Pro Carrier Deluxe

Accessory by Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. Magic
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Pro Carrier Deluxe

34.99 usd

Accessory by Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. Magic ($34.99)

In stock. Order in the next 25 minutes and it will go out today!
Pro Carrier Deluxe - magic
Pro Carrier Deluxe Pro Carrier Deluxe Pro Carrier Deluxe Pro Carrier Deluxe Pro Carrier Deluxe Pro Carrier Deluxe

Way back in 2000, a very young Joshua Jay designed and released the Pro Carrier. It was the first of its kind, in a way: a quality leather case that held a pack of cards, coins, packet tricks, extra cards or items, and displayed your business card. It was and is a wildly popular item among working professionals. 

After 16 years, the Pro Carrier is getting its first major update. Fans and users of the Pro Carrier will be delighted with the design improvements. If you've never used the Pro Carrier, this item has the capability to transform your magic! This is not hyperbole. The Pro Carrier is designed to be carried with you at all times, and magicians who integrate the Pro Carrier into their life will ALWAYS have a forty-minute close-up show within arm's reach. Never again kick yourself for not carrying duplicate cards. No more regrets about that shell you wish you had, or the double-facer you forgot to bring. All your signature tricks in one place, always by your side.


  • Holds Two Decks, Four half dollars, 4 packet tricks, and business cards
  • Made of high quality leather
  • Includes clip for easy attachment to belt or briefcase
  • Fits in your pocket or stands upright on table

Design Improvements include:

  • Magnetic Flap: this used to be velcro
  • Iron Clamp: so you can flip it to a case or your belt; this used to be looped
  • Holds TWO decks: this is the biggest design improvement. Joshua decided that having a second deck would be a real asset, whether it be a memorized pack, Phantom Deck, or any other blockbuster ending. Now you can carry BOTH decks with you at all times


Community questions about Pro Carrier Deluxe

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  • Dave asks: Is there an easy way to remove the coin holder section with out damaging the rest of the carrier? This way you can carry more packet tricks if you don't do coins.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Great idea but sadly I don't think you can do this without damaging the rest of the carrier. I just checked my one and this would involve cutting it very precisely which I don't think can be done unfortunately!
  • Marco asks: Does this accessory come with a download video or trick ideas?

    • 1. Tony answers: Nope! it's just an accessory
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Customer reviews for Pro Carrier Deluxe



I loved the original Pro Carrier, but it was a bit small and cumbersome because it had to be threaded onto the belt. Also, if you had it fully loaded, it would not close well. I jury-rigged it to allow it to clip onto my belt, but it was still a bit small because it only allowed you to carry a deck of cards comfortably; otherwise, it would not close well. The new design is FANTASTIC. The quality of the leather is top notch. It can hold two decks of cards comfortably. I have a deck of cards in one slot. In the other slot designed for another deck of card, I put a coin purse with 4 halves and 4 dollars. AND I have a string for ring/string AND the props for matchbox penertration. AND Turbostick with a pen. I wrapped some rubber bands around the closing flap. I know that sounds stuffed, and it is ( I was really just trying to see how much I could get in there), BUT it all fits in there and IT CLOSES easily.
HIGHLY recommended.



I bought two of these and am pleased. I’ll likely buy a couple more. With planning, you can put together an entire strolling show using only one.



I have had my Pro Carrier Deluxe for a year now. I carry this thing everywhere. I carry two pocket card tricks, two trick decks, and 3 different coin routines! (including triad coins by Joshua Jay) It also holds my business cards in the front window display! Works great and amazing quality!! I HIGHLY recommend this!! Great for any magician for walk arounds, street magic, whatever wherever! Get yours asap!!



This is so much better than i expected this to be, the carrier is very well made, a strong magnetic locking system that flips over the front of the carrier were you can put your buisness card, or a gaff card, also it has a zip coin purse, and still more space with enough room for more gaff cards too, and a belt clip on the back, if you need this.



This is great and I use it to hold my EDC. In here I usually keep a deck in a stack, a gimmicked deck, and maybe some sort of phantom deck or Omni deck. In terms of the coin area, it is very thin and is good for the Triad Coins. This is great for busking and just bringing to a friend's house if you wanna perform some closeup.



This is super high quality. This is perfect for busking and just bringing some magic to a friend's house. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys doing street magic or who does a lot of traveling. This is also very comfortable for your pocket. It is slightly larger than a normal wallet.



