Making Better Magicians: The Vanishing Inc. Magic Fund

We believe in giving back. That is why we’ve founded The Vanishing Inc Magic Fund. This registered non-profit was founded specifically to advance the art of magic. And you can help.

The funds are gathered mainly from donations from people like you. We use these funds to affect change in our industry. Your donations will make it possible for a child to attend magic camp for the first time. Your help lets us renovate a theater in South Africa so local magicians have a safe place to perform. We’re trying our best to make a difference. But we need your help.

We use our funds in predominantly three ways:

Magic scholarships

We offer scholarships to magic camps, conventions, shows and events. A week spent at Magic Camp is life-changing, yet some children who want to go will never be able to only because their family can’t afford it. We want to change that. We’ve now granted over 200 scholarships to young magicians, thanks to your help.

Improving magic education

In order to reach the largest number of magicians possible, we’ve taken our charitable efforts to the internet! Our ShareMagic video series features interesting magicians telling amazing stories. These videos range from inspirational to educational and more videos are being added all the time. The goal of these videos is to help improve everyone’s magic. To get an email when a new one is released, just put your email address in the form below.

The College of Magic

We have an affiliation with the College of Magic in Cape Town, South Africa. This incredible institution is a beacon in the community there. It has created a safe place for children to learn magic. As well as public speaking skills, reading skills, follow-through and other essential life skills. We sponsored a renovation of what is now called The Vanishing Inc. Close-up Theater where these kids do their initiation shows and take classes, and more. We also recently built The Magic Lab where the young magicians can learn how to create magic.

Magifest Young Magicians

Make a difference

Every penny helps. Thank you for considering a donation to our magic fund:


100% of anything you donate goes directly to helping others. No one here takes any salary, there are no admins fees. Everything you give goes to help. And because we’re a registered non-profit, all money you kindly donate is tax deductible.

Death Camp Magician

ShareMagic video series

The easiest way to improve magic today is through the internet, where we can reach magicians of all ages and backgrounds. That is exactly what we’re doing with our ShareMagic video series. It features exceptional magicians, telling exceptional stories.

First, Joshua Jay interviews Werner Reich, a magician who learned his first trick as a prisoner at Auschwitz. This inspirational video is the first of many we’ve got planned. Please, if you cannot donate, just post a link to this remarkable story on your social media. That will be helping us achieve our goal of advancing the art of magic.

Watch this ShareMagic video

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The Vanishing Inc. Magic Fund is a 501(c)(3). EIN: 47-2222103