Close-Up Pads For Magic

Close-up pads create a stage for your magic. They set the tone, the expectations and importantly the boundaries. From a basic low-budget mat to our exclusive partnership with Vorst and Bosch premium close-up pads, whatever your budget, we got you.

Custom close-up pads for magic set you head and shoulders above other magicians, but also, you might just want a knockabout mat for practising. Whatever you’re looking for, we have it. And if you can’t see what you’re looking for, please get in touch and we’ll source it for you.

Vorst & Bosch: our exclusive range of pads

We have worked closely with the Bosch family (furtinure makers for the British Royal Family) to produce the finest hard-backed close-up pads ever made. Customise your pad with laser engraving and many fabric, leather, and color choices.

V&B close-up pad for magicians
Deluxe close-up pad

A great range of inexpensive close-up pads:

Looking for an inexpensive practice pad? We have a great range of varying sizes and finishes.

Custom close-up pads

Is a close-up mat worth it?

Short answer, yes. From muffling the sound of dislodging a chopped ball during your cups and balls routine to providing you with a suitable surface to lay down a double for Vernon’s Slow Motion Aces a close-up pad for magic will give you what you need - and add a touch of class to your shows. Yes, you can spend hundreds or a few bucks. You do get what you pay for, as with everything in life. Our range of THING AND THING pads are the very best in the world. But maybe you just want something to sling in your backpack to save your deck from suds in the bar or soda at school? Whatever you’re looking for, we carry it.

Custom Close-Up Pads

To add that personal touch to your close-up magic, we offer a very wide range of customisable close up pads. You can pick the size, shape, color and finish of your pad. You can also have any text you wish embroidered onto the pad. We’ve got a builder for these on our customised close-up pads page, so play around with the different options here and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Design your own close-up pad