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We (Josh and Andi) believe in giving back, and that is why we have founded The Vanishing Inc Magic Fund. This officially-sanctioned non-profit specializes in advancing the art of magic.

The funds are gathered primarily from donations from customers like you. At the checkout you are prompted with an opportunity to donate a couple bucks (or more), and we're grateful to use these funds to affect change in our industry. Whether it's making it possible for an impoverished child ato attend magic camp or renovating a theater in South Africa so local magicians have a safe place to perform, we are trying our best to make a difference.

We use our funds in predominantly two ways:

1. We offer scholarships to magic camps, conventions, shows, and events. A week spent at Magic Camp is life-changing, yet some children who want to go will never be able to, only because they can’t afford it. We want to help.

The Vanishing Inc. Magic Fund sends deserving children to magic camp each year. The children are selected at the Columbus Magi-Fest, based on promise, enthusiasm, and financial need. We pay for their camp entrance, a travel stipend, and supply them with all the props and things they will need for their life-changing week. We also send beginner magic books to impoverished libraries and youth programs all over the world. The charity also helps kids from all over the world attend our own convention, The Columbus Magi-Fest.

2. We have an affiliation with the College of Magic in Cape Town, South Africa. This incredible institution is a beacon in the community there, and a safe place for children to learn magic (alongside public speaking skills, reading skills, follow-through, and more). Last year we sponsored a renovation of what is now called The Vanishing Inc. Close-up Theater, where these kids do their initiation shows, take classes, and more. It's a remarkable place filled with amazing talent and staff, and we are proud supporters of this non-profit.

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The Vanishing Inc. Magic Fund is a 501(c)(3). EIN: 47-2222103