Piff The Magic Book (Volume 1)

By Piff The Magic Dragon
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Piff the Magic Book

A hilarious and intimate look at the life and secrets of the hardest-working dragon in magic. You’ve never read anything quite like Piff the Magic Book - Vol.1. It’s rare for a magician to give up such strong material, especially a working pro that still uses some of it in their act. But it’s even more rare when that magician is a Las Vegas superstar like Piff the Magic Dragon.

Who is Piff the Magic Dragon?

Following the massive popularity of his viral appearances on Fool Us and memorable run to the finals on America’s Got Talent, Piff has been hosting his own show in the Piff the Magic Dragon Theater at the famous Flamingo Hotel since 2015. (The same showroom that has also been home to Ella Fitzgerald, Gladys Knight, Tom Jones, Ray Charles, Wayne Newton, James Brown, and countless other icons).

The enviable career Piff has created from his on-screen appearances is no accident though. He’s the epitome of a true pro and has been endlessly committed to perfecting his craft since long before his mainstream fame. Piff is the only magic-dragon member of the prestigious Magic Circle in England and one of the youngest magicians to ever lecture there. He’s also one of the first people Penn & Teller call when they need help creating new routines.

What is Piff the Magic Book?

Piff the Magic Book gives you a first-hand look at Piff’s entire life in magic from how he became a magic dragon to how he landed a show in Las Vegas—including the most valuable routines that got him there. In total, Piff explains 10 of his favorite tricks in complete detail with help from one of magic’s premier authors John Lovick.

You’ll learn amazing routines like the Ring in Egg he did on America’s Got Talent: The Champions, as well as the famous signed card in dog food effect that earned him a Golden Buzzer from Neil Patrick Harris. The highlight for many magicians though will likely be “VDP”, the gradual transformation of one signed card into another that he credits for catapulting his career after performances on Fool Us and AGT.

This book is so much more valuable than just the magic secrets though. Even if you never perform any of the tricks taught, you will still walk away with a wealth of knowledge on how to be a better performer. Piff doesn’t just share the method but also the fascinating and outlandish stories and thought processes that brought them to life. Everything is perfectly captured in a more than 430-page gorgeous hardcover book accompanied by a profuse amount of stunning full-color photographs.

431 Pages | Hardcover | Full Color Photos | Ribbon Bookmark

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Piff the Magic Dragon

The Greatest Deluxe Edition Ever

The Deluxe Edition of Piff the Magic Book is one of the most ambitious and remarkable achievements in the history of Vanishing Inc. While we are always proud of our reputation as the producer of the finest magic books in the industry, this Deluxe Edition is on an entirely different level. This is undoubtedly going to be a centerpiece of any magic collection.

Each Piff the Magic Book Deluxe Edition comes with a scale replica Tacular just like the one Piff uses in his show. It unfolds into a display table and stand that holds the book plus a variety of other one-of-a-kind collectibles including a limited edition Piff coin and custom Piff the Magic Dragon Playing Cards. You’ll also get a specially-designed comic book that can be used for its own unique routine based on the classic magic coloring book principle.

Piff the Magic Dragon

Extremely limited edition release. Only 350 ever made. You'll get:

• Piff the Magic Book
• Scale Tacular
• Piff's Personal Pack
• Piff Coin
• Piff the Magic Cartoon book
• Shipped in a stunning Piff box

Whether you are looking for new material or just love magic dragons and shiny new books, there’s no magician that wouldn’t benefit from grabbing a copy of Piff the Magic Book. Get yours now exclusively at Vanishing Inc.

Tacular table for the Deluxe Version is for display only and should not be used for anything but storing and displaying the items it comes with. Improper use may cause damage. Vanishing Inc. is unable to fix or replace any Taculars that are damaged due to improper use.

