The Retreat - So Much More Than A Magic Convention

Two years ago we happened upon a rather transformative idea: a magic convention in “paradise.” We borrowed elements from the wellness retreat model, where people go to exotic locations to eat well, meditate, make friends, and practice their passion of yoga. We know what makes our magic conventions work so well, but could we pull off the same experience with magic?

The view

What is The Retreat?

Our first Retreat was held in Costa Rica in 2019, and it was a resounding success. It sold out in just three days, and we welcomed 42 magicians from around the world to a very special kind of gathering. All the events were held in yoga studios, and we ate our meals (healthy meals that were locally-sourced) community style in a mess hall. The events themselves were completely curated: classes on movement, stagecraft, and, of course, card tricks.

The idea of The Retreat is to mix magic AND cultural experiences. So each day began with a jungle walk or zip-lining or a visit to somewhere exotic. These visits, coupled with the magic, swimming, hot tub soaking and more...made The Retreat an UNFORGETTABLE magic convention. And jamming magic late into the night, of course.

What problem does The Retreat solve?

The problem with most magic conventions, as time goes on, is that they become too similar. No matter where they’re held, the events take place with roughly the same talent in roughly the same hotel ballroom with roughly the same food options. What if we could offer something different? Could it become one of our favorite magic conventions?

Here we keep the attendee number very low, which affords us the opportunity to do wonderful field trips, and offer hands-on events you can’t do with hundreds of people. The Magifest and The Session have their place--and they’re wonderful events, but The Retreat is the ultimate magic convention experience. It changes the way you learn at a magic convention.

The gang all together

Why did we pick the countries we picked?

Costa Rica was first. South Africa will be second. Italy will be third. Why did we choose these places? Quite simply, we choose places that WE would like to visit and take our team. It’s the same philosophy that governs Vanishing Inc.: we try to create the kind of magic shop and experience WE would like as magicians and consumers. And it’s the same with The Retreat.

relaxing in a hammock