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We've taught more people to learn easy magic tricks than anyone else, you’re in safe hands. Here you can learn easy card magic tricks, easy mentalism, easy close-up magic, and much more.

Learn our very best easy magic tricks

The UFO Card The UFO Card

The most popular card trick in the world. And you can learn how to do it in minutes!

Magic Squeaky Magic Squeaky

This hilarious and amazing tool allows you to add a magic squeak to anything!

Wonder Deck Wonder Deck

A special, trick deck of cards that turns you instantly into a magician - with no skill needed.

Complete magic courses

Learn magic the right way with Vanishing Inc. cofounders Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay:

Complete Easy Card Tricks Course Complete Easy Card Tricks Course

Want to learn easy card magic tricks? This is the video for you. Amaze your friends in no time.

Complete Easy Close-Up Magic Course Complete Easy Close-Up Magic Course

Learn to do incredible magic with everyday items. Freak out your family, friends, and even strangers.

Complete Easy Mentalism Course Complete Easy Mentalism Course

Learn how to read minds, control choices, and even predict the future. And it's so easy to do.

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You want to impress your friends and family. Astound people you’ve not met. We’re here to help you. Learning magic tricks is easier than you think thanks to your expert instructors, professional magicians Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay.

When you’re taught easy magic tricks by professionals like Josh and Andi, you’ll learn fast. The tricks are easy, but you’re going to also learn how to perform them like a real magician.

Josh and Andi have hand-picked all the magic tricks you see on this page. Everything is easy to learn, but also incredibly strong magic that we promise will amaze everyone you show it to.

You’re ready to start blowing minds. You’re ready to start learning easy magic tricks right now.

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Easy Magic Tricks

Amazing Bite Coin Amazing Bite Coin

David Blaine freaked out strangers on the street with this special trick coin. Now it's your turn.

Spirit Lights Spirit Lights

Freak out your friends with this amazing illusion.

The Mysterious Vanisher The Mysterious Vanisher

Professional magicians use this prop all over the world. The best part? It's super easy and you'll look amazing.

The Psychic Deck The Psychic Deck

Performed daily all over the world, this is the most popular trick deck there is. Now, you can learn how to do it.

Amazing Sponge Balls Amazing Sponge Balls

One of the most popular magic tricks in the world. Now you can learn how to do it. And it's easy!

Gambler's Marked Deck Gambler's Marked Deck

Find the four aces, control cards and look like you're a master gambler. No skill needed - the special cards do all the work for you.

Decks of Cards

When you want to learn easy card tricks , there’s one thing we promise you that you’ll need. Some playing-cards. We release our own, top shelf, designer playing-cards. Here’s some we’re sure you’ll like.

Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay

Meet Your Instructors

Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin are professional magicians who became best friends when they met as teenagers. They cofounded Vanishing Inc. 15 years ago and it has grown to be the biggest magic store in the world. Together, they have taught more people magic tricks than anyone else and you’ll find their magic videos easy to follow, quick, and fun. Start learning easy magic tricks today.

Learn Magic in Store

Vanishing Inc. has two magic stores where you can learn easy magic tricks and buy playing cards, puzzles, and more. Our teams of professional magicians are on hand to help you with anything from a secret move, to what to say when you’re performing your magic tricks. They’ll also happily demonstrate any of the easy magic tricks we carry in our stores.

We have two locations:

  • Main Street Magic in Disneyland
  • Pier 39 in San Francisco

So stop by, ask to see some easy magic tricks and leave a better magician. Visit a Vanishing Inc. Magic store