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Piff the Magic Book Deluxe contents

Contents of Piff the Magic Book

  • Foreword (Penn Jillette)
  • Preface
  • How I Became Piff the Magic Dragon

Part One

  • Piff’s Triple-Reveal Dog Food
  • Camera Work for Dragons
  • How to Train Your Dragon Dog
  • The Cost of Jokes at the Expense of Others
  • Why Good Bits are Bad
  • Happy Birthday Mr Piffles
  • How I Make Great Things
  • Ring in Egg
  • Bill in Banana

Coffee Break

  • Dress for the Job You Want, Not the One You Have

Part Two

  • The Great Chicago Fire
  • David Copperfish
  • David Copperfish: The Extended Cut
  • Card Is Straw
  • Thing in a Thing in a Thing in a Thing in a Thing in a Thing in a Thing
  • Flap Cards
  • The Greatest Goddamn Motherfluffin’ Card Trick of All Time
  • Post-Show Meet and Greet
  • Acknowledgements

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Customer reviews for Piff The Magic Book (Volume 1)



This is a wonderful book. It's honest, funny, and teaches you what you need to do to become a great magician. Hard work and some luck. And more hard work. And talent. And a dragon suit. Piff and Lovick go into details of how Piff's tricks work. Much requires much preparation and that shows in the final product. If you've seen Piff live you'll see that it's up there with comedy magic legends like the Amazing Jonathan, Mac King, and Harry Anderson. Whatever it takes to achieve the vision is what Piff does. These tricks aren't pack flat, instant reset type of things. I can see many magicians saying, similar to Tommy Wonder's magic, that these things aren't "practical." Yet, of course, Tommy Wonder did the stuff in his books, so they hey were practical for him. Piff has done these tricks live, night after night, successfully. I think that's the lesson. Focus on your vision -- and work hard and iterate on making that happen. It's not easy and most things worth doing aren't. This is quite inspirational. It also shows me why I'd never hack it as a professional magician -- but perhaps this is something I could focus on for the few things I do. The writing in the book is excellent and much is funny. The footnotes are a hoot. There are even instructions to that teach you how to dance like a d***head. What else can you ask for? Some small negatives: The print on the cover of the book easily scratches off. There were a few pages stuck together -- peeling them apart ruined some of the goodness of this book.



To see a book publisher of any stripe these days is a minor miracle, and one can only ponder what perfect (pfffft?) storms of genius it took to design the ambitious deluxe edition. This is not a tough choice, people: Weird is good, Reptile Dysfunction is crazy good (YouTube, people) and the deluxe set is simply spec-tacular!

While I'm not a magician, I will echo the other reviewers who enjoyed journeying through Piff's creative process. It is harder to explain the excellent quality of the writing and editing, and humorous writing doesn't always come across with the same zing as jokes in a standup act. To such disappointed readers, I can only suggest, "Get over it." This magic dragon is funny as hell both on stage and in print, making this book an instant classic worth reading and re-reading. Those who do so are destined to demand a Vol. 2 encore, if only to fire up this top-notch dragon/VI project design team again. Make that VA team for value-added. Pfffttt!



This unfortunately is not a book for everyone. What this is is one man's journey to be recognised as a true magic individual. Some of the tricks many will gloss over but as Piff says use these as a starting point and adapt...isn't that what Magicians are meant to truly do. Is it the greatest book written...no...but it wasn't meant to. It shows how one has a belief in himself and found a niche for himself to perform the way he wants to. I doubt that many will want to know why this book has unleashed world shattering illusions...but again this book is about a performer that has endured and found a place in the world of magic...I purchased the collectable version and quiet frankly can't wait for V2...shoul it come out. Piff congratulations on a beautiful piece of writting and a great read as well as bearing you soul.



A very well written and funny book. A little hard to fallow, but I am very pleased with the magic in it. That said if you hope to perform any of this, be prepared to make some gimmicks...and possibly smuggle glue into America. Anyways great book well done Piff.



There have been several books in the last few years about standup magic, written by performers who are currently working. Nick Diffante, Morgan and West, Jon Armstrong (who is going to do a Masterclass in January!) and Piff. They are all worth it.

