Magic by Joker Magic

Credit Card Holder Trick
Credit Card Holder
Trick by Joker Magic - 5.95

A fun accessory that allows you to pay by card...literally. This well-made holder is constructed from Bicycle cards. Slide your credit or debit card...

Giant Cube Illusion Trick
Giant Cube Illusion
Trick by Joker Magic - 185.00

Instant and Easy Illusion for parlor, even for Stage show. Magician shows an empty black jumbo box and a solid jumbo cube that has an orange...

Deckamorphosis Deck of cards
Deck of cards by Joker Magic - 44.95

A deck of cards transforms into any small object! The bestselling "Cell-Out/Phone From Deck" trick from Joker Magic gets new life as...

Transforming Cube Trick
Transforming Cube
Trick by Joker Magic - 120.00

The Transforming Cube from Joker Magic is a wonderfully made giant die production device. One cube with endless possibilities. The giant...

Magical Die Trick
Magical Die
Trick by Joker Magic - 75.00

The dots on a big die's sides change, then the whole die vanishes! The vanished die turns up in the magician's pocket.

Electric Deck Trick
Electric Deck
Trick by Joker Magic - 29.95

With this wonderful deck of cards you can instantly perform some great tricks no ordinary manipulators would be capable of. And you can do them...