Dr. Michael Rubinstein's Magnetic Coins

Trick by Michael Rubinstein
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Dr. Michael Rubinstein's Magnetic Coins

39.95 usd

Trick by Michael Rubinstein (39.95)

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Dr. Michael Rubinstein's Magnetic Coins - magic
Dr. Michael Rubinstein's Magnetic Coins Dr. Michael Rubinstein's Magnetic Coins

A Magnetic Coins routine that doesn't use magnets! This simple, direct, and surreal effect will be one of your new go-tos.

"I have seen Michael fool knowledgeable magicians with his Magnetic Coins routine. The one simple technique taught to make any two coinlike objects seem magnetic is more than worth the asking price." Meir Yedid

Two ordinary half dollars are examined. With a quick rub on your sleeve, they magically become magnetic and are able to stick together. A little harder rub and now they're inseparable. Nobody is able to separate them. That is until you magically make the bond break (by either passing over a flame or even touching them with a "non magnetic" coin or key).

You end totally clean. Everything can be examined.

  • No difficult sleight of hand required
  • Carry it with you everywhere
  • Always ready to go
  • No table needed
  • Perfect for table-hopping and walkaround
  • Instantly repeatable
  • Completely examinable

You'll receive two normal half dollars, the special gimmick, and a complete video tutorial that teaches two handlings (including a fun comedic presentation). Get "Magnetic Coins" by Dr. Michael Rubinstein today!


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  • Diego asks: How is this different from Gregory Wilson's coinfusion (other than he uses 2 half dollars)?

    • 1. michael answers: Hi ! All linking coin routines are similar (coins stick together). Roth came up with the first one that I know of, back in 1981. This is a routine I first sold back in 1983, based on Roth's idea (when I sold this with a gimmick and booklet). The routine has gone through several changes over the years. You can see this current handling on my 2015 At the Table dvd/download, and a prior handling in my 2003 Coinvention notes and on my 2009 NYCMS vol 10 dvd/download. The snap move that Greg uses is the same one I originated, but his routining is different than mine. In 2010 Justin Wilson came out with a similar routine as well. I feel this handling is worth the price, the prop is well made, the coins can be examined before, during, and after the performance, and you finish clean. Also, Greg used quarters which now less people carry, and did a triple link. This is a more direct version, with a reason for the linkage. However, if you have and use Greg's routine you probably won't need this (unless you like the handling and want to use half dollars). Hope that answered your question. Best, Mike
    • 2. michael answers: Correction: in my answer I mentioned that Justin Wilson came out with a similar effect in 2010. It was actually Justin Miller.
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