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At Vanishing Inc. Magic we love the genre called close-up magic. Think David Blaine, Dynamo, and any magic you've seen up close, right under your nose - magic with cards and coins. But, lots of magic can fall into close up magic: card tricks, coin tricks, even the oldest trick in the world, a cups and balls routine.

There is no question, for us, that a miracle witnessed up close and with interaction is always stronger than some stage illusion seen from a great distance. That's why the focus on our business is close-up magic tricks.

If you're new to magic, our co-founder Joshua Jay literally "wrote the book" on close-up magic for beginners: Magic: The Complete Course.

Dicey Dots Trick (pre-order)
Dicey Dots
Trick (pre-order) by Daryl and Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - $14.95

Daryl's legendary effect is finally available again for modern performers. "Dicey Dots" is one of the easiest ways to get huge reactions...

The Thread of Life LITE Trick
The Thread of Life LITE
Trick by Wayne Dobson, Alan Wong and Axel Hecklau - $24.95

A professional, audience-proven Gypsy Thread routine from Wayne Dobson, in collaboration with Alan Wong. During his TV series A Kind of Magic, Wayne...

LS Dice Trick
LS Dice
Trick by Leo Smetsers and Holland Tricks - $49.95

Two identical dice. One totally normal, the other painstakingly gaffed by hand. Together, they make a powerful combo. When you first get your...

Shot Glass Matrix Trick
Shot Glass Matrix
Trick by Bond Lee and Patricio Teran - $49.95

A unique twist on a classic of magic. "Shot Glass Matrix" by Patricio Teran takes the famous coin matrix plot and accomplishes it with...

First Class Trick
First Class
Trick by Spooky Nyman - $24.95

A stunning piece of EDC mentalism you can carry in your pocket. Predict a freely-chosen country with “First Class” by Spooky Nyman, a practical...

Lucky Lotto Trick
Lucky Lotto
Trick by Craig Petty - $39.95

A powerful EDC using scratch-off lotto tickets. “Lucky Lotto” by Craig Petty is bound to find a permanent home in your wallet. Direct from Craig’s...

Lumos Trick
Trick by Hanson Chien and Nemo Liu - $39.95

A surprising flash device you can use with your mouth! The magical light concept popularized by D'Lites gets a unique new twist with...

Dusty Trick
Trick by Rian Lehman - $11.95

A fun, unique and logical way to launch into your favorite sponge balls routine. While we love sponge ball magic and think it's some of the...

Colorscope Trick
Trick by Hanson Chien and Perl Lee Han - $29.95

A personal and meaningful mind-reading effect you can carry with you everywhere. "Colorscope" by Hanson Chien allows you to provide simple...

Flick Pad Trick
Flick Pad
Trick by Tejinaya, Syouma, Lumos and Shouma - $85.00

Instantly and visually change a picture or word with a simple Flick! "Flick Pad" is a versatile utility. It's a great way to reveal or...

Appearing Glass Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Appearing Glass
Trick by Steve Thompson - $39.95

A revolutionary new way to produce a full glass of liquid in a totally impossible way. This innovative method allows your audience to both see and...

Star Draws Trick
Star Draws
Trick by Matthew Wright and Jamie Williams - $39.95

Simple and powerful magic and mentalism from the creative minds of Matthew Wright and Jamie Williams. Your participant freely selects any crayon...

VOX Trick
Trick by David Jonathan - $24.95

Transform Siri into your secret accomplice with this mind-blowing fusion of magic and technology from David Jonathan (the co-creator of former Trick...

PITATA VibRing Trick
Trick by PITATA - $99.95

An electronic magic ring with endless telekinesis possibilities from PITATA, the premiere manufacturer of magic technology. The magic nut and bolt...

Crunch Trick
Trick by Kelvin Chad - $24.95

A unique and organic impossible location effect you'll want to take with you everywhere. "Crunch" by Kelvin Chow is a coin-thru-snack bag...

SLiP Trick
Trick by DooHwang - $65.00

Harness the power of psychokinesis anytime you want with this practical and powerful gimmick. Now available in white! "SLiP" is a small...

Go Nuts Trick (pre-order)
Go Nuts
Trick (pre-order) by Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd - $49.95

An incredible and impossible nest of boxes for close up magic. Instantly load a ring, inside a walnut, inside a Kinder egg, inside an orange, inside...

Portable Servante Accessory
Portable Servante
Accessory by Bacon Magic - $19.95

A versatile storage solution for table-hopping and walkaround magic. When performing close up magic or street magic, it's often difficult to carry...

Gravity Band Magic download (video)
Gravity Band
Magic download (video) by ARNEL L. RENEGADO - $9.95

A hyper-visual, gravity-defying rubber band effect. "Gravity Band" is an amazing close up magic effect that you'll love building and...

Water Spirit Trick
Water Spirit
Trick by TCC Presents and Peng Kai - $19.95

A fresh and novel way to reveal a prediction. "Water Spirit" by Peng Kai and TCC is a clean, direct revelation that looks like real magic....

N9 Trick
Trick by N2G - $59.95

A hyper-visual and practical coin effect. “N9” is an incredible coin magic set brought to you by N2G in collaboration with Vanishing Inc. A Chinese...

Infinity Watch V3 Trick
Infinity Watch V3
Trick by Bluether Magic - $250.00

Predict or divine a thought-of time with 100% accuracy. New gold pocket watch version just added! The popularity of magic watches has grown...

Untrammelled Classic Ball and Vase Trick
Untrammelled Classic Ball and Vase
Trick by TCC Presents and Wonder House - $150.00

Untrammelled is a tribute to the timeless Ball & Vase that was fully funded on kickstarter in less than 10 minutes and ended with nearly 1700%...

Magic Matchstick Trick
Magic Matchstick
Trick by TCC Presents - $59.95

Penetrate a matchstick through the solid brass block, with this modern take on a beloved classic by TCC. "Magic Matchstick" by TCC is a...

Forcing Casino Dice Set Trick
Forcing Casino Dice Set
Trick by Alan Wong - $38.95

Force any number between 1 and 6 with this special set featuring 8 professional quality forcing dice and 10 amazing routines to get the most out of...

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Close-Up Magic

Close-up magic is the most popular type of magic in the world. It's easy to see why. You can understand why. Everyone can learn how to do it, you do not need any special space or equipment to do it and you can always have a deck of playing cards in your pocket ready to go at a moments notice.

We've put together some useful articles on close-up magic we think you'll enjoy reading.