Vanishing Inc. Magic Exclusive Magic Books

At Vanishing Inc. Magic we are proud to produce magic books that are reviewed as some of the finest in the world.

Astonishing Essays - Tina Lenert Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Astonishing Essays - Tina Lenert
Book by Tina Lenert - $25.00

In this extraordinary Astonishing Essay, Tina Lenert delivers a personal, uplifting piece of writing unlike anything you've ever read in magic. Part autobiography, part instructional manual, and all inspirational, Tina Lenert recounts her earliest days as a mime, and how she transitioned into one...

Machinations Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Machinations
Book by Ben Harris - $40.00

With Machinations, Ben Harris builds upon an unusual and unbelievable puzzle developed by Martin Gardner and Bob Neale known as “The Trapdoor Card”. This topological effect allows you to essentially turn a card INSIDE OUT. In effect, you display a playing card (or piece of paper, or ticket, or...

The Darkest Corners Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Darkest Corners
Book by Neil Kelso and Ben Hart - $60.00

A complete sellout at Magifest, The Session and Blackpool, this inaugural release from UK magician and Britain’s Got Talent sensation Ben Hart is more than just a magic book. It is a rare collection of complete, audience-tested parlor magic routines taken straight from the professional repertoire...

Parlour Tricks Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Parlour Tricks
Book by Morgan & West - $60.00

“Morgan and West are that rare thing, utterly unique, enormously entertaining and totally fooling. This gorgeous book contains all the secrets of their professional repertoire.....What the hell are they thinking! Buy it now before they change their minds”Andy Nyman "We love you...

Distilled (Ryan Plunkett) Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Distilled (Ryan Plunkett)
Book by Ryan Plunkett - $50.00

Ryan Plunkett's Distilled is a handsome, 200-page volume of practical and professional material, plucked straight from his working repertoire. Like a fine whiskey, this collection of ten routines was distilled and refined slowly and carefully, over time. Ryan Plunkett, a founding ensemble member...

Blomberg Laboratories Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Blomberg Laboratories
Book by Andi Gladwin - From $55.00

Blomberg Laboratories is not as good as I had hoped it would be ... it's even better." Michael Weber Sweden's Tomas Blomberg is a revolutionary magic creator. He comibines mathematics, subtlety, gaffs, and sleight-of-hand to construct totally deceptive magic. In particular, his effects befuddle...

Astonishing Essays - Andi Gladwin Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Astonishing Essays - Andi Gladwin
Book by Andi Gladwin - $25.00

Andi Gladwin is a lifelong student of magic. In this Astonishing Essay, he passes on the lessons learned from two decades of studying the craft. He carefully demonstrates how magicians inadvertently limit their potential by not structuring how they learn magic: his approach is both methodical and...

Plots & Methods Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Plots & Methods
Book or download by Michal Kociolek - $25.00

Plots & Methods is the kind of booklet we love, because the creator spends time exploring some of his favorite creations, in depth. In this booklet, you will find five card routines — an impossible looking Sandwich (with a super sneaky follow-up), an unusual card at a number, a card to...

Rune's World Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Rune's World
Book by Joshua Jay - $60.00

Rune's World is a departure from any magic book you’ve read. Part instruction, part theory, part graphic novel, this new volume by Joshua Jay will challenge you to think in new ways, about new possibilities with your magic. Rune Klan is the most famous magician you’ve never heard of. ...

Astonishing Essays - Robert E. Neale Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Astonishing Essays - Robert E. Neale
Book by Robert Neal - $25.00

The Trickster Spirit by Robert Neale. This volume is a challenging adventure about magic and death. At turns humorous and deeply insightful, Neale asks us to reconsider the magician's role in the world. Robert Neale is one of magic's most esteemed authors, and this is, we believe, one of his most...

Astonishing Essays - Lawrence Hass Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Astonishing Essays - Lawrence Hass
Book by Lawrence Hass - $25.00

In 2006, Dr. Lawrence Hass did the unthinkable. He left his job as a tenured Professor to pursue close-up magic as a full-time profession. Against the odds, his magic business is thriving, he is content in his work, and he is happy. “I’ve learned a lot through this life change, about myself...

Principia (with gimmicks) Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Principia (with gimmicks)
Book by Harapan Ong - $60.00

Singapore's Harapan Ong has caused an online sensation with his technical abilities. Videos began to circulate some years ago from a pair of hands doing extraordinary things. His style is natural, unassuming, and soft. But Aces appear, selections transpose, and magical things just seem to happen...

