Magicians' Rope

Soft magicians rope is a must if you want to perform rope tricks smoothly. Our professional magicians’ rope is perfect for performing The Professor’s Nightmare, Fibre Optics, Cut and Restored rope or any of your favorite rope magic tricks.

BTC Rope

Looking for something a little thicker, perhaps to make your own rope tricks such as Professor's Nightmare? BTC rope is 15mm thick, and so is a good fit for tricks where you don't cut the rope.

Uday's Magic World Rope

Uday's Magic World in India produces a good quality rope, given the price. It's the perfect rope for tricks like Cut and Restored rope because it's thin enough to cut easily, but thick enough to see from a stage.

Professor's Nightmare Rope

It's really easy to make your own gimmicks for Professor's Nightmare, but we also sell pre-cut rope for that great trick:

Choosing the right rope

Some decisions for your show are vitally important, but thankfully, choosing the best rope for a magic trick is pretty low-risk decision. It typically comes down to this: do you want to cut the rope easily (and so is normally used for just one show), or do you want a nice rope that stays in good condition for repeat performances? If it's the latter, spend a little more to get the best rope.

Learn rope magic

We've selected some of our favorite downloads and books that teach rope magic, including one written by Houdini:

Self Working Rope Magic
Expert Rope Magic Made Easy Download
The Award-Winning Rope Magic
Magical Rope Ties and Escapes

Magic Props Store

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