About Vanishing Inc. Magic

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Vanishing Inc. Magic shop has just celebrated its five-year anniversary. In that short amount of time, our little passion project has blossomed into one of the twenty largest magic brands in the industry. Much more importantly, it is considered the most reliable, trusted, and detail-oriented magic site on the web. We are a CURATED magic website that filters out the fodder and presents to you only the magic worth having. Everything on Vanishing Inc. is performance quality and worthy of your time; we don't even bother to carry poorly made product or tricks that aren't amazing.

Meet our cofounders:

Joshua Jay

Joshua enjoys every aspect of magic: writing, teaching, and performing, and Vanishing Inc. Magic is the perfect outlet to exercise all three.

Joshua Jay is an internationally recognized performer—he has performed for past presidents and recently performed at the Presidential Inaugural Ball. He is a world champion at the World Magic Seminar, and his book, Magic the Complete Course, is the best-selling magic book of the decade.

"For me, it’s about sharing the magic I invent and love with other magicians. I love anything in magic done well: books, DVDs, tricks, and more. And having the opportunity to share the best of the best with other magicians is both an honor and a thrill."

Andi Gladwin

Andi Gladwin is a UK-based entrepreneur and professional close-up magician. He is the tricks editor at Genii Magazine, and he has performed throughout Europe and North America on both stage and screen. His Master Pushoff DVD set is an international best-seller in the magic world.

Andi has lectured throughout the world, such as at Masters of Magic in Italy and MAGIC Live in Las Vegas.

"We have no intentions of making Vanishing Inc. the biggest magic shop in the world. But we're putting everything we can into making it the best!"

The goal at Vanishing Inc. is to provide you with a CURATED magic shop. We don't carry junk; we carry ONLY the magic we love and that you will love to perform. Quality is the priority. We have, without doubt, the BEST customer service in the industry. Got a question? Email us and get a response within 24 hours guaranteed, usually within MINUTES. Prefer to call? No problem. Call and speak to a human being without ever being put on hold.

Don't like something you bought? Return it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. We like to get to know our customers, so feel free to introduce yourself. We have many long-term relationships with magicians all over the world, who choose to do business with Vanishing Inc. Magic because they enjoy the personal care, the top-notch curation, and our prompt service.