is an absolutely phenomenal book with some absolutely phenomenal routines. Buy it.



This is a really good follow up to Ryan's last book. It's a really enjoyable book that is an easy read.

Ryan covers cards, coins and bills in addition to utilizing markings systems, hold outs, gimmicks and punch work.

Ryan also walks you through not only the methods but also how to build anything he utilizes in these routines.

This is easily the 2020 best close up magic book I'm read to date.



I have already read this book 3 times. The effects are so memorizing and well explained. I have already fooled some of my family members with them. This book is a must have for all magicians. Dont miss this opportunity to grab a hold of something that can bring you a new perspective in magic. Thanks Ryan

VI Monthly


Honestly one of the best books I've purchased in a long time. Vanishing Inc & Ryan have produced a wonderful book chock full of great material.

I had the good fortune to see Ryan perform for lay-people at the Chicago Magic a few months ago, back when we could socialize with other humans face to face. Ryan's skill, not only as a technician, but more importantly as a performer, is nothing short of top notch. So when his book came out I eagerly purchased it hoping to acquire some of the Plunkett magic.

I was not disappointed. The material in the book ranges from full formal performance pieces to quick impromptu tricks. The formal pieces (Any Card at Our Number, Gravity Deck, Fan Mail) require more elaborate setups but is exactly what you would expect from tricks of that class.

Ace on Top is personal favorite because I've been doing part of this routine for years (Palindrome Cards) but never felt like it was a proper routine. It was three phases that kind of felt flat. Ryan fixed it. He's added the proper dramatic structure including a killer ending.

I also am extremely excited about Ryan's setup procedure for the venerable Out of Sight Out of Mind. Brilliant. The Vernon trick, while great, has always been a bit of pain to get the 9 cards in their proper positions. Ryan's solution was one of those 'Why didn't I think of that' moments.

One of the items, for me, that's been a sleeper hit is his "Time Machine", a quick mind-bender effect that'll fry laypeople and magicians alike. I love having these quick off-beat tricks in my arsenal to use when asked to do a trick. Quick, visual, and a real fooler.

I can't say enough about this book and the material within. It is NOT a collection of pick-a-card/find-a-card tricks. It's well thought out, interesting and carefully constructed material for the serious close-up worker. Get it!


PS: I wasn't going to mention it, but the touches and ideas he's brought to Paul Vigil's Thou Shall Not Steal are gold! I saw him perform this for laypeople at the Chicago Magic Lounge, and even though I knew the trick, he still fooled me badly. Worth the price of the book in my opinion.



This is fresh, contemporary material for closeup and parlor that's been tested in front of real audiences; I've personally seen Ryan crush with this material many, many times at the Chicago Magic Lounge. The material in this book is cooler and more fun than what you'll find in most collections of card magic. "Ace on Top" was worth the purchase price alone, this is a funny, memorable performance piece that delights everyone who sees it. First it surprises them, and then it fools them, badly, several times. If you do this at the bar it's one of those tricks your friends will text you about the next day.

Part of me hoped nobody would buy this book because I don't want everyone with a deck of cards to go out there and do Ace on Top. But I think the ship has sailed on that because it's been the #1 best-selling item on Vanishing for a few weeks.



This is a fantastic book and is a beauty on a bookshelf. The whole design of the book makes it worth the price and the photographs are gorgeous. The contents are great as well and all of the routines are workers as Ryan is a worker himself. I probably won't do many of the tricks myself as they are more for a formal close up show but I took away little nuggets of information that will help make the magic I do even stronger.



There are a number of detailed reviews of the book so I will provide my general impression. Firstly the production quality is outstanding. The photos are vibrant and the layout of the book is really good. The effects are ok for me as I am not a big fan of crimps or card markings etc. Some tricks require elaborate setups. Also I love the simplicity of a single deck. Some tricks require extra props. It's really not a bad book but if I may I would rather go for principia as it has been reprinted at the time of this writing.



Hey, here is my somewhat lengthy review.

This book is average. Whilst there are some okay routines in here, I was left with a overall sense that this is a book with routines that are padded out with paragraph spaces and pictures to try and fill the book. Compared to other Vanishing Inc publications (Principia, Blomberg Laboratories or 53 Memories for example) it does not reach the high standard of its forefathers. People who are expecting this quality of content will almost certainly be disappointed by Distilled. The quality of the book materials is second to none, but I kept getting the feeling, contrary to one of the comments used to promote the book, that it was not even quality over quantity in relation to the routines. It is average quality with low quantity.

The effects are a bit lackluster and most require some gaffs cards, decks or markings of some sort. This is not in and of itself a bad thing, but when almost all of book requires some dupes, markings or crimps it makes me yearn for more material like Cumming's F. A. S. D. I. U. The trick with the dollar bills, Versitile Transpo does not really translate that well to British money, so fair warning.

Having re-read Morgan and West's Palour Tricks (also a Vanishing Inc production) this week, I was expecting the depth of analysis to the tricks to be somewhat of the same ilk, as their book is a whole show broken down analised and put back together. Alas, there was just a standard description which cited the inspiration trick and how he adapted it. There was a quasi-profound anacdote at the beginning of the book where Plunket shared his experience practicing slight of hand in Chicago's jazz bars, that just, to my kind, came across as cheesy.

On the plus side, however, there are some interesting thoughts and possible applications for the breather crimp. And if you are into coin magic there is a nice, basic routine with a coin shell. Also, if you are new to markings and crimps this may be a okay place to start. If you are into packet tricks, there is a not-to-difficult one called Ace on Top, which Plunket conseeds this is the one 'trick from the book that most people will end up doing'. This is possibly because there are more superior versions of the other tricks in the book that are easily available.

Overall, to use the analagy of aging whiskey, this book needed a couple more years to mature. There is some definate mileage in this book of you are looking for something not too challenging.


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  • Michael asks: Are you able to post at least one effect performed in full so anyone unfamiliar can get an idea of Ryan’s approach?

    • 1. Sam answers: You should have a look at Harapan Ong’s latest post on Instagram (@harapanong) which is a performance of Ace on Top, and in my opinion it’s a beautiful routine.
    • 2. Michael answers: Ryan performed and lectured at MagiFest back in January. After watching his lecture, there was a mad rush of a couple hundred magicians to snap up the few pre-release copies that Vanishing Inc brought with them. I was not one of the lucky ones, but I was in awe of his material and lecture. I have eagerly....and impatiently waiting for this release since watching him stun the room of almost 1,000 magicians at the Fest.
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  • Alan asks: Can you indicate the skill level required for the routines in this book.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is a variety. On average - Intermediate
    • 2. Alan answers: Thank you for a prompt answer.
  • Corrado asks: Ho everybody, here my question: Does the effects require long preparations or gimmicks, or are they totally or almost impromptu? Thank you very much!

    • 1. Corrado answers: Thank you very much.
    • 2. James answers: There are two gimmicked tricks. Keep in mind that Distilled contains formal routines—so most require some preparation.
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  • Peter asks: Could you tell me the size of this book Height and Width?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's roughly 9 x 7 inches
  • Thomas asks: Is there any possibility to watch some (complete) original presentations?

    • 1. Barry answers: There is a video of one of the routines (Ace on Top) on the Vanishing Inc YouTube channel. Unfortunately I don't think there are videos of the others.
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  • Dev asks: hardback?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes.
  • Matin asks: Hi I’ve purchased this book but I would like to know if there’s any performance videos of all the effects in the book Tnx?

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