Card magic and card tricks

Card magic is our speciality at Vanishing Inc. Magic. From easy card tricks to knuckle busters. Our founders, Josh and Andi, are experts in card magic and this is their passion.

If you’re a beginner interested in learning card tricks, we’d recommend getting started with Paul Wilson’s 10x10 video. This is currently available for free and covers ten essential card tricks and ten important sleight of hand moves. This is available here.

Our best selling book of all time just happens to be on card tricks too. Internet sensation Harapan Ong’s book Principia. It has some incredibly clever thinking, original plots and a wonderful design too. You’ll find everything here from special gaff cards in a routine to card magic books and card trick video downloads. Enjoy browsing.

Boom Deck Deck of cards
Boom Deck
Deck of cards by Wonder Makers - 109.95

Get the explosive trick that has taken the internet by storm with over 30 million views in total! The illusionist gives the viewer an invisible...

QR Queens Trick
QR Queens
Trick by Paul Fowler - 24.95

Move your card magic into the digital era and perform incredible tricks with a borrowed phone! No special apps required. Works on iPhone or Android!...

Crazytown Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Crazytown
Trick by David Regal - 39.95

A fooling, memorable and easy to do gem from David Regal. Stun your audiences with multiple impossible predictions before leaving them speechless...

Ultimate Vanishing Deck (UVD) Trick
Ultimate Vanishing Deck (UVD)
Trick by James Anthony - 39.95

A deck of cards vanishes at your fingertips, leaving only a signed card behind. One of the most talked about tricks from Blackpool and Magic LIVE is...

System Trick
Trick by Michael Murray - 39.95

An entertaining, multi-phase routine that culminates with the revelation of a thought-of card. Why settle for the standard 50/50 when 50/50 can...

Mystery Card Box Trick
Mystery Card Box
Trick by Henry Harrius - 39.95

Learn the amazing closer Henry Harrius has used to end his card sets for more than 15 years. “The Mystery Card Box” is Henry’s secret weapon for...

Drawn Trick
Trick by Peter Eggink - 34.95

Have a card selected and tear a corner off from that card. Next, your take that corner piece and drop it on top of your deck visually and magically...

Infinity Deck Trick
Infinity Deck
Trick by Craig Petty and Lloyd Barnes - 34.95

Two of magic’s most prolific creators, Craig Petty and Lloyd Barnes, join forces for the first time to create a groundbreaking tool that will be your...

Just a Joker Trick
Just a Joker
Trick by Crazy Jokers - 34.95

A funny gag transforms into a stunning magical moment. They choose a card from a shuffled deck. You then show your is a Joker. As...

Doug Conn Masterclass Live lecture
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Doug Conn Masterclass
Live lecture by Doug Conn - 75.00

One of the magic’s most skilled and successful working close-up magicians joins us for an incredible Masterclass that will help you not only improve...

The Last Rise Trick
The Last Rise
Trick by Magic Dream and Andrew - 74.95

Rising card effects have always amazed audiences but forget what you have learnt in the past as The Last Rise changes the game! Years ago, houlette...

Level One Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Level One
Trick by Christian Grace - 29.95

A slow-motion, visual vanish of a deck of cards designed for real world performances. "Level One" by Christian Grace is a CGI quality...

John Bannon's Surreal Killer Trick
John Bannon's Surreal Killer
Trick by John Bannon and Big Blind Media - 24.95

"Surreal Killer" by John Bannon is an amazing, intriguing, and easy-to-do packet trick that you'll love performing! The fooling and fun...

Deal or Steal Trick
Deal or Steal
Trick by - 44.95

a game show that lives in your pocket. "Deal or Steal" is a close-up magic trick based on the TV show Deal or No Deal that is easy to do...

Love Transfer Trick
Love Transfer
Trick by N2G - 24.95

An amazing and easy-to-do card trick that ends with a one-of-a-kind souvenir. A card is selected, signed and lost in the deck. You then draw a heart...

Magnetic Bicycle Card - Double Facer (2-Pack) Accessory
Magnetic Bicycle Card - Double Facer (2-Pack)
Accessory by Chazpro and Santa Magic - 13.95

Each magnetic card contains an extremely thin, yet super powerful Neodymium magnet. It is capable of holding heavy loads like steel core half...

Sand Deck (w. Gimmicks) Trick
Sand Deck (w. Gimmicks)
Trick by Martin Braessas - 29.95

A whole deck of cards is produced from a single card. "Sand Deck" by Martin Braessas is the perfect card magic opener! This easy to do...

Algorithm App
App by Yves Doumergue - 49.95

A multi-phase act in your pocket. Transform a phone into your secret weapon with "Algorithm" by Yves Doumergue. Predict the location and...

White Wedding Trick
White Wedding
Trick by Chris Congreave - 19.95

A fun, in the hands packet trick that leaves them with an impossible object inside their hands. "White Wedding" by Chris Congreave is an...

My Coloring Deck Deck of cards
My Coloring Deck
Deck of cards by Jordan Victoria - 9.95

The coloring book is one of the most used props by parlor magicians. But what about close-up magicians...? Jordan Victoria reimagined this huge...

The Lucky Stone Trick
The Lucky Stone
Trick by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong - 34.95

An elegant and captivating twist on a classic of magic that allows you to immediately capture the attention of your audience and leave them with a...

Enigmatic Enigmas Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Enigmatic Enigmas
Magic download (video) by David Regal - $20.00 $14.95 (SAVE $5.05)

A fantastic collection of original, fooling magic from David Regal. David Regal is one of our favorite creators and the perfect choice to help us...

Stealing Card Clip Trick
Stealing Card Clip
Trick by N2G - 29.95

Pluck a selected card from thin air with "Stealing Card Clip" by N2G. This revolutionary air clip allows you to grab a selected card from...

The Coins Trick
The Coins
Trick by Jia Tianshi - 20.00

The Coins is a novelty packet trick created by JT Magic. It's a 'Coins Across' effect on cards. Four coins assemble one at a time, then they separate...

Zooming Box Trick
Zooming Box
Trick by Henry Evans - 34.95

A unique close-up worker from Henry Evans. "Zooming Box" is a one-of-a-kind memorable effect that you can use to open or close your set....

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Singapore's Harapan Ong has caused an online sensation with his technical abilities....
Level One
A slow-motion, visual vanish of a deck of cards designed for real world performances....
Plots & Methods
Plots & Methods is the kind of booklet we love, because the creator spends time...
Turn by Peter Pellikaan
TURN is just one of those tricks you have to see. So, stop...
Card Magic Masterclass
Note: Slipcase is no longer included with this item. ...
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Card tricks are probably the VI team’s favorite type of magic trick. They’re so versatile. You can always have a deck of playing cards in your pocket and be ready to go. Since cards were invented, people have been doing card tricks with them. And we're no exception.

We’ve put together some articles on card magic we think you’ll find useful: