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Our most popular magic

Snapper Puzzle Snapper Puzzle

Haunted Key Haunted Key

Magic Squeaky Magic Squeaky

This hilarious and amazing tool allows you to add a magic squeak to anything!

Amazing Bite Coin Amazing Bite Coin

David Blaine freaked out strangers on the street with this special trick coin. Now it's your turn.

Easy Cups and Balls Easy Cups and Balls

It's your turn to learn what is literally the oldest trick in the world. Performed for centuries - find out why this is is so loved.

Future Vision Future Vision

Give people the ability to see into the future...no really!

The Mysterious Vanisher The Mysterious Vanisher

Professional magicians use this prop all over the world. The best part? It's super easy and you'll look amazing.

Amazing Sponge Balls Amazing Sponge Balls

One of the most popular magic tricks in the world. Now you can learn how to do it. And it's easy!

The Psychic Deck The Psychic Deck

Performed daily all over the world, this is the most popular trick deck there is. Now, you can learn how to do it.

Spirit Lights Spirit Lights

Freak out your friends with this amazing illusion.

Gambler's Marked Deck Gambler's Marked Deck

Find the four aces, control cards and look like you're a master gambler. No skill needed - the special cards do all the work for you.

Wonder Deck Wonder Deck

A special, trick deck of cards that turns you instantly into a magician - with no skill needed.

The UFO Card The UFO Card

The most popular card trick in the world. And you can learn how to do it in minutes!

Instant access easy magic trick video lessons

Organized Chaos Organized Chaos

One of the most popular card magic tricks ever created. Amaze your friends and family.

Transfer of Power Transfer of Power

An incredible trick with zero sleight of hand - you don't even touch the cards!

Mental Coin Bend Mental Coin Bend

Borrow a quarter and bend it with the power of your mind. Super, super easy to do.

That's Odd! That's Odd!

This magical marvel with melt your friends brains! And it's so easy to do.

Shaken Not Stirred Shaken Not Stirred

An unusual trick that will make you look like an incredible magician. This is one of the best easy card tricks you can learn.

Teleporting Coins Teleporting Coins

Make coins invisibly travel from hand to hand. Easy to learn, amazing to see!

Coin Through Bottle Coin Through Bottle

Magic doesn't get more visual than this. Borrow a quarter, and push it into a bottle of water!

Street Scam Secret Street Scam Secret

An easy, eye-popping magic miracle using just three cards.

Lunch Bag Surprise Lunch Bag Surprise

Find the card your friend chose inside of... a lunch bag! Impossible and amazing.

Mind Control Card Trick Mind Control Card Trick

Predict the future and control someone's choices with this mentalism miracle.

Paper Balls Over Head Paper Balls Over Head

This is a hilarious and amazing magic trick your friends and family will love. Guaranteed!

Deepest Sympathy Deepest Sympathy

Convince family, friends, and even strangers you can predict the future.

Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Triangle

One of the most amazing tricks you can do with borrowed coins. Very easy to perform.

iPhone-A-Dex iPhone-A-Dex

Read people's minds using just a phone. You will freak everyone out when you show them.

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