If you're interested in how to think about standup material, how much work you should put into making your routines work, how many revisions a successful performer goes through before the routine is finally pretty good, and more...then you want to read this book. It's funny, Piff is very honest about the amount of money and types of mistakes he made on the way, and you get to see how he structured his material. Also you can find lots of video of Piff on YouTube and several of these tricks are there in one form or another, so you can see how they play to real people.

The Loser of America's Got Talent is also The Hardest Working Dragon in Show Business! (Besides, all the other dragons in show biz got themselves killed.) Study what Piff does and think about your own stuff a lot more.

And read the other books I mentioned too...those guys are pretty good. None of them will stick their hand into a can of dog food on stage, but that's why Piff is Piff.



I love this book! Piff's humour is right up my street and he is always engaging. The book is important in showing just how hard magicians like Piff work for their success: the effort he puts into each of his effects is remarkable. I will never do any of these tricks - they are not at all my kind of magic, and I won't ever be doing a stage show in a big Las Vegas theatre - but it is revelatory to see the thinking behind them and how the original ideas have been improved and developed. Personally, I could have done without some of the large glossy colour pictures, but this is still my favourite, most enjoyable magic book of the year.



"Piff The Magic Book (Volume 1)" by the enchanting Piff the Magic Dragon is an absolute masterpiece that takes readers on an extraordinary journey into the world of magic and wonder.
I saved up my gold coins and grabbed one of the "Greatest Deluxe Edition Ever" (you can tell Hansom Jack edited the book!). There are only 350 of the Deluxe Editions (more on that later) but first about the book, it is nothing short of a treasure trove for both magic enthusiasts and those new to the art of prestidigitation. Piff, in his signature green dragon costume (not a costume), presents a work that is as entertaining as it is informative.

You’ll love Piff's whimsical storytelling style. He combines humor, wit, and a hint of mischief that makes reading each page an absolute delight. It's like having Piff himself in the room, scowling at you and sharing his magical secrets.
The book is brimming with stunning and mind-boggling magic tricks, each meticulously explained step by step. Piff's explanations are clear, concise, and accompanied by detailed illustrations, making even the most complex tricks accessible to readers of all skill levels. He tells you not to steal his act (that’s already been done a lot) but to use these tricks as a creative jumping-off point.
What truly sets this book apart is the way Piff infuses his unique personality into every page. His anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories about his life, Jade, and now THREE dogs add a personal touch that allows readers to connect with him on a deeper level. You'll feel like you're receiving a private lesson from one of the world's most renowned magicians.
But the magic doesn't stop there. The "Deluxe Edition" is a comprehensive guide to becoming a skilled magician with a whole lot more fun stuff. There’s a numbered certificate of authenticity, Piffs Personal Pack of Cards, a Piff Coin, a Cartoon Book, and the pièce de resistance – the Tacular!
The addition of the "Tacular" and the really cool packaging make this edition a true collector's item. Whether you're a seasoned magician or just starting out, the "Deluxe Edition" of "Piff The Magic Book (Volume 1)" is a magical treasure that you'll want to have in your collection. Don't miss the opportunity to own this extraordinary edition and take your magical journey to the next level. Do it, there are only 350 of these in the world. Grab yours and be part of the Piff the Magic Dragon Squad today!



The stories and illusions were great. The author and editor made sure the essence of Piff the Magic Dragon was captured well in print. The book's quality was superior to any other magic book I've read.

The only flaw I found was the excessive use of colored images showing the signed card trick. It took up about a third of the book and drove the production cost up by an estimated 30%. I would've preferred saving $15-$20 by looking at four pictures per page instead of viewing 133 full-color pages—a bit extravagant. Or, keep the $20 and include a digital soundtrack that plays the routine once you get to the right page—ahh, maybe still too extravagant.

The bottom line is that the book was worth getting.



The book is a true reflection of Piff. Not only is there magic included, but Piff's dry sense of humor is well represented throughout the book. A great read and a valuable addition to my bookshelf.



From the moment I laid my hands on the "Piff The Magic Book (Volume 1)" Deluxe Edition, I was spellbound! This isn't just a book; it's an immersive experience into the whimsical world of Piff the Magic Dragon. Every page radiates with Piff's unique charm, wit, and unparalleled magic prowess.

