Our Favorite Magic Conventions

So you want to go to a convention eh? Good for you. But there are many to choose from, and you should choose wisely. Magic conventions aren’t always cheap, and many are organized poorly. This guide will help you find the magic convention that is right for you.

The Session

Vanishing Inc. now organizes five main events, but it all started with The Session. This convention is a close-up convention, so it’s geared mostly toward card magicians and card tricks. You will of course find mentalism, parlor material, and coin tricks, too. In 2020 we brought over the idea of our Youth Scholarship so young people can attend regardless of their financial situation. Young magicians are important at our magic conventions we believe in supporting the future of magic.

Laura London at The Session convention

Magifest. Our Biggest Magic Convention

This is the largest annual magic convention in the United States. With over 1000 registrants and an 85 year history, we took over the organization of the Magifest ten years ago. This sensational event is still the most reasonably priced magic convention and the best value. A big stage gala show, panel discussions, a huge dealer room (where magic shops set up tables in a large room to sell merch) and much more. The famed lobby sessions at Magifest provide the perfect opportunity to learn at a magic convention.

Karl Hein at Magifest

The Event

The Event is a full day convention held in the UK for mentalists. The best mentalism performers from around the world join together. It’s curated by master mentalist Luke Jermay, and features cutting edge material for the mind reading entertainer.

Weber, Maven and Jermay at The Event

Mystery School & Vanishing Inc.

For two years running, Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin have collaborated with the Mystery School in Las Vegas to offer a small group of performers an exciting hands-on experience to raise their level. It’s called Breakthrough Magic and it sells out every year.

Andi teaching at Mystery School

The Retreat

This event sells out each year, and moves from location to location. Our first event was held in Costa Rica, and our second will be held in South Africa. If you’re looking to make friends in magic and improve your card tricks, coin tricks and more, this is the event for you. It's doing things differently, like The Retreat, that makes our magic conventions work so well.

The Retreat