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We stand, as you all know, on the shoulders of giants. Without magic history, we'd be nowhere. In our magic history section, you'll find new books about the past like Gibecière alongside classics such as the Tarbell course. Modern history like The Death Camp Magicians and even the very first magic book every produced The Discoverie of Witchcraft.

From Hofzinser to Houdini, we've got something for everyone here.

Neon Dreams Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Neon Dreams
Book by Lance Rich - From $59.95

For the first time, the captivating story of how Las Vegas became the magic capital of the world has been captured in a gorgeous hardcover book...

World's Beyond Book
World's Beyond
Book by Paul Curry - 60.00

We have GREAT news for all serious students of magic: Paul Curry's World's Beyond is finally, finally, finally back in print. For years this...

Classic Correspondence (Vol. 2) Book
Classic Correspondence (Vol. 2)
Book by Mike Caveney - 75.00

Classic Correspondence (Vol. 2) takes you on a fascinating journey through Magic's past with 24 more letters from Mike Caveney's beloved Classic...

Tarbell Course in Magic Book
Tarbell Course in Magic
Book by Harlan Tarbell - Various prices

You hear this set talked about often, and it’s one you should own. But in the interest of honesty, let us tell you WHY you should own it, which may...

The Riddle of Chung Ling Soo Book
The Riddle of Chung Ling Soo
Book by Will Dexter - 14.95

If you've never read about the enigmatic Chung Ling Soo (William Ellsworth Robinson), then you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of The Riddle...

The Death Camp Magicians Book
The Death Camp Magicians
Book by William V. Rauscher and Werner Reich - 34.95

This book is a FASCINATING, HARROWING account of Werner Reich's true story of survival. Werner Reich is a friend to Vanishing Inc, and his book has...

Classic Correspondence Book
Classic Correspondence
Book by Mike Caveney - 65.00

Each month in MAGIC magazine, Mike Caveney selects from the files of the legendary Egyptian Hall Museum a letter of historical importance. Sometimes...

Dai Vernon: A Biography Book
Dai Vernon: A Biography
Book by David Ben - 40.00

Dai Vernon: the last great undiscovered artist of the 20th century. His medium was magic and with it, Vernon turned the clandestine world of...

The Osterlind Trilogy Book
The Osterlind Trilogy
Book by Richard Osterlind - 50.00

Three acclaimed books now together in one deluxe volume! Thousands have read Richard Osterlind's e-books Making Magic Real, Making Real...

Mastering the Art of Magic Book
Mastering the Art of Magic
Book by Eugene Burger - 65.00

Eugene Burger's, the long out-of-print book has been reprinted. It is an oversized hardcover with dustjacket, printed on quality acid-free paper...

Don Alan's Magic Ranch Volumes 1 - 3 DVD
Don Alan's Magic Ranch Volumes 1 - 3
DVD by Don Alan - 100.00

For my generation (and yours), these videos serve two functions. Not only do they display classic routines with great presentations and emotional...

Ibidem 1 - 3 Book
Ibidem 1 - 3
Book by P. Howard Lyons - 60.00 each

From 1955 to 1979, P. Howard Lyons and his mildly crazed but brilliant crew published 36 issues of Ibidem magazine. Those issues accumulated quite a...

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Magic History

Gibecière Complete Set
Gibecière just might be the best-kept secret in magic. They...
Original Tarbell Lessons in Magic
Nearly 100 Years Ago Harlan Tarbell...
Discoverie of Witchcraft
Reginald Scot published The Discoverie of Witchcraft in...
Foundations: The Art of Stage Magic
Although the art of magic does not...
Tarbell Course in Magic
You hear this set talked about often, and it’s one you...