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If you want to perform magic, you’ll need some magic accessories. Accessories for magic tricks can range from magician’s wax to cardistry trainers. From close-up pads to smoke devices. If you cannot find which magic accessory you’re looking for, please contact us and one of our team of magicians will help you out.

Mis-Indexed Court Cards (Set of 12) Accessory
Mis-Indexed Court Cards (Set of 12)
Accessory by Steve Dela - 17.95

These "Mis-Indexed" court cards can be used for an amazing effect where a named card ends up matching the prediction of a single card in...

Elegant Close-up Pad Accessory
Elegant Close-up Pad
Accessory by TCC Presents - 79.95

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with "Elegant Close-up Pads" with velvet fabric by TCC. Expertly crafted through a meticulous three-step...

Replica Copper Morgan Double Face Coin Accessory
Replica Copper Morgan Double Face Coin
Accessory by N2G - 19.95

Premium double face coin from N2G. Designed to perfectly match their N Series line of products. One side is a Morgan face. The other side is a Copper...

Magic Wallet Universe Trick
Magic Wallet Universe
Trick by TCC Presents - From $19.95

A concept series containing three elegant, minimalist wallets and one all-around combo wallet designed to suit your specific needs. The wallets...

Incendio Trick
Trick by TCC Presents - 99.95

Create a burst of fire from a normal-looking Sharpie. Like a real-life Harry Potter, "Incendio" by TCC allows you to create fire with just...

Super Jumbo Chinese Coin Trick
Super Jumbo Chinese Coin
Trick by N2G - 54.95

One of the world's leading coin magic creators N2G brings you an amazing "Super Jumbo Chinese Coin" for all your favorite coin tricks....

Efesto Accessory
Accessory by CREATIVITY LAB - 29.95

Create a burst of fire whenever you want with this essential accessory for professional magicians and lovers of special effects. "Efesto"...

Flashpot Lighter Accessory
Flashpot Lighter
Accessory by CREATIVITY LAB - 24.95

Produce a burst of flames with this discreet flashpot flash device disguised as a lighter. "Flashpot Lighter" is a super quick and...

Normal Morgan Coin Trick
Normal Morgan Coin
Trick by N2G - 24.95

5 dollar-sized Morgan replica coins by N2G. Suitable for RBG 2.0, N3 (Morgan size), N4 (Morgan size) and copper coin STC.

Pen Writer Accessory
Pen Writer
Accessory by Vernet Magic - 19.95

A thumb tip writer with real ballpoint pen ink. This is a must-have for any mentalism performer or mind reader. "Pen Writer" is an...

Innocence Coin Trick
Innocence Coin
Trick by Black Roses Playing Cards - 11.95

Emblazoned on the face of the Innocence Coin is the enchanting Ace of Spades artwork sourced from the "Innocence Playing Cards"....

The Cowhide Coin Wallet Accessory
The Cowhide Coin Wallet
Accessory by Bacon Magic - 9.95

Coin wallet is an indispensable essential for every coin magician, providing a secure and comfortable haven for the coins that accompany you daily....

Sharper Pens Trick
Sharper Pens
Trick by Pop Haydn - 59.95

A powerful tool from Pop Haydn and School for Scoundrels. "Sharper Pens" is a must-have accessory for anyone performing The Shell Game....

Fireball Wand - The Magic Shooting Wizard's Wand Trick
Fireball Wand - The Magic Shooting Wizard's Wand
Trick by Xu Yu Juan - 69.95

Fantasy becomes a scorching reality with "Fireball Wand - The Magic Shooting Wizard's Wand". It's like Harry Potter's Incendio, but in real...

John Anders' Make It Easy Balls Trick
John Anders' Make It Easy Balls
Trick by Leo Smetsers and John Anders - 32.95

The ultimate silicone balls crafted exclusively for your Cups and Balls or three ball routines. These remarkable silicone balls brought to life by...

Tyvek Vertical Himber Envelopes Accessory
Tyvek Vertical Himber Envelopes
Accessory by Alan Wong - 34.95

The popular "Tyvek Himber Envelopes" are now available in a vertical version in either brown or black. Constructed of durable tyvek...

Vertical Tyvek Envelopes Accessory
Vertical Tyvek Envelopes
Accessory by Alan Wong - 12.95

Durable tyvek envelopes now available in a convenient vertical version. These vertical opening tyvek normal envelopes are the perfect utility item...

Replacement Coil Set for Haze Refill
Replacement Coil Set for Haze
Refill by Wonder Makers - 19.95

"Coil Replacement Set" created exclusively for "Haze" by Wonder Makers Comes with 10 coils Liquid Replacement...

N10 Refill Set Refill
N10 Refill Set
Refill by N2G - 34.95

Coin refill set (5 coins) for "N10" by N2G. These affordable refills allow you to give away the final fusion coins from "N10" as...

Normal Copper Coin Accessory
Normal Copper Coin
Accessory by N2G - 24.95

Five premium copper coins for a variety of effects. Designed by N2G and suitable for N3, N4 and Copper Coin STC.

Maverick Accessory
Accessory by Dee Christopher and The 1914 - 69.95

A stunning everyday carry pouch for the modern magician and mentalist from Dee Christopher and The 1914. Magicians and mentalists are always in...

Rubber Band Holder Accessory
Rubber Band Holder
Accessory by Hanson Chien - 19.95

Finally some love for rubber band magic. While playing cards have their case and coins have their purses, there's never really been a ton of great...

CardLaunch Accessory
Accessory by Artem Shchukin - 75.00

A revolutionary gimmick from Artem Shchukin’s FISM Award-winning act and the performance that earned him 4 yeses on America's Got Talent. Combining...

Cancel Trick
Trick by Muza Magic - 39.95

A tricky Sharpie that only you can take the top off of. Add a touch of comedy to all your favorite close up magic routines with...

Love Bandana V2 Accessory
Love Bandana V2
Accessory by Lee Alex - 64.95

Following the success of the original "Love Bandana", Lee Alex presents a bolder, brighter and more refined design with "The Love...

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Vanishing Inc. Close-Up Pad
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"Punching" cards is one of the most powerful weapons in the cheater's arsenal. Magicians...