Neon Dreams

Book by Lance Rich
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Neon Dreams

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Book by Lance Rich (From $59.95)

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Neon Dreams - magic
Neon Dreams Neon Dreams Neon Dreams Neon Dreams Neon Dreams Neon Dreams Neon Dreams Neon Dreams Neon Dreams Neon Dreams Neon Dreams Neon Dreams

For the first time, the captivating story of how Las Vegas became the magic capital of the world has been captured in a gorgeous hardcover book filled with brand-new interviews and never-before-seen photos. This enthralling history of Las Vegas magic is filled with unexpected twists and turns that will have every magician or magic enthusiast hooked from start to finish.

Neon Dreams boasts nearly 400 pages and over 370 stunning full-color photographs, many of which are being published for the first time, highlighting how Las Vegas evolved from a humble train-stop town into the land of multi-million-dollar magic spectacles. This includes dozens of all-new interviews with iconic entertainers. Everything is presented in an exceptional hardcover book with a special lenticular cover and foreword by David Copperfield.

“I have now worked in this town for more than forty years and I thought I knew Vegas, but it turns out there was so much more to learn…This book changes the view on magic in Las Vegas; it’s a new perspective on the stories you know, and the ones you’re about to discover.” David Copperfield

Not only has Lance Rich unearthed some amazing heretofore unknown and fascinating facts and photos, he’s assembled them into an attractive and absorbing book. It’s an excellent item to leave laying about for guests to peruse. Mac King

The Las Vegas Strip has been home to magicians and magic shows for generations. But how did this happen? When did the city become synonymous with magical entertainment? Who was the first magician on the Las Vegas Strip? All this and more is answered in Neon Dreams by Lance Rich.

You’ll experience the exhilarating highs, like the unique set of circumstances that led Lance Burton and David Copperfield to set records not just in magic, but in the entire history of show business. Or how Siegfried and Roy’s unprecedented achievements cleared the neon path for performers for many years to come. There are even some more obscure insights you’d never expect like how the Hoover Dam changed the course of magic history.

Of course, it hasn’t always been a smooth ride. So, you’ll also get a front-row seat to the lows, like how a multi-million-dollar magic show barely made it through its second night. Or the infamous struggles of Caesar's Magical Empire, one of Las Vegas’ most iconic “failed” attractions.

Undoubtedly though, the real treasure of Neon Dreams is the discovery of the very first magician to perform regularly on The Las Vegas Strip, Gloria Dea. It’s a surprising and powerful story that rewrites magic history. A must-read for any fan of magic.

Limited Edition Deluxe Version - Only 300 Made

Available exclusively at Vanishing Inc., collectors can get a gorgeous limited edition deluxe version of Neon Dreams. This luxurious leather-bound deluxe book features an elegant, lightly-embossed grayscale logo. It's the perfect muted contrast to the vibrant, neon colors of the lenticular logo on the slipcase that houses it. (You can see for yourself in the last 3 photos above).

Only 300 deluxe editions were ever printed. Each one comes with a signed and numbered book plate, as well as a signed photo of Gloria Dea—the first magician to ever perform on the Las Vegas strip. This is a piece of magic history that every collector will be proud to own.

Neon Dreams is more than a book about the history of Las Vegas magic. It's a backstage tour through the most awe-inspiring shows and a VIP pass to the hidden lives of the iconic magicians. Dive headfirst down the neon-lit rabbit hole where fantasy reigns supreme and everything is not always as it seems. Get your copy of Neon Dreams: The Story of Las Vegas Magic by Lance Rich today!

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Customer reviews for Neon Dreams



I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed Neon Dreams. The writing style is fun, lucid and even, the photos are clean and organized, and the facts and stories are so intriguing to read. That magical story of discovering Gloria Dea is an absolute gem of ending. So many nice events, and I love how you kept things positive, even when some of the events in the city turned negative. I'm an avid reader, a book collector, and an author, so I think I can judge this objectively and say it is the best history book I have read in a long time. Very nice work!


Official review from Genii Magazine

From the January 2024 issue of Genii magazine. Reviewed by *Francis Menotti*

Lance Rich recognized a missing, untold story and with full journalistic vigor dove into the tale of magic's rise in … Las Vegas. In his nearly 400-page, full-color, glossy tome, Rich invites readers on a wild, invigorating, and at times bumpy adventure. This beautiful volume will entice magic professionals, hobbyists, and Las Vegas enthusiasts with equal appeal.

The micro-stories that Neon Dreams conveys are spellbinding. Its contents - colorful in every sense - make it as equally suitable and accessible to the curious layperson as to the knowledgeable conjuror. The vibrant photos alone make it easy and addictive to flip through, and the not-exactly-linear form that Rich chooses to tell the story is a tantalizing joy to experience.

Neon Dreams serves as a respectful, beautiful illumination of magic's rich story.

Copyright 2024 by The Genii Corporation.



The book is great. I have enjoyed how the author (Lance Rich) has written the book. An excellent storyteller. I ordered the leather-bound one. I am very happy with the amount of information and quality of the book. If you like magic, history, Las Vegas this might be a book for you.



I have to compliment the author how amazing the research and history is for this book. It is invaluable. And the design and production is stunning - easily one of my favorite books that VI has ever put out; if Andi is behind the design he deserves an award for it.



Stunningly beautifully produced book. Another Vanishing Inc gem. I just love this book to bits. It's very well written, engaging and could not out this down. Love the photos as well. This is a piece of American history. Stunning hard bound book with fascinating content. Highly recommend this book. Get it!


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  • Guillermo asks: Does this book speak of the other greats like Mac King, Chris Angel, Tony Clark, Joseph Gabriel, etc.

    • 1. Lance answers: Yes! All of those names (Mac King, Criss Angel, Tony Clark and Joseph Gabriel) are mentioned in the book, and some are discussed at greater length. Plus, dozens and dozens of other names who have been performers on Vegas over the last 120 years.
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  • David asks: Can you show us the table of contents?

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    • asks: Does Neon Dreams mention some of the locals like Gary Darwin? Working performers used to meet on Wednesday nights at the Gary Darwin club. It was open to all magicians and any magician working in town was likely to stop by.

      • 1. Lance answers: Absolutely! There's actually quite a large section that is devoted to Gary Darwin and to the local magic scene that developed over the years.
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