Magifest 2021

January 21-23rd 2021

Magifest is America's oldest annual magic convention, and now one of the largest. Every January, twenty of the finest headlining magicians descend upon Columbus, Ohio. One thousand magicians gather for unforgettable shows, lectures, and workshops.

Columbus, Ohio, USA


Magifest sells out ever year. Registration is $200 and is refundable (minus 5% to cover our payment fees) before Sunday, November 1, 2020. To secure your place, take two minutes to register here:

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Why People Come to Magifest

There are a few bigger magic conventions. There are magic conventions in warmer climates. But there are threeS reasons the Magifest is the most acclaimed:

1. Our programming is the most unique. We get cutting edge artists doing their best material.
2. Our lobby scene is the best, hands down. Between events, you'll see and learn things you never thought possible in the jam sessions in our lobby.
3. The largest variety of magic dealers of any American convention. See all dealers

Magifest 2021: Five Reasons to Come

1. The best magic shops: We invite thirty of the finest magic dealers from around the world, and take care that each one is offering unique, different merchandise.
2. The best talent you've never heard of. You can see your old favorites at other magic conventions. Our mission is to bring to the Magifest NEW talent, new acts, or your favorite magicians doing things they've never showcased before.
3. Access to excellence: Our headliners don't just amaze onstage. You get to meet and eat and hang with them, too.
4. Our youth program. If you're a young magician, we have special programming just for you.
5. Extra workshops: For an additional fee, registrants can opt into private workshops, limited in attendance, just after the convention. This is a chance to take lessons from some of the finest magicians on Earth.

New: Magifest VIP Ticket

We've listened carefully to your feedback and have created a new ticket tier to accommodate your requests. The Magifest VIP Ticket offers three important perks that the standard ticket does not:

1. Early access to each event. You'll be admitted to events BEFORE general attendees so you can choose a set right up front or near an exit, where it's most convenient for you. No lines or waiting.
2. $25 Vanishing Inc. gift voucher. Good for all Vanishing Inc. Exclusive products on offer at our dealer's booth.
3. Special Meet and greet with our headliners. Only VIP Ticket Holders will have access to this event, in which you'll get autographs, pictures, and hang time with our headliners.

There are only 150 VIP Tickets on offer. Once those are gone, this tier is sold out. We expect all VIP tickets to sell out quickly. VIP tickets are $350 and can be purchased during registration. Already registered? Upgrade here

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Magic convention Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay

Magifest sells out every year.
This year will be no exception

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Continue your Magifest through Sunday 24th Januaryto join us for workshops with Nate Staniforth and Denis Behr. Register below:

Nate Staniforth (10am - 1pm)

Nate almost never makes convention appearances, and he has graciously agreed to deliver a workshop around the subject of his acclaimed online course: Making Tricks into Magic. You'll learn how to take YOUR magic to the next level and give people the sensation of real mystery during your show. This is your chance to learn some of the magic Nate has developed, as well as getting feedback and insights on how to take YOUR magic to new heights. This is a rare chance to spend three hours with a guru of our industry.

Space for this workshop is extremely limited, and the cost is $100.

Register for Nate Staniforth workshop

Denis Behr (2.30pm - 5pm)

Acclaimed all over the world, Denis will conduct a deep-dive into the card material that has taken the magic world by storm. This workshop will be comprised of highlights from his book series, Handcrafted Magic, and you'll also get hands-on tuition into basic and advanced sleight-of-hand techniques. Use this rare opportunity to work with one of the finest practitioners of sleight-of-hand to get personal instruction on sleights you wish to work on, and raise your level.

This is an EXTREMELY rare chance to get face time with a master card magic. This workshop lasts 2.5 hours and is $100.

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Renaissance, Columbus Downtown

50 N 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215, USA

Be sure to ask for the Magifest rate when booking a room. It's currently $112 (plus taxes) per night.

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