Magic Apps

Upgrade your everyday carry by transforming your phone into a powerful magic tool with magic apps. These special smartphone applications have been exclusively designed to help magicians take full advantage of the amazing technology in their pockets to perform mind-blowing magic tricks and astonish audiences at a moment’s notice.

From the ability to divine what a spectator freely searched on Google with Inject 2.0 to dialling a random phone number created by your audience and connecting with a total stranger that impossibly knows which playing card or word your spectator selected with The Stranger, magic apps allow you to carry a miracle with you everywhere you go. Most magic applications are available on both iOS and Android, and talented developers (and magicians) are continually finding new ways to push the boundaries of what types of magic tricks can be performed with our phones.

Check out our complete selection of magic apps below:

Algorithm App
App by Yves Doumergue - 49.95

A multi-phase act in your pocket. Transform a phone into your secret weapon with "Algorithm" by Yves Doumergue. Predict the location and...

Syncro Trick
Trick by Magic Pro Ideas - 39.95

Force, predict or guess any time on a borrowed phone. "Syncro" is a magic stopwatch that you can easily use on your phone or, even better,...

Interceptor Trick
Trick by Mariano Goni - 59.95

A squeaky clean card to number effect using a normal deck of cards. "Interceptor" is a a specially designed app by Mariano Goni that...

Chronoforce Pro  App
Chronoforce Pro
App by Samy Ali - 39.95

Force any number using your phone's stopwatch with "Chronoforce Pro". This amazing magic app from Samy Ali allows you to perform miracles...

SPIX Trick
Trick by Les French Twins and Magie Factory - 39.95

Two devastating, commercial effects packed into one powerful app. "SPIX" is a special collaboration between Les French Twins and Magie...

Duality Pro Trick
Duality Pro
Trick by Cobra Magic and Yaniv Levy - 249.95

Would you believe that you can embed a free-thought number (or name, country, etc.) into a pre-recorded video, while it is playing? YES, with Cobra...

Duality Lite Trick
Duality Lite
Trick by Yaniv Levy - 99.99

Would you believe that you can embed a freely thought of number into a pre-recorded video, while it is playing? With Cobra Magic's Duality Lite on...

Maxim App
App by Lloyd Barnes - 24.95

A perfect hands-off reveal for any freely-named card in a deck. The holy grail of magic is easier than ever thanks to “Maxim” by Lloyd Barnes....

Boarding Pass Trick
Boarding Pass
Trick by Mariano Goni Fernandez - 45.00

A true worker app for both mentalists and magicians that gives news meaning to QR code predictions. "Mariano Goni's 'Boarding Pass' departs...

Cognito App
App by Lloyd Barnes and Owen Garfield - 39.95

What would it look like if you could genuinely read minds? Magicians and mentalists have debated this for centuries. They’ve searched high and low...

Trick by Evenement magique and Calix and Vincent - 45.00

A powerful tool that allows you add an extra layer of impossibility to every revelation. "SIGABA" is an amazing magic app that allows you...

AnyWeb 2 Trick
AnyWeb 2
Trick by Javier Franco and Magic Pro Ideas - 39.95

Easily force an image using a borrowed phone. "AnyWeb 2" allows you access a normal-looking "Google" page on your spectator's...

ReaList iPhone only Trick
ReaList iPhone only
Trick by Greg Rostami - 49.99

This powerful prediction utility is the definition of an impromptu miracle! "This is bound to be trick of the year! Take my money!" Scott...

Contactum Trick
Trick by Magic Pro Ideas - 39.95

Take control of a spectator's phone with the latest app from the creators of AnyWeb. Contactum is more than a simple trick. It's a versatile magic...

LoKey Trick
Trick by Lost Art Magic and Beau Cremer - 30.00

A Master Prediction System you can carry in your pocket! Imagine being able to predict a freely chosen date, time and celebrity using the lockscreen...

Inject 2 System Trick
Inject 2 System
Trick by Greg Rostami - 75.00

This is not just another phone app. This is THE phone app, one that will turn you into an instant mind-reading guru. This is Inject 2! Greg Rostami...