Magic Conventions

Want to attand a magic convention? We organize two (The Session in London, UK and Magifest in the Ohio, USA), along with magic retreats, focussed workshops and other events:

The Session
The Session (London, UK)

Join us for The Session; our magic convention for serious close-up magicians. It's held in January right next to Heathrow airport; the most accessible airport in the world.

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Magifest (Ohio, USA)

Magifest is one of the oldest and most beloved magic conventions in the world. The tradition has been passed on to Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin who now organize and produce this historic magic convention. We have unrivalled late-night sessions, camaraderie, and midwestern charm, but upped the talent and production values. This event has shaped the lives of many of the great living magicians. We have an exclusive youth program, the best dealer’s room in magic, and cutting-edge talent.

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The Finest Magic Conventions in the World

We strongly believe we’ve worked out what makes a great magic convention. The right balance of amazing performers, brilliant lecturers, good dealers and to make sure there is enough hang time to session properly.

We all know that fantastic sessioning is what really makes a magic convention special. Normally our VIP guests will be right in the thick of it with you, until the early hours of the morning. But it’s not just about the VIPs. It’s about everyone. And we try to create atmospheres at the magic conventions we run that are inclusive. We strive to improve the vibe and feeling of sharing and learning that makes our magic conventions special. Join us at The Session - our London magic convention or Magifest in Ohio and see if you agree with the way we do things. We’re sure you will!

You'll also find the Vanishing Inc. team at events like MAGIC Live in Las Vegas, the FISM world championships, and the Blackpool Magic Convention in the UK.

What are Magic Conventions?

Magicians gather in various corners of the globe away from the public to hone their craft. There are close-up shows focusing on sleight-of-hand, as well as stage shows, lectures, talks, and workshops. What’s most amazing is that if your interests were rock music or cinema or comic books, it would be virtually impossible to meet your heroes. But in magic, it’s possible to attend a magic convention and actually talk with your heroes, or a world champion or a legend. We've put together a guide of what to expect at your first magic convention .

Are Young Magicians Welcome?

Young magicians are not just welcome, but encourage to attend our magic conventions and events. Read why young magicians are so important at our magic conventions and check our our scholarships too!

Magic Convention Guides

Blackpool Magic Convention - The Ultimate Guide

What Happens at a Magic Convention?

If your interest is card magic, you’ll find a ton of events in which world-class magicians teach their own work on card tricks. If you prefer stage magic, you’ll find clinics and events to help you in those areas as well. If you just like watching magic shows, we have plenty of those too! We've put together some tips of how to learn at a magic convention and listed our favorite conventions so you can see which one is best suited to you!

And don't forget to read about the most fun part: how to make the most of jamming at magic conventions

How are Vanishing Inc. events different?

It's simple: we produce the type of magic convention that we'd love to attend. Here's how we make our conventions work so well.

What is a Magic Retreat?

Imagine going on vacation with your favorite magicians and learning from them at the same time! A magic retreat is so much more than a magic convention - it's a paradise for magicians!