Invisible Thread

It doesn’t matter if you want to perform The Floating Bill, Haunted Deck or a PK Touch routine. This page is our home for all things thread. ITRs, raw unstripped invisible thread, stripped thread, woolly, kevlar, wax, we’ve got the lot. Boss ITR, Mini Thread Boss, Micro ITS, Copin’s ITS, Spider Thread, Mesika Elastics, and more.

And if it’s Yigal Mesika's Magic Loops you’re looking for, we’ve got them too. New Generation Loops by are what we’d recommend. They’re the very best of the best and the new carrying device for them is perfect too. Happy floating!

Loops & Other Mesika Thread Products

Yigal Mesika has produced a brand of perfect levitation products. His Invisible Thread Loops are the perfect tool for close-up levitations, but his Spider Pen and Tarantula reels are also highly praised levtiation devices.

Gravity Reel System

This incredible reel is an ITR designed by Joao Miranda in conjunction with invisible thread expert Tom Wright. Using a one-of-a-kind double motor system, the “Gravity Reel” is a costly, but perfect electronic thread system.

Other Invisible Thread Reels (ITRs)

An Inivisble Thread Real (ITR) is a little device that automatically winds the thread back up once you use it. Typically magicians conceal them on their person, pull out the thread and then let it retract when they are done with it, allowing them to end perfectly clean.

Invisible Thread Putty / Wax

Most uses of Invisible Thread require you to somehow attach the thread to the object that you are levitating, or moving. Invisible Thread Putty is the best option:

Other Invisible Thread Items

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