The Story Behind the Vanishing Inc. Magic Store

With two major global warehouses and staff located around the world in places such as Vietnam, London, California and New York City, Vanishing Inc. Magic is the largest online magic store in the world. And now, we've even got two physical magic stores you can visit!

Today, we explore how this small passion project between professional magicians, and best friends, Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay evolved into one of the most trusted online magic stores for magicians and mentalists of all skill levels. Although it can be hard to find a magic store near you if you want to learn to do magic tricks, Vanishing Inc. is always just a click away.

some of the vanishing inc. team

History of Vanishing Inc. Magic

A little over a decade ago, Jay and Gladwin set out to create a unique type of online magic store. They wanted to combine their prominence as internationally renowned magicians, with their passion for advancing the art of magic, keep people up to date with the latest magic and to redefine what makes a good online magic shop.

Unlike other magic stores that were focused at the time on false claims of overnight success or attracting the opposite sex, Vanishing Inc. was founded on a committment to honesty and making magicians the best versions of themselves. We carefully curate our store and are completely open and honest about every product we stock, ensuring customers can always make the most informed decisions possible.

Over the years, this philosophy has been implemented into developing an exclusive line of Vanishing Inc. products. Focusing on quality over quantity, Vanishing Inc. has blossomed into one of the most respected producers of premium magic tricks, magic books and magic downloads.

Building Relationships

As magic is an extremely tight knit community, both Andi and Josh have also been conscious about ensuring Vanishing Inc. is not a faceless corporation. They work hard to build relationships with their customers so they can continually understand the unique needs of modern magicians and mentalists.

Simply put, when you make a purchase from Vanishing Inc., you know what you’re going to receive, as well as who, and where, it’s coming from.

Magicians Only

The duo has also assembled a team of magicians to help them reach their goals. That’s right, every member of the Vanishing Inc. family—from the warehouse crew to the marketing team—is a skilled magician that shares the same love for magic as their cofounders.

While most magicians probably already know Josh and Andi, you can get to know the whole Vanishing Inc. Team by checking out the Meet the Team Section of the Vanishing Inc. Blog.

Vanishing Inc. Team

Top-Notch Customer Service

One of the biggest benefits of having an online magic store staffed by magicians is the fact that customers can be confident that the person on the other end of their email or phone call understands their unique needs. From helping you figure out a knacky gimmick to providing suggestions for the best magician’s wax, invisible thread or flash product for a particular magic trick, the Vanishing Inc. customer support team can always help you find a solution.

Fast & Free Worldwide Shipping

With brick & mortar magic stores becoming increasingly more rare, it can sometimes be a challenge for magicians to get the props they need in a timely fashion. That’s why Vanishing Inc. has forged exclusive partnerships with shipping companies like UPS to ensure we can continually offer free worldwide shipping with a low minimum order.

Vanishing Inc. shipping is the fastest on the market and is trackable every step of the way. So, magicians always get the magic items they need, when they need them.

Start Your Magic Journey

Whether you’re a beginner magician or seasoned professional magician, the Vanishing Inc. magic store is here to help you become a better magician.

If you’re just starting to learn magic, be sure to check out the variety of free resources available for learning card tricks, magic tricks and sleight of hand.

And, you ever have any questions, get in touch. A knowledgeable and friendly magician will get back to you right away!

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