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Money magic concerns anything with bills or coins. Coin magic is wildly popular, and with good reason. It has the emotional hook Vernon worked towards built in. Adults care about money, and kids love seeing it vanish and reappear. Here, you'll learn how to do coin tricks and other money magic.

We believe completely in the Tango Magic line of coin gimmicks because it's the perfect balance of very solid quality at a very reasonable price. Their coin gaffs open up possibilities that would not otherwise occur. If you're not into gaffs, you need to see Ben Earl's coin magic work. Stunning, real world worker material we know you're going to love.

Dr. Michael Rubinstein's Magnetic Coins Trick
Dr. Michael Rubinstein's Magnetic Coins
Trick by Michael Rubinstein - 39.95

A Magnetic Coins routine that doesn't use magnets! This simple, direct, and surreal effect will be one of your new go-tos. "I have seen...

Johnny Wong's Double Face Super Triple Coin Trick
Johnny Wong's Double Face Super Triple Coin
Trick by Johnny Wong - 99.95

2S1C Double Face Super Triple Coin is the latest work from Johnny Wong in recent years. It is also an upgraded version of Johnny Wong's Double Face...

N12 Trick
Trick by N2G - 64.95

Traditional Western currencies in coin magic usually only achieve the usual effects of transferring, disappearing, appearing and changing color....

Starheart presents Makta Trick
Starheart presents Makta
Trick by DooHwang and Starheart Presents - 99.95

An innovative utility device for the perfect coin magic! The Makta is a versatile utility gimmick that allows you to create a coin anywhere,...

The Coins Trick
The Coins
Trick by Jia Tianshi - 20.00

The Coins is a novelty packet trick created by JT Magic. It's a 'Coins Across' effect on cards. Four coins assemble one at a time, then they separate...

Jumbo Peace Dollar Trick
Jumbo Peace Dollar
Trick by N2G - 35.00

Peace coins not only is the coin collection of treasures, but also the magic show of the excellent weapon. And the use of the Peace Jumbo coin and...

CS Peace Dollar Trick
CS Peace Dollar
Trick by N2G - 59.95

Explore infinite possibilities and unleash your charm of magic! Peace Dollar is not only a treasure in the coin collection world, but also a great...

Mini Peace Dollar Trick
Mini Peace Dollar
Trick by N2G - 29.00

Peace coins is not only the coin collection of treasures, but also the magic show of the excellent weapon. And the use of the Peace Jumbo coin and...

Color Code Coin Purse Accessory
Color Code Coin Purse
Accessory by Murphy's Magic Supplies and Bob Kohler - 29.95

Choose your color and make your mark with "Color Code Coin Purses" by Bob Kohler. Produced by Murphy's Magic, "Color Code Coin...

S.E.M. (The Sun, The Earth, The Moon) Trick
S.E.M. (The Sun, The Earth, The Moon)
Trick by Michael Rubinstein - 324.95

A dazzling routine with special props that transforms the classic sun and moon effect (copper/silver transposition) into a stunning showpiece....

Translocation Trick
Trick by John Kennedy - 19.95

Since it was first created in the 1970s, John Kennedy's "Translocation" has been one of the most beloved coins across routines every...

The Coaster Trick
The Coaster
Trick by TCC Presents and Terry Chou - 34.95

A practical tool for easy coin-through-glass effects. Concealing a coin-through-cup gimmick in a coaster is not a new idea. But, most versions have...

Jumbo Morgan Dollar Trick
Jumbo Morgan Dollar
Trick by N2G - 34.95

Expertly crafted, premium quality replica "Jumbo Morgan Coin" by N2G. This "Jumbo Morgan Dollar" is the perfect accessory for all...

Mini Morgan Coin Accessory
Mini Morgan Coin
Accessory by N2G - 28.95

"Mini Morgan" by N2G is a miniature sized version of a replica Morgan Dollar. It allows you to add a touch of charm to any coin magic...

Kaifu Chips Trick
Kaifu Chips
Trick by Kaifu Wang and N2G - 39.95

This is new version of the ESP Kaifu's Chips makes the whole trick more mysterious. A magician shows six chips with different colors print on their...

Altair Trick
Trick by Handy Altan and Tiju Magic - 149.95

A remarkable gimmicked set that unlocks a variety of incredibly visual coin vanishes, transportations, penetrations and more. "Altair" by...

M Box (Luxury Set) Half Dollar Size Trick
M Box (Luxury Set) Half Dollar Size
Trick by TCC Presents and Jimmy Fan - 179.95

The M Box = Okito + Boston, a fusion, and re-creation of the classic. The Okito Coin Box has been a classic in the world of magic since its invention...

FlashTrix Trick
Trick by JL Magic and Lee Myung Joon - 299.95

Effortlessly elevate your magic with "FlashTrix". Featuring a built-in magnet and intricate black art possibilities, this the ultimate tool...

Cupcake Pro 2.0 Trick
Cupcake Pro 2.0
Trick by Bacon Magic - 29.95

"Cupcake Pro 2.0" cleverly combines all your favorite elements of the Chop Cup with a Slot Okito Box to unlock a a variety of unique and...

Buddha Box Shimmed Lid (Half Dollar) Accessory
Buddha Box Shimmed Lid (Half Dollar)
Accessory by Chazpro and Santa Magic - 39.95

A specially-designed shimmed lid created exclusively for the "Buddha Okito Box" or "Buddha Slot Box". This shimmed lid can...

Carneycopia Book
Book by Stephen Minch and John Carney - 59.95

A legendary book is FINALLY available again! If you want a perspective on how long this book has been out of print, just watch the trailer. We've...

Mysterious Plumber Trick
Mysterious Plumber
Trick by Daniel Diaz and Mago Flash - 29.95

A fresh and modern take on a coin magic classic. "Mysterious Plumber" by Daniel Diaz (aka Mago Flash) is a fun and unique take on a...

Vanishing Nickel Trick
Vanishing Nickel
Trick by John Cornelius - 24.95

If you could perform real magic, it would look like The "Vanishing Nickel" by John Cornelius. This easy-to-do close-up miracle has been...

LCC Trick
Trick by N2G - 65.00

Make three coins vanish in an unprecedented way with "LCC". Four different coins are held in your hand. Two silver Morgan coins, one...

Statue Vanish Trick
Statue Vanish
Trick by Roy Kueppers - $74.95 $63.75 (SAVE $11.20)

The most iconic illusion of all time is now available in an amazing close-up version. David Copperfield made history when he vanished the Statue of...

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Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass)
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No Sense
"No Sense" is a coin effect of the finest caliber. Not only is the magic...
Triad Coins
Imagine what it would look like if you could REALLY vanish coins into thin air. Then...
Exact Change
Just like the best tricks in magic, the effect is a simple one: a soon-to-be-stunned...
Candy Cash
This insanely visual trick was one of the most talked about effects at the 2020 Blackpool...
400 Lux (Download)
Causing your money to multiply is, perhaps, the most iconic...
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Money Magic

Money magic is the term for magic tricks using, well, money. Could be regular coins, gaffed coins or bills. Dai Vernon famously taught that good magic always has an emotional hook. And, you can’t get much stronger an emotional hook than money. You can get money magic that is good for close-up magic, stage or parlor magic, virtual magic shows and even mentalism. Making money appear or disappear using flash paper is always popular. If you perform mainly with playing cards then some coin tricks make a nice change. Coin magic is always a good start when you want to learn magic tricks and sleight of hand.