Learn Intermediate Card Tricks

Why do magicians love card magic so much? The answer is quite simple: anyone can learn card tricks and they can be performed anywhere.

Sure, there are all different types of cool magic tricks you can learn, such as close-up magic, stage and parlor magic, coin magic, money magic, prop bets and bar tricks, magicians rope magic, fire magic tricks with flash paper—or even virtual magic tricks for Zoom. However, there is just something so special about the fact that, with just an ordinary deck of playing cards, you can learn magic tricks that will last you a lifetime.

One of the advantages of being the largest online magic shop in the world is Vanishing Inc. has created a ton of resources for magicians to learn their tricks for free. In fact, you can find magic tricks revealed and learn easy card tricks for kids and adults right now.

dani daortiz magician performs a card magic tricks for men on stage

What are Intermediate Card Tricks?

But, what do you do once you’ve completed our free card magic class and learned the card magic basics?. Or you’ve read the recommended resources for beginners in card magic like Royal Road to Card Magic or Roberto Giobbi’s Card College? How do you continue to get that addicting feeling of amazing friends and family with magic tricks like the easiest best card tricks or these 5 easy card tricks anyone can do?

You take your magic skills to the next level and learn intermediate card tricks.

While some intermediate card tricks might require sleight of hand like forcing cards, palming cards, controlling cards or false deals (like those used by con artists to cheat at cards), there is no reason to be intimidated. With just a little practice, anyone can learn intermediate card tricks. One day, you may even be a magician like Michael Carbonaro or fool Penn and Teller on Penn and Teller Fool Us like Shin Lim did before he won America's Got Talent.

What are the Best Intermediate Card Tricks?

It’s probably not surprising that some of our favorite close-up magic tricks are card magic tricks. They are one of the best ways to get started in close-up magic. But, the history of card tricks also spans centuries. Just visit any magic store or the dealer’s room at any magic convention and you’ll see an endless amount of amazing card tricks and other magic tricks for sale.

Unlike other online magic stores though, Vanishing Inc. carefully curates every magic trick we stock. Our magic shop only sells the best magic tricks. This includes the most popular card magic tricks ever and the best card magic tricks of the year. So, we know a thing or two about the top intermediate card tricks.

Some of the best intermediate card tricks include: magician springing cards between their hands during a playing card spring flourish

Where Can I Learn Intermediate Card Tricks?

Clicking the links above will take you to some of our favorite versions of these famous card tricks. Since many of them are card magic downloads, you can ever start learning them instantly.

However, we also love these intermediate card tricks because they offer a ton of different variations you can learn. For example, the way Joshua Jay uses invisible thread and magic loops to animate and levitate a deck of cards in his Haunted Deck routine is one of our team’s favorite card tricks.

So, be sure to check out the 5 intermediate and advanced card tricks every magician should learn and the best card magic books for learning intermediate to advanced card tricks. You can also discover some unique card tricks in our lists of the top 10 card tricks and the top 10 card tricks books sold on Vanishing Inc. this year.

If card magic tricks aren’t your thing, we’re not sure why you’ve read this far. But, you’ll be happy to know that we also have great resources for you to learn intermediate to advanced coin tricks. We can also help you discover how mind reading works and learn popular mentalism tricks performed by Derren Brown and other famous mentalists.

What Playing Cards are Best for Card Tricks?

star wars playing cards collectable custom playing cards with blue lightsaber

There are 1,000s of unique and rare playing cards available to buy. Many magicians, cardists, or even those who play poker or any of our other favorite card games, will often own a variety of these stylish custom playing cards. And, who could blame them? These decks of cards are really cool and fun to collect. Especially when you find the best way to display your playing card collection.

But, it’s important to remember that you don’t need any fancy playing cards to learn magic tricks with playing cards. Ordinary playing cards like Bicycle Playing Cards are still some of the best decks of cards for card tricks.