The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown
Book by Andi Gladwin and Edward G. Brown - $60.00

Launch offer: purchase The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown now, and receive a free download of Andi Gladwin's talk on Brown from The Session 2019. “Definitely the finest sleight of hand magician in the country.” Dai Vernon Edward G. Brown was known as one of the finest sleight-of-hand artists of all...

Game Changer Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Game Changer
Book by Jason Ladanye - $60.00

Game Changer is a sensational collection of magic and gambling effects with cards. This book picks up right where his critically-acclaimed debut Confident Deceptions left off. Jason has once again raised the bar with 18 new, powerful effects, gorgeously illustrated with 225 stunning high-quality,...

Tarbell Course in Magic Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Tarbell Course in Magic
Book by Harlan Tarbell - Various prices

You hear this set talked about often, and it’s one you should own. But in the interest of honesty, let us tell you WHY you should own it, which may not be the reason you’re thinking of.  There’s very little in Tarbell you can read and perform AS IS. It was written long ago, and the...

The Magic of Jonathan Friedman: The Musical Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Magic of Jonathan Friedman: The Musical
Book by Jonathan Friedman - $40.00

Jonathan Friedman is as strong of a writer as he is a magician. And his background is an even split between magic and music. He has combined these passions for this sensational new book, The Magic of Jonathan Friedman: The Musical. Jonathan delivers 24 fully-fleshed out close-up routines using...

The Memory Arts Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Memory Arts
Book by David Trustman and Sarah Trustman - $50.00

Our new book shows you how to memorize any deck in less than an hour! No prior memorization is necessary! The Memory Arts is our most beautiful book to date. Full-color, with pictures on every page, this book details the simple, secret formula that will allow you to remember...

Scripting Magic - Volume 2 Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Scripting Magic - Volume 2
Book by Pete McCabe - $50.00

This is the highly anticipated sequel to the smash success, Scripting Magic. Pete McCabe—with help from 25 of magic’s best—digs deeper into the most powerful tool in magic: the words you say when you perform. This powerful book will show you how to get more out of the tricks you already do, and...

Scripting Magic Deluxe Set - Volumes 1 and 2 Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Scripting Magic Deluxe Set - Volumes 1 and 2
Book by Pete McCabe - $150.00

Vanishing Inc. have produced a very limited number of deluxe editions of both volumes of Scripting Magic, sold as a set. This handsome, clothbound set is the most attractive deluxe edition Vanishing Inc. Magic has yet produced, and it is a befitting treatment for two essential magic books that...

Scripting Magic - Volume 1 Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Scripting Magic - Volume 1
Book by Pete McCabe - $50.00

When Scripting Magic was first released in 2007, it was an immediate, surprise sensation. Magicians around the world, hungry for ways to improve their magic, were thrilled to have a volume dedicated to the vital question: what you say when you perform? Written by Pete McCabe and including...

Artful Deceptions Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Artful Deceptions
Book by Allan Zola Kronzek - $30.00

It's been a while since Allan Kronzek’s last magic book, but that time has been spent developing, testing, and refining the material in Artful Deceptions. Not only will you learn some superb routines, you'll also learn how to connect with spectators in a way that makes them, their actions, and...

Card Devilry Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Card Devilry
Book by J.K. Hartman - $35.00

J. K. Hartman is one of the most prolific card magic creators of our time. Card Devilry if the final piece of the puzzle for all Hartman completist and it contains a wonderfully diverse selection of new magic and innovative methods. Whether it is through his useful moves or his wide array of...

Secrets Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Secrets
Book by Anthony Owen - $50.00

Anthony Owen was known as one of the most influential creators in the field of mentalism, and many of his original plots and effects are featured in the repertoires of the most famous and respected performers in the field. Mr. Owen was also acknowledged as an expert in the realm of television...

Voyages Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Voyages
Book by Luke Jermay - $60.00

The best compliment we can give Luke Jermay's superb Voyages (hardcover, 124 pages) is that the quality of the material in this brand new book is as good as anything Luke has ever released. What's perhaps most remarkable is that the entire book concerns just one method: the Marksman Deck. Released...

Less is More Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Less is More
Book by Benjamin Earl - From $50.00

"Benjamin Earl is one of the best cardmen around today. Less is More, is a bona fide winner! It gets my highest recommendation." Steve Forte "Ben has cleared a path for all of us to follow." David Williamson When Benjamin Earl takes a shuffled deck and cuts to the four Aces...