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Magic for larger crowds can be known as parlour magic, stage magic, platform magic, club magic or even cabaret magic. It's magic that plays well for larger crowds than a traditional close up show.

Vanishing Inc. Magic, we are on a special quest to find great magic suitable for large audiences. The best parlor magic involves the audience, and it packs flat for easy travel. We love magic on stage that resets easily, and can be seen by even large crowds.

Pirate Magic Trick
Pirate Magic
Trick by Daniel Diaz and Mago Flash - $45.00

A fun, exciting comedy magic prop that is perfect for children's magic shows. Daniel Diaz (aka Mago Flash) updates his bestselling "Mummy...

Wand to Sunflower Trick
Wand to Sunflower
Trick by Alan Wong - $55.00

A larger, more realistic version of the classic "Appearing Flower Wand" effect. "Wand to Sunflower" is big enough for...

The Thread of Life LITE Trick
The Thread of Life LITE
Trick by Wayne Dobson, Alan Wong and Axel Hecklau - $24.95

A professional, audience-proven Gypsy Thread routine from Wayne Dobson, in collaboration with Alan Wong. During his TV series A Kind of Magic, Wayne...

Six impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition) Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Six impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition)
Trick by Joshua Jay - $99.95

Watch the show, then learn the secrets. Due to popular demand, a new option is now available to get unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to Joshua...

Shot Glass Matrix Trick
Shot Glass Matrix
Trick by Bond Lee and Patricio Teran - $49.95

A unique twist on a classic of magic. "Shot Glass Matrix" by Patricio Teran takes the famous coin matrix plot and accomplishes it with...

Psi Bell Trick (pre-order)
Psi Bell
Trick (pre-order) by Secret Factory - $199.95

A stunning and elegant new approach to an iconic prop that any mentalism performer would be proud to own. "Psi Bell" is a remarkable new...

4D Box Trick
4D Box
Trick by Bond Lee - $120.00

A super powerful impossible location effect. "4D Box" by Bond Lee is a special nest of boxes that enables you to perform a truly magical,...

The Appearing Bottle Trick
The Appearing Bottle
Trick by George Iglesias and Twister Magic - $45.00

Make any bottle appear with this modernized classic from George Iglesias and Twister Magic. Based on the classic square circle illusion, George has...

Jumbo Double Cross Trick
Jumbo Double Cross
Trick by Magic Smith and Mark Southworth - $69.95

One of the bestselling close up magic tricks of all-time is now available in a jumbo version for stage and parlor magic performances. Everything...

Cardiographic Lite Trick
Cardiographic Lite
Trick by Martin Lewis and Magikraft Studios - $85.00

The classic jaw-dropping effect is now more portable and easier to use. "Cardiographic" by Martin Lewis is one of the most famous stage...

Cesaral Mental Frisbee Trick
Cesaral Mental Frisbee
Trick by PITATA Magic - $495.00

Transform the most uneventful portion of your show into an unforgettable highlight. Using a frisbee has been long one of the most common ways for...

Infinity Watch V3 Trick
Infinity Watch V3
Trick by Bluether Magic - $250.00

Predict or divine a thought-of time with 100% accuracy. New gold pocket watch version just added! The popularity of magic watches has grown...

Three Cards Monte Stand Trick
Three Cards Monte Stand
Trick by JEKI YOO - $45.00

One of Jeki Yoo's most popular and viral effects is now available worldwide, and you won't believe how easy it is to do! "Three Cards Monte...

Final Wooden Cups and Balls Set Trick
Final Wooden Cups and Balls Set
Trick by TCC Presents - $150.00

Wood has an innate attractiveness and is naturally visually appealing to the eye. It has a unique warmth and character that we love compared to the...

Itineris Trick
Trick by Luca Volpe, Alan Wong and RADEK HOFFMAN - $99.99

"Itineris" is an elegant and organic mentalism routine from Radek Hoffman where random decisions made by the participant will perfectly...

The Fox 2.0 Trick
The Fox 2.0
Trick by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong - $245.00

A complete one-hour stage mentalism show that fits in your pocket. Seem impossible? With "The Fox 2.0", this dream becomes a reality....

Plug it Trick
Plug it
Trick by Gustavo Raley - $39.95

"Plug It" by Gustavo Raley is a unique prediction effect for your parlor magic or mentalism show. A variety of different social networks...

Silk to Ball Complete Set Trick
Silk to Ball Complete Set
Trick by JL Magic - $79.95

A silk instantly changes into a ball right before their eyes. This professional version of "Silk to Ball" allows the silk to be handled...

Picture Consequences Trick
Picture Consequences
Trick by Joel Dickinson - $39.95

When a game becomes a miracle. "Picture Consequences" is a fun, vibrant and engaging routine for all ages that will leave everyone baffled....

Power Bank Trick
Power Bank
Trick by Crazy Jokers - $29.95

An organic and modern twist on the classic bank night plot using the one object people potentially care about more than money...their cell phone....

Super Wand Trick
Super Wand
Trick by Bond Lee, MS Magic and HZ Wang - $110.00

Tranpositions, shapeshifting, levitating. All these miracles are packed into one magic wand with "Super Wand" by HZ Wang. "Super...

Y-Wand Trick
Trick by Mr. Y and MS Magic - $39.95

An exciting color-changing wand effect and more from magic champion, Mr. Y. The "Y-Wand" is a special magic wand with a variety of...

4X4 Trick
Trick by Quique Marduk - $59.95

An envelope with a prediction is handed to a spectator to hold until the end of the routine. Four spectators then join the magician or mentalist on...

Super Lemon Trick
Super Lemon
Trick by Henry Harrius and Alex Ng - $65.00

Convince your audience they’ve been collectively hypnotized and make them question everything they know with “Super Lemon”, your new favorite...

Giant Appearing Straw Trick
Giant Appearing Straw
Trick by Roy Mobley - $34.95

Produce a giant 8ft straw from a bag with the "Giant Appearing Straw". This mind-bending illusion always gets a huge reaction. While it's...

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Stage and Parlor Magic

Today, more and more people that perform close up magic want to get into performing larger scale magic. That could be mentalism, card magic tricks, money magic, or classics like the linking rings. After people got a taste for virtual magic shows, now is the perfect time to take the step to performing magic tricks on a platform or stage. We’ve got magic books devoted to taking magic with playing cards and moving them to a stage. But here you’ll find magic created for a larger audience.

Stage Magic Aticles

We’ve written some articles on stage and parlor magic we hope you’ll find useful.