The Deluxe Edition is truly a collector's dream. The scale replica Tacular is a testament to the attention to detail and the love poured into this edition. It's not just a display piece but a conversation starter, capturing the essence of Piff's shows. The limited edition Piff coin, custom playing cards, and the specially-designed comic book add layers of value, making this edition a treasure trove of magical wonders.

Beyond the collectibles, the content of the book itself is pure gold. Piff's journey, his highs and lows, and the stories behind his iconic routines are narrated with such humor and heart that you feel like you're sitting down with the Magic Dragon himself, sharing a cup of tea and tales of magic. It is a celebration of magic, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of one of the most iconic performers of our time. It's an investment in joy, wonder, and a deeper appreciation of the art of magic. A must-have for every magic enthusiast!



I mean I just finished the story and to be honest that on its own give one so much. I didn’t know that his way up was so difficult even after fool us etc. even tho I do not think I will be a pro it still gives one a big inspiration to see that behind his success there was a lot a lot a lot of work.

I also like the approach of him sayin not to use his effects but to use it as a jump off.

Only down side for me is why do you plastic wrap the books? Is that entirely necessary? Extra amount of plastic wrap?



What a stunning book. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I am so pleasently surprised. Firstly the production quality of the book is stunning and perfectly hardbound with a clothlike cover. I have read the book cover to cover in a weekend and even though I won't perform most of the tricks the book is a pleasure to read due to thinking and personal anecdotes. There is much much more to learn in this book than tricks. Piff is so funny and the book is filled with humor. I can really recommend this especially if you consider becoming a pro. Get this!



This is a Beautiful book, this is a masterpiece.
The book is easy to read, has amazing pictures and the author takes you on a wimsical journey through his world.
I saw Piff a few times on tv and i had no idea so must though went into his tricks.
This is a masterclass in performance, prop building/craftmanshift, how to build a brand and what it takes to succeed in Vegas.
Piff is willing to go the lenghts to that most are not willing and he shows us what has made him successful, the hipe of the book launch was insane and i think that Vanishing inc is on a whole new level, this book is a must own, read it, learn from Piff and get inspired. this has been the best purchase i have made this year so far.



This book reminds me of Morgan and Wests book Parlour Tricks, which is one of my absolute favorite books. I’ll explain why below.

Like Parlour Tricks it is filled with fantastic magic that has been worked over and over again. Also like Parlour Tricks, you won’t do any of it, at least, not as it it, at least dear god you shouldn’t.

The tricks aren’t there for you to do as they are, don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably make a routine for that ring in egg, it’s too damned good. But the routines are really there to show you an in depth look at the creative process.

This book is filled with workers, but they’re Piffs workers. And that’s what the book it about, it’s about how to create your own workers, the hard lessons that you can avoid while getting there. And hopefully a bit of inspiration that the work is worth it.

This book has a lot of practical advice on how to build a show and a character worth performing. And it’s a fun read while you learn.



If you have dreamed of going professional (full or part-time) but, like me, fear the unknown, this book is a must. Get it, clear a morning to read pages 1 to 41 (but skip page 27). Then re-read them again, and again. These pages are worth the price of the book, whatever your goal is in magic.

Piff’s honest, raw, frank, and hilarious walk through of not just his magic career but also his life to date is pure gold to any aspiring performer (in magic or otherwise). It is rare for anyone to lay bare their journey and share: what it takes to achieve success; their highs and lows; to fail and to fall; and to get back up and persevere. We need to hear more of such journeys from other professionals to both inform and inspire us.

Does Piff share secrets of some of his well known routines and tricks? yes and in full. Yet the value is not in the tricks. The value is in Piff’s writings about how each performance piece was created, practices, reworked, rehearsed, performed, reworked again, and fine-tuned until each worked for him, his character, his show, and his audiences. His approach to creating his performance pieces and how you can learn from him is where the true value of Piff’s book.