This product oozes class. The original was nice, but a bit small. You can customise what you carry without taking up valuable pocket space. Look like a true pro with this carrier!
I have two deck of cards, one packet trick, and 4 coins with shell easily in this, without bulging open !
It keeps the props in great condition and is also great if you’re travelling and you don’t want to take a big close up case!
Well worth the money !



This thing is pretty cool!!! I was a bit hesitant at first, but it really does make things so much more convenient. I hold two decks, a couple coins and one packet trick. It really frees up some much needed pocket space for my larger strolling stuff. I’ll probably buy a second one just to have a backup.



So I've wanted one of these for a while. I'm kind of a "case nerd." Any kind of case, bag, box, container, etc. - I geek out on these kinds of things, so the idea of this really appealed to me.

I just have to say that when I opened the package I was NOT disappointed. It's exactly what they say - DELUXE!! This thing is nice. Genuine leather, so it feels good. Perfectly sized for two decks of cards, some coins, and a few extra cards. The magnet closure is great. The belt clip - well done - low profile, so if I don't clip it to my belt, it's not in the way. I love everything about this case. The only negative is that I only got one. I'm going to have to get a few more of these.

I got this for a specific trick that uses two decks of cards, and it will be perfect. The added coins and packet tricks that will also fit is just an added bonus. Thanks VI and Josh Jay for the perfect little case!!



Excellent -- for what it is. Your mileage may vary, but I find that this isn't the ideal "EDC" solution (as in, carry nothing else). What it's excellent at is *supplementing* your existing loadout, and getting a deck or two out of your pockets and into a compartment where they'll be better protected. Since it's not a holdout that I could quickly or stealthily remove an item from, I personally keep a few items in it in my business briefcase for when I am "challenged" in my day job. What I keep in it to give you ideas: In addition to a normal Bicycle deck, I also keep Leo Smester's collapsible chop cup (which is made to fit in a card box, so it's perfect), a "pinchful" of rubber bands, a single boot lace for ring and string, a Bic lighter and (in the zipper compartment) a prepared card for Counterfeit Hollingsworth. When upper management feels like showing me off while waiting for an important meeting to start, I put the PCD down on the table and feel like I look far more professional than I would using a camera case or other "close-up" solutions. Thumbs-up, recommended buy.



Loaded everything into it and it held everything really well but the clip didn't even last a day the carrier slid right off the clip and hit the floor and all I was doing was walking not even fast. I think I will put it in my case instead of making it my casual carry and just use my pockets like normal. It will at least make it a fast grab if I need to show something.



This is a great addition to your magic. I am not debating the quality here, because it looks excellent to me. So why not excellent as a total? Well, I would never use this on a professional gig (I am a pro and have been for over thirty years btw).
But..., I do use this two have it, filled to the brim, in my car. That way I can, if an emergency arises, always immediatly go into a close-up routine. Two decks, each stacked of course for specific tricks to begin with, some tricked coins, a few rubber bands, business cards, some extra gimmicks to perform Anniversary Waltz and a packet trick.
I used to have a deck of cards lying around in my car so I could perform a trick or two anytime, but this is so much better!!
For a professional gig this can be put to good use but it just does not suit my style, I prefer my High Caliber Holster.



This is a very nice product! I use mine pretty much every day and have been for 9 month. It's still holding up very nicely and it still look as good as new. I love that you can just clip it on to your belt. With my other model I always felt like i terrorist.

The downside is that it is a bit front heavy so that it takes up more physical space it had to. I carry a I deck, a z-wallet with cards and recharmed I'm sure. So it's not overloaded.

Other than that im very happy. The open and close mechanism is slick and sweet!



Good, could be much better. I think it is easier to just spell out the cons. The coin purse area is too small and rigid. Very hard to get coins out. The packet trick holder can only fit 4 cards. Not very useful. The lid does not close properly, if ANYTHING more than 2 decks are in it, in fact I think this thing is really only usable with 2 decks or 1 deck plus other things. Don't believe the description, will not hold as much as it claims



I love the new and improved version of the Carrier. (I also own one of the "old" version.) However, I have a suggestion for – perhaps – version 3: How about making it so that it holds two decks side-by-side instead of one outside the other? That way it doesn't become as bulky as it can be with two decks and a few packet tricks as well? Also, with all the stuff I just mentioned in it, the closing strap still doesn't quite close the case. Keep at it, though. I like the way you're thinking.

Pro Carrier Deluxe by Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. Magic