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ReaList - magic
ReaList ReaList ReaList ReaList ReaList

This powerful prediction utility is the definition of an impromptu miracle!

"This is bound to be trick of the year! Take my money!" Scott Tokar

"ReaList" is brought to you by Greg Rostami, the creator of Inject 2.0 (arguably one of the most innovative and influential magic apps ever made).

With the "ReaList" app you can always be prepared to perform a mind-blowing magic trick...and you DON'T EVEN NEED YOUR OWN PHONE! "ReaList" allows you to force anything from a list on a borrowed spectator's phone and is available for both iOS AND Android. (PLEASE NOTE: Due to Google Play Store restrictions, you may need to pay an additional $0.99 cents to activate this on your Android phone once you receive the activation code)

There's two never-before-seen methods used:

Method 1 is truly revolutionary. The secret is beautifully hidden in plain sight. Your phone could be completely dead. There is no pocket swiping, remotes, tricky smart watch pairing or accomplices. Everything is done ON THEIR PHONE. This is the first-ever magic app that allows you to perform without ever needing to introduce your phone.

As this is being written during the era of Virtual Magic Shows and Zoom Magic Shows, it's also important to note that the Method 2 can also be done remotely, allowing you to easily perform it over a video call.

With Method 2, you can also force the same item on multiple phones. Imagine being able to force something on your entire audience during your stage show or virtual magic show. "ReaList" makes this possible.

For both methods, the force happens on THEIR PHONE. This is about as organic and fair as magic can get. There's nothing for them to find. The magic happens in their hands.

Key Details:

  • ReaList is super easy to learn and perform (you'll be ready to go in minutes)
  • Can be performed anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Resets instantly for the next performance
  • Comes with 12 awesome presets + the ability to create your own IN ANY LANGUAGE!
  • Can be done completely on their phone OR without having to touch their phone at all
  • The in-person method allows you NEVER have to bring your phone into play at all (a first of its kind in the world of magic apps)
  • BONUS FEATURE: There is also a special pairing feature in "ReaList" that allows you to easily pair with "Inject", "WikiTest" or any other website.

"On a borrowed phone, completely impromptu... the thought behind ReaList is REALLY genius!" Dan White

"ReaList fooled me BADLY... It is extraordinarily practical and extraordinarily versatile." Brian Brushwood

"I was like a little was BRILLIANT. It took me back to being a spectator." Steve Faulkner

"Realist is clever and fooling! Knowing you can perform this even without your phone, makes this SO valuable." Angelo Carbone

"A great combination of method and execution. An organic force that's ALWAYS ready to go on a borrowed phone." Patrick Kun

You truly can perform this NAKED, you can personalize this effect with your OWN is my top 3 magic apps on my phone." Alex

NOTE: With your purchase you also receive broadcast rights. Please feel free to perform "ReaList" on TV, the internet or anywhere you'd like.


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This is tough. I think this has great potential and I have to give kudos for how deviously they've made the method. Having said that though, I feel like the app is rather knacky and not in a good way. Now, all methods will take practice (and some extensively) to look natural but I think that in their attempt at trying to make the method 'fly under the radar' and be 'hidden' they made it unnecessarily difficult for the performer to use (I'm speaking of the non-remote method). Without knowing the tech-demands behind the scenes, there appear to be unnecessary steps that seem cumbersome to move through the presentation and I can think of several ideas that would be just as incognito to the spectator and more natural for the performer. The difficult thing about learning how to practice with the remote method is you have to borrow someone's phone to practice to see if you're even getting a successful result.
Secondly, they direct you to a facebook page for more routines etc. Not everyone has a facebook page (I personally left FB a while back) so that would be something to consider to make resources more useful. They do direct you to but there is no website there (under construction maybe?). It would be helpful to have other videos available somewhere (you tube etc for routine ideas).

ReaList by Greg Rostami