If all you want is to learn how Piff’s tricks are done, this book gives you that. But I’d argue this book is not for you. Nor is this book for anyone with a hamster (or other animal or puppet) thinking of performing his pieces word for word (copying, imitating)*.

This book is written and shared with the authors intention of helping us to understand his journey and his approach so that we may learn and improve. Buy this book if that is your reason for doing so and you will not be disappointed.

PS: I hesitated to buy this book at Magic Live. Money was tight and life felt hard. I just received my copy after the online launch event and have not out the book down since it arrived. I wish I hadn’t dawdled.

*Note: the copyright page expressly denies your right to do perform Piff’s described routines (pieces) without Piff’s express permission. As Piff moderates in his Preface, he is okay with you using his performance pieces ‘as a starting point, build on them, and come up with your own routine tailored to your act.



I have been lucky enough to have received this AMAZING book and am enjoying every second. It is a fascinating look at the highs/lows and meteoric rise of a jobbing magician to a Vegas Headliner. His story sends shivers down the spine and every page is laced with humour which is laugh-out-loud funny. Will I perform any of the items in this book? No, it is tailor made by Piff for Piff. Will I learn stuff from this book? YES at every turn of the page. Hands up, I knew Piff before he even hatched. BUT this is a truly unique book which has been beautifully crafted by the VI team and it sits alongside other amazing VI publications on my bookshelf.
I wholeheartedly recommend this book. Get one before they are snapped up.



Around 120 pages was used just to show the performance of a trick. I'm pretty sure that is absolutely unnecessary. I hate fluff, like a bag of chips u pay for air. A lot of trash talking on being scared someone will steal the performance. Expensive and a lot of fluff. Still its Mr. Piff, also the letter peels or scratches of very easily. Some pages glue binding was coming off. The props I can't imagine being able to use most of it.



I'm sorry to say that this book did not live up to the hype--I found it very disappointing. I enjoy Piff's magic, but the book did nothing for me.

And the disclaimer that approval was needed in order to perform any of the tricks was phrased in a way that made it sound this might apply to any performance, recorded or not.


Community questions about Piff The Magic Book (Volume 1)

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  • Lisa asks: Will Piff or Mr Piffles be able to sign my book? I want it for anniversary gift for my aspiring magician husband PLEASE!!

    • 1. Jim answers: If you take the book when you go see Piff's show, he will be happy to sign it!
    • 2. Abby answers: The deluxe edition is signed (and numbered) by Piff.
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  • Wayne asks: Is there a link to watch the launch ? signed up but never received it. Appreciate it.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: https://youtube.com/live/0kRsApAbL2g
  • Xavier asks: Where can we access the download to the livestream

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you signed up ahead of time for it, it will be added to your account. If not, it's here: https://youtube.com/live/0kRsApAbL2g
  • David asks: Are the tacular plans in the book? Or would the deluxe need to be purchased to scale up the pieces used there? I'd like to build that as a stand for my busking table. Otherwise I can keep my instand customizations which are better in other ways

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The Tacular is explained but Piff requests that readers do not copy his design.
  • Gary asks: You're indicating this book as Volume 1. Is there going to be a Volume 2, and, if so, will the chest in the deluxe edition hold both volumes?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We can neither confirm nor deny a volume 2. However, the deluxe chest will only hold one book.
  • Charles asks: https://youtube.com/live/0kRsApAbL2g goes to video of AGT, not the live stream.

    • 1. Parker answers: NO
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  • Rich asks: Are both versions of the book the same? That is, is the version of the book that a person pays $350 for the same book as what the $70 book is? I hope my question is clear enough. Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The book is the same, with the Deluxe edition you receive a lot more goodies and extras, the $70 version is just the book alone
  • Abby asks: Got my Deluxe Edition very quickly. Neat! But I really don't quite get the Tacular. I'm sure I just need to be a little rougher with it, but I don't want to break it. Is there a guide to getting it operational?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you contact our customer support team, they will be thrilled to help! magic@vanishingincmagic.com
  • Stanley asks: I think I've missed something, does the book teach his original Fool Us act? (The card change)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes!
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