How to Learn Magic Tricks Online and Become a Magician Today!

Are you looking to learn how to perform magic tricks like Justin Willman does on his Netflix show Magic for Humans. Or learn magic tricks like Michael Carbonaro in Magic For Humans. Or, maybe you’re interested in learning card tricks like David Blaine or mentalism and stage magic like Derren Brown?

No matter what type of magic intrigues you, learning magic tricks is easier than ever before!

It's even really easy to learn magic online. You can start off with prop bets or the card magic basics and then graduate to the material you'll only find in magic books. Playing cards or flash paper, you'll find it right here at the world's largest magic store and organizer of the best magic conventions, Vanishing Inc.

Magician Justin Willman performs magic tricks on his hidden camera show Magic for Humans on Netflix Photo Credit: Netflix

For centuries, the secrets and history of magic were closely guarded by magicians or locked away in books that were difficult to acquire. Only those who were able to prove their commitment to learning magic would be able to gain access to this information. While libraries, magic shops and videos eventually made magic more accessible than it was during the days of Harry Houdini, learning magic has never been as instantaneous as it is now.

With the massive popularity of magic video downloads and ebooks, beginner magicians can unlock the secrets to a lifetime of card magic, coin magic, mind reading and more with just the click of a button.

While Vanishing Inc. is a global purveyor of magic tricks that ships to countries around the world, we also have an amazing collection of 1000s of affordable online magic video downloads and ebooks that allow you to start to learn magic tricks instantly. They can be downloaded and viewed anywhere at any time, allowing you to learn magic tricks online whenever you want. This is especially easy with our free Vanishing Inc. app

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Online Magic Community

There is also a vibrant online magic community for beginner magicians to immerse themselves in. Places like SME Talk Magic on Facebook and /r/Magic on Reddit, are great resources for not only learning magic, but also getting feedback on magic tricks or sleight of hand that you’re currently working on. You might even be able to find a mentor who can help your blossoming magic career.

Magician Asi Wind performs some close-up magic tricks to a group of magicians Photo Credit: Steven M. Koch

But, What About YouTube Magic?

Every member of the Vanishing Inc. team is a magician. We all love magic and learning as much as we can about the art. Therefore, we completely understand the appeal of learning free magic tricks on YouTube—especially for beginner magicians.

While there are some truly talented magicians on YouTube, a bulk of the magic tutorials are taught poorly by those who have not yet taken the time to master the sleight of hand or magic trick themselves. Therefore, a beginner magician learning from these videos is likely to pick up bad habits that can impede their future growth.

When learning the fundamentals of magic, it is best for beginner magicians to stick with high-quality resources such as magic downloads, DVDs, books and ebooks that have been created by professional magicians with years, or even decades, of experience. YouTube is best reserved as an additional resource for watching a particular sleight or magic trick in action or to occasionally learn a quick party trick or bar bet.

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