Magic by Axel Vergnaud

Room 66 Trick
Room 66
Trick by Magic Dream, Dylan Sausset, Axel Vergnaud and Yoan Tanuji - 34.95

A devastating peek tool that fits on your key ring. So harmless and universal, nobody will ever suspect a thing. "What a versatile and...

Visual-Struck Trick
Trick by Axel Vergnaud - 34.95

A powerful tool for easily creating amazing visual magic. "Visual-Struck" by Axel Vergnaud is a cleverly-designed notepad that allows you...

Transparency Trick
Trick by Axel Vergnaud and Alexis Touchard - From $17.50 - normally $34.95

Multiple super visual routines from Alexis Touchard and Axel Vergnaud. "Transparency" is a totally unique gimmick that allows you to...

B Clear Trick
B Clear
Trick by Magic Dream, Axel Vergnaud and Alexis Touchard - 39.95

Impossibly turn a BIC® light into a fully transparent lighter with endless possibilities. "This is an amazing application with so many uses...

ADbox Trick
Trick by Dylan Sausset and Axel Vergnaud - 44.95

A devious card-to-box style tool redesigned for all types of close-up magic and mentalism. "ADbox" by Axel Vergnaud and Dylan Sausset...

Etna Trick
Trick by Magic Dream, Sebastian Calbry and Axel Vergnaud - 35.00

A visual penetration effect you can carry in your pocket. The "Cigarette Through Quarter" or "Cigarette Through Anything" is a...

Meta-Morph Trick
Trick by Axel Vergnaud - 29.50

Four stunning visual changes, with one card. This is the definition of magical eye candy. "Axel has created a stunning visual effect that...

Greek Fire Trick
Greek Fire
Trick by Vernet Magic and Axel Vergnaud - 34.95

Six extremely visual close-up miracles with a mini Bic lighter. "Greek Fire" by Axel Vergnaud is a complete professional set that's perfect...

Visual Pen Trick
Visual Pen
Trick by Axel Vergnaud - 40.00

Visually vanish or transform Sharpie right in front of their eyes. "Visual Pen" by Axel Vergnaud is a super visual and easy to do effect...

The Present Trick
The Present
Trick by Dylan Sausset and Axel Vergnaud - 49.95

An impossible location and prediction box wrapped up into one beautiful package. "The Present" is a durable, 3D-printed box that allows...