The secret to being the most interesting person in the room...

Amaze your friends, family and even strangers with these free magic tricks.

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The Tricks You Will Learn

  • Crazy Man’s Handcuffs: The most amazing, most popular, most visual magic trick you can do.
  • Vanishing Sugar: An incredible way to vanish sugar - no extra props needed!
  • Spoon Bend Post-It: A fooling, funny and incredibly easy way to bend a "spoon".
  • Cross Cut Force: Learn the most popular way to make someone pick any card you want.
Lady learning a magic trick
Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay

Your Magic Teachers

Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin have been best friends since they were teenagers, and have been obsessed with magic their entire lives.

They created Vanishing Inc. Magic (which is now the world’s largest magic store) and they've trained over 600,000 magicians, many of whom have gone on to be professional magicians, win national magic contests and even be featured on TV.

Josh and Andi will now teach you some of their favorite magic tricks.

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These Free Easy Magic Tricks Will Teach You How To:

  • Amaze People. You're going to learn how to amaze people. The free, easy tricks you're about to download will take you step-by-step through everything you need to know to amaze your friends, family and even strangers.
  • Be Confident. When you know you can amaze, astound and entertain people with nothing more than a deck of cards, or other simple objects around your home, you're going to gain confidence.
  • Freak Out Your Friends. When you prove you can influence someone's thoughts, predict the future and even read people's minds, your friends and family are going to freak out.
  • Be Memorable. After you've amazed someone with a magic trick, they're never going to forget you. Giving someone that "OMG" moment guarantees you'll be remembered.
  • Talk To Strangers. There's no better way to break the ice with a stranger than by showing them a magic trick. Everyone loves to be amazed, and now you can be the person to amaze them.
  • Give People A Moment Of Astonishment. Today more than ever, whatever your walk of life, wherever you live, whatever your age, it's wonderful to feel astonished. When you download these videos, you'll learn how to give that gift to your friends, family and strangers.