Magic Loops

Trick by Yigal Mesika
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Magic Loops

9.95 usd

Trick by Yigal Mesika (9.95)

In stock.
Magic Loops  - magic
Magic Loops Magic Loops Magic Loops Magic Loops

What are Magic Loops?
Loops are invisible elastic thread (IET). Invented by the astonishing Finn Jon and brought to a wider audience by Yigal Mesika. Made famous by TV magicians Blaine, Dynamo and Cyril to name but three.

What can you do with Magic Loops?
Animate, move and float borrowed objects. Borrowed bills can be made to levitate. You can perform a Haunted Deck with a borrowed, regular deck of cards. Float a borrowed ring. Make glasses animate.

Are Magic Loops hard to use?
Simply put, no. It’s incredibly easy to do. There are things you need to learn though like lighting considerations, the maximum weight of the object you can use, just how far you can stretch the loops before it reaches its breaking point and so on. Just like many other magic tricks, the secret and basic operation is easy. But to master Loops you will have to put in some work.

What do you get in the box?
You get eight loops, that are ready to use, looped around a cleverly cut piece of card to make carrying them easy.

What tricks are taught?
In the 20-minute instructional video, you'll learn:

  • Haunted Deck
  • Animated Fork
  • Floating Bill
  • Spinning Fork

More Information About Magic Loops

We’re huge fans of Magic Loops. We’ve put together some extra information about Magic Loops that you can see on the links below.

We’re happy to answer your questions about Loops. Like which is better? Invisible thread or loops? How can you float a bill or make a deck of cards cut itself? And who is Mesika and what’s the history of these amazing elastic magic loops?

Tips For Using Magic Loops

How Do You Get Over The "Wobble"

How To Work Out If The Lighting Is Right For Magic Loops

Common Mistakes People Make When Starting Out With Magic Loops


Customer reviews for Magic Loops



Magic Loops have impacted my social media magic game. It has captured audiences with fun and visual effects. While I haven’t had the chance to showcase them in corporate gigs, they have become a favorite among friends and followers online. They can be versatile so you can levitate borrowed bills of ink pens. Despite my initial concerns, the threads are surprisingly durable, standing up to repeated use admirably. It has a sturdy design. Though I may lack the stage to perform grand illusions, Magic Loops have opened up a world to social media.

It also looks like on the Vanishing Inc. site that the creator has YouTube videos listed to give tips and bonuses on how to utilize this product.



I just recently got back into magic. It has been some time and I have used IT in the past and then found the loops. These are quite amazing to use in a pinch for an effect without any preparation, except remembering to put one on before you go out! It is not quite as strong as some of the IT I have used, but it is a bit more elastic and the premade loops are great. I have read reviews of them being too easy to see, but I have found you just have to pay attention to the lighting around you before you attempt anything with them. I would say they are marginally thicker than the IT I normally use, but it is still imperceptible, especially when you stretch it, as long as you are aware of your lighting. I have performed with them successfully using my "guinea pig" home audience, and they are aware of the presence of something (I don't tell them how, but they do suspect being around it), and still cannot detect it. That's good in my book. The one thing that rings true is that you DO have to get used to the max tension and will go through a few learning, so grab a couple of packs to start and it should last you enough to learn with and have for performing before needing replacements.



A gimmick that every mentalist must have



Looks great I can't wait to receive it and test it.
Note I'm yet to receive it so not sure how valued this review is.





Such a great device! Yigal does a terrific job explaining how to use them in a very clean and convincing way.

VI Monthly

Jeff L



Loops are great! So subtle, yet so powerful. Great quality, and great effects.






One of the best everyday gimmicks any magician can have.



They are fragile but amazing!



This is what magic is supposed to look like

What an eyeopener. I knew about the IT magic, but somehow I always stayed away from it. Maybe I was a little bit scared or thought it would be to sensitive to being exposed. Anyway I didn´t try it until now.

And this trick showed me imidiatly I was wrong. This is so strong, and powerfull and usefull and absolutley not sensitive. Your end up clean and the reactions are amazing.

This is exactly what real magic is suposed to look like. I can´t wait to learn more ways to use these loops.





One word: ESSENTIAL.

Even if you're not one of those guys who use IT regularly, which I don't, this is the perfect tool for formal performances and casual magic moments. Dare I say, this is a reputation maker.

