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Vanishing Inc is mobile, baby. In our continuing efforts to be the best we can, we now offer you all the perks of Vanishing Inc...from your mobile device. Our newly-developed app will let you watch all our online tutorials and read ebooks from the comfort of your pocket. Whether you’re in line at the post office or on break at work, you have hours of magic instruction at your fingertips.

It's completely free

Download our app from the App Store now. The app is free; you just pay for any downloads you'd like to purchase using Apple's secure InApp purchases.

Our full download catalogue ... plus some of our books too!

Every single Vanishing Inc. download is now available direct from your iPad or iPhone. Not only that, but we're busy creating iPad and iPhone compatible versions of our books, complete with embedded videos, audio and other interactive elements. We've developed a custom, cutting-edge book viewer that is going to make you wish all magic books were published by Vanishing Inc. Magic.


Your downloads on any device

Already purchased ebooks and video downloads from us? You'll find them ready and waiting for you for free in our app.

All downloads purchased from the app are also available on our website (and can be downloaded to any device) for no extra charge. Your downloads, your device, your choice!

Our iPad and iPhone app is the perfect compliment to your Vanishing Inc. download collection. Download it today:

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