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If you want to perform magic, you’ll need some magic accessories. Accessories for magic tricks can range from magician’s wax to cardistry trainers. From close-up pads to smoke devices. If you cannot find which magic accessory you’re looking for, please contact us and one of our team of magicians will help you out.

36in Flash Rice Silk Accessory
36in Flash Rice Silk
Accessory by Zanadu - $59.95

Words fail us in attempting to describe these multi-color silks to you! This is a dynamic Flash Silk that is immediately accepted as the unusual. The...

Sherpa Pens Puzzle
Sherpa Pens
Puzzle by Sherpa Pen Covers - $39.95

A custom-tailored suit, perfectly shined shoes, and a cheap plastic Sharpie. One of these things is not like the other. Your brand has many...

JPV Servant Trick
JPV Servant
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallarino - $99.95

A specially-designed playing card feeder and coin loader. "JPV Servant" is a devastating tool for any tabled close up magic or parlor magic...

RK Bands for Roy Kueppers Flipper Coins Refill
RK Bands for Roy Kueppers Flipper Coins
Refill by Roy Kueppers - $9.95

A breakthrough revolution in Flipper Coin bands. Anyone who has ever tried to remove a deteriorated band from the groove of a Flipper Coin...

RD Paper Bags (50 Pack) Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive RD Paper Bags (50 Pack)
Accessory by Henry Harrius - $25.00

These high quality paper bags are the perfect size for Henry Harrius' Cube in Bottle, and many other magic tricks too for that matter! Available in...

Cogni Trick
Trick by Ricardo Montoya - $35.00

Easily uncover the most hidden thoughts of your spectators with this versatile and organic tool that can be carried anywhere in your pocket....

Portable Magician's Table (w/ Adjustable Shelf) Accessory
Portable Magician's Table (w/ Adjustable Shelf)
Accessory by Luis Enrique Peralta - $120.00

"Portable" is a practical, durable and elegant table for magicians that collapses down and fits in nearly any briefcase or travel case....

Pro 4 Wallet Accessory
Pro 4 Wallet
Accessory by Gary James - $59.99

Four distinct outs, any of which can be produced from seemingly one singular compartment. Add in an envelope and double-faced cards, and the...

Multi Effect Net Trick
Multi Effect Net
Trick by Daniel Diaz - $79.95

Magically make objects appear within a butterfly net—a refreshing new take on some of your favorite classics of magic. You can make objects like...

Super Elastic Thread Accessory
Super Elastic Thread
Accessory by Magic Soul - $14.95

Super strong, super durable elastic thread. This specially-coated elastic Lycra thread can stretch up to 5x its size. It is longer and more durable...

Tyvek Playing Card Envelopes (10-pack | Brown) Accessory
Tyvek Playing Card Envelopes (10-pack | Brown)
Accessory by Alan Wong - $12.95

Durable Tyvek Card Envelopes. Playing card size. Super durable and offer a variety of uses. Designed to be used in conjuction with Tyvek Himber Card...

Sanibel Card Case Deck of cards
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Sanibel Card Case
Deck of cards by Eric Richardson - $74.95

An elegant and luxurious handmade playing card case that is a must for any sophisticated performer. Eric Richardson is a master crafter that has...

Magician's Choice Moisturizer Accessory
Magician's Choice Moisturizer
Accessory by Mercy Me Magic - Martin Mercy - $13.75

Magician's Choice is a skin moisturizer formulated specifically for magicians. Made only of natural, organic products with no chemical preservatives...

Packet Wallet Accessory
Packet Wallet
Accessory by Amor Magic - $14.95

A sleek, elegant and practical solution for carrying all your favorite packet tricks. For some magicians, the standard, cheap vinyl packet wallets...

Wooden Wand Pro Accessory
Wooden Wand Pro
Accessory by Bacon Magic and Harry He - $9.95

A gorgeous wooden wand reserved for the serious performer. "Wooden Wand Pro" is a premium magic wand constructed of gorgeous padauk and...

Traveling Dice Trick
Traveling Dice
Trick by Sorcier Magic - $19.95

Add a fun and surprising new layer to your gambling routines and dice magic routines with "Traveling Dice." Like coins across with dice....

Sleight Trainer Deck of cards
Sleight Trainer
Deck of cards by Hondo and Magic Soul - $40.00

Improve your sleight of hand with playing cards with "Sleight Trainer." These steel playing cards have been carefully constructed to...

Gimmick X Accessory
Gimmick X
Accessory by and David De-Val - $85.00

A versatile precision tool designed to open most handcuffs, leg irons, thumb cuffs and even tricky open-hinged cuffs. Designed by master escape...

Secret Device Accessory
Secret Device
Accessory by and David De-Val - $65.00

A secret device inspired directly by Houdini's favorite escape tool. Brought to you by master escape artist David De-Val, "Secret Device"...

Gambler's Ring Accessory
Gambler's Ring
Accessory by Bacon Magic - $15.00

Mark or peek a paying card with "Gambler's Ring". This is the ultimate utility accessory for any card magician or mentalist. It's a world...

Morgan Dollar Ring Accessory
Morgan Dollar Ring
Accessory by Skymember Presents - $25.00

Coin magic and ring magic come together to create one stunning and functional accessory designed with magicians in mind. This ring made from a...

Flash Gum Wrapper Accessory
Flash Gum Wrapper
Accessory by Eric Ross - $19.95

Flash paper that looks like a gum wrapper. This is one of the easiest and most organic ways to grab attention with any magic trick. "Flash Gum...

Luxury Close-Up Bag (Multiple Colors) Accessory
Luxury Close-Up Bag (Multiple Colors)
Accessory by TCC Presents - $45.00

The perfect solution for effectively storing and organizing all of your close-up magic. No more messy desktops or drawers. Neatly organize all of...

Spider Thread (2 Pack) Refill
Spider Thread (2 Pack)
Refill by Yigal Mesika - $14.95

Two "Spider Thread" spools featuring 40 feet of super-fine invisible thread designed specially for "Spider Pen X",...

Playing Card Collection (12 Deck Box or 6 Deck Box) Deck of cards
Playing Card Collection (12 Deck Box or 6 Deck Box)
Deck of cards by TCC Presents - $25.00

Can you ever REALLY have too many decks of cards? The answer is, of course, no. And, with the popularity of custom stylish playing cards growing...

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Pro Carrier Deluxe
Way back in 2000, a very young Joshua Jay designed and...
Himber Wallet (Brown)
Himber Wallets are incredibly useful and their simplicity...
"Punching" cards is one of the most powerful weapons in the cheater's arsenal. Magicians...