One effect possible, out of many dozens, involves setting a borrowed pair of glasses on a surface and using your shadow to flip them over from a distance. Despite owning some expensive pieces of kit and knowing many underground secrets, it is this effect alone that has left the biggest impression on my audiences. And guess what, it comes included with the basic instructions for this cheaply-priced, widely available tool. What else can be said?

Of course, this is not the most robust item in the world and will require looking after and will, eventually, require refills. I'd highly recommend picking up Yigal's 'Innercircle' device, as this special credit-card style holder will store your Loops when you're not using them and is very EDC-friendly. Pick that up and a couple of extra packs of Loops, and you will be wrecking laypeople in no time!



Much, much easier to get started using than I expected. I was levitating paper money fairly well within an hour, and by the following week I managed to leave a few people with dropped jaws. But keep practicing with these—there are a few rote moves you have to make over the course of each routine to keep the gimmick from getting futzed up. It’s not hard to correct, but once it happens you’ve given the illusion away.



There are a few poor quality copies of Loops that break too easily and ‘shine’ These are the real thing and simply the best.



Great, looks totally impromptu. Only got caught once performing outside and the lighting gave the loop away. so 99% of the time it's a fooler.



I have never been a thread fan, but this package has
changed my mind. Keep the effects coming.



I have accomplished miracles with this one and even things where I have innovated very good tools



Sure, they're expensive for what they are. But they're just about the easiest-to-use out-of-the-box levitation method around. It's worth investing in Ellusionist's Guerilla Guide to Loops DVD to get the most out of them and learn how to prolong their life (much better than the official Loops DVD, which is packed full of filler IMHO).



If you're not using loops - you need to be. This is some of the most powerful magic available and it's so easy to accomplish that a child could do it. Want to float a bill, move silverware, or do a haunted deck with all props examinable? A must have for walk around gigs.


Lexie L

It was fantastic I really learned how to use loops the right way and to do a lot of effects



A great utility!! IMHO this allows for a near-perfect PK touches routine, where the spectator can tell the audience where they felt the touch and what it felt like (which the audience confirms)! The carrying case provided is top notch quality and holds then nicely. I made up my own out of index cards so that I can bring them with me in an inauspicious container. Very easy to lose, so keep track of them and know that if carrying then around on your wrist, they can easily get caught on something and break. Overall, a great inexpensive tool!



This is really great. You get 8 loops in a pack and they last for a long time. This is really good invisible thread that is high quality. You just have to be careful not to stretch the too far or they will break. Also you need to keep track of them because they are easy to misplace. I love these and can perform so many cool effects with them.



One of the best tools a magician can have, I have had some excellent reactions when using Loops. They can break but once used to them they last for a while. Will be ordering more.



I never leave home without them. It's perfect the you can fit them in your wallet so you are always ready to go, but the effects you can perform with this are so strong. I use them for a haunted pack, a floating note, and a PK touch routine, three incredible effects that you can perform at a moments notice and all you need is a pack of loops that only cost $10. I used to go through a lot of them but now one pack will easily last me three months, even at twice the price it would still be a bargain for the effects you can perform.



Man, I tried and tried to make my own. I thought these seemed expensive. I watched tutorials on how to make my own. I have spent HOURS trying to make them and now I realised the time I wasted failing to make them could have been much better spent if I just bought some! lol. you live and learn!



I use these for a PK touch routine. They're perfect. Strong enough to get away with wearing all day. Highly recommend and just much easier than trying to make your own!



Can't go wrong with these if you want to animate something. I use them to do a haunted deck and like Joshua, I do the animation slow. Real slow. Adds a lot to the effect for something so simple. So I recommend you get these and try out the animation much more slowly. It works for me.



Great product. Extremely self-contained, and cheap.



They work as advertised but they are a bit fragile. I broke two in a row trying to remove them from their holder. I am confident that in time I will be better at using them. I have worn one all day with no issues and used it a few times over a few days.



The effect is great, the video for the training lacked step-by-step instructions and because the loops cannot be seen even close up it was hard to see the moves.
My suggestion is to show the moves with the loops and then show the moves with a more visible string for training.



People fall into two camps with Loops. You either love it or hate it. I lean towards the hate part but it is mainly due to user error. The product does what it supposed to but the longevity of these falls on you. If you want to start using loops don't buy one pack as you may run through them in a day. Once you "master" these, super cool things can be done. I just never got there.



Great product, but at first use they're really easy to break, so I'd recommend to buy at least two of them. There are 4 easy effects included so you can perform after 20 mins of learning. I really recommend those.



This is the first time I have tried using invisible thread. During my first use I broke them quite easily but I would say that is more user error. In my mind the thread isnt really all that invisible and the lighting needs to be right for this. Best also to perhaps work with a black shirt when doing this. Its a handy tool and I definitely see a use for it. I dont have any other ITR products so hard to compare but for a first time user I think this works just fine given the right circumstances...



Given the high praise in the various reviews, I had great hopes for this. The video with instructions I watched from Yigal also showed some amazing effects. However, in practice it seems that this can at best be performed for children, inebriated audiences, or those with very poor eyesight. I am not sure why no one else has commented on this, but the thread is far from being invisible. Being matt black, it looks almost exactly like a loop made of a single medium-thick hair. So anyone who can see a lose hair in their soup would just as easily be able to see the loop that goes below/through whatever you are trying to levitate.
In fact, if you watch the demonstration video where Yigal shows you with "three times the thickness", to "make it visible" - that is exactly how visible and obvious it is in real-life even at normal thickness. I don't think he had to triple it at all.

So, if your target audience is outside the pub just after closing hours, this probably works well. But certainly useless if you wanted to perform to anyone sober and with reasonable eyesight.

On the one plus side: Very easy to find prop and you won't lose it - just look for the obvious loop of dark material that anyone could spot from across the table.


Community questions about Magic Loops

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Kieran asks: what is the size of these loops (the dimensions), for example like a size 16 elastic band?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: I'm not sure about the dimensions but it will fit with everyone (unless you are a giant)
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  • mark asks: How do you watch the download ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The loops come with a link and password.
    • 2. mark answers: Yes but no dvd. Noware to put password. One the guys I’ll spoke to , could not find it either. In the ad, it said this was not a download, but in the box a dvd loops and instructions. This is not case at all. Hope you sort me out..
  • alex asks: Do you have to have gimmick items

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You don't have to do anything to the items you wish to move or levitate, no. Although for certain things, lighter objects work better.
  • Michael asks: Can you please confirm that these come with an instructional link. Than you!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes it does.
  • Joshua asks: How do you watch the video I can’t find the password

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Contact customer support at:
  • Alfred asks: Do these work better in dark lighting or brightly lit environments?

    • 1. Jim answers: They work well in most lighting, except for bright fluorescent lighting. Darker situations will, of course, be beneficial.
    • 2. Patrick answers: They do not work well at all to perform for anyone with good eyesight. Your best hope is outside the pub, post 11pm so that it's both dark and your audience likely to be inebriated
    Post an answer to this question
  • John asks: I see online that he has an excellent instruction video to go with his loops. I have the loops already. Can I order the new instructions from you?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: I think you can find the DVD here:
    Post an answer to this question
  • Caleb asks: How many times can you use the loops before they wear out or break?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It really depends how gentle you are with them. If you're new to loops, you'll break some as you get used to how far you can go with them. Once you have a feel for them, they'll last you for a very long time.
  • David asks: How many loops are included?

    • 1. Jim answers: Mine came with eight.
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  • Michael asks: Do you need to use wax with the loops?

    • 1. Jim answers: In general, no.
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  • Charles asks: The first description of what you get in the box says you get 10 loops. Once clicking on add, it says that you get 8 loops. Please clarify and correct your advertisement so the number is the same.

    • 1. Brian answers: It is 8. Sorry for the typo!
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  • Matthew asks: What is the difference between normal invisible thread and these loops? I have invisible thread, and just want to know if buying loops will give me something that I cannot do with invisible thread or if it is pretty much the same thing? Thank you in advance.

    • 1. Don answers: Loops are pre-tied while invisible thread is stored on a reel of some type. Hope this helps.
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  • Len asks: I am a real beginner, will this be easy for me to use?

    • 1. Jim answers: Nothing is truly easy for a real beginner. If you accept that, you will evolve beyond being a beginner.
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  • Jim asks: My loops keep breaking when trying to perform the Haunted Deck. Any recommendations?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This will sound trite, but practise! They will break at first, until you learn the right tension needed. A fresh deck of cards helps too.
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