Trick by Axel Vergnaud and Alexis Touchard
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Trick by Axel Vergnaud and Alexis Touchard (34.95)

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Transparency - magic
Transparency Transparency Transparency Transparency Transparency Transparency

Multiple super visual routines from Alexis Touchard and Axel Vergnaud.

"Transparency" is a totally unique gimmick that allows you to amplify many of your favorite card tricks. You'll learn three powerful routines that are good for both in-person close up magic shows and online magic videos. All of them are easy to do!

Routine 1

The spectator selects a playing card that is then lost in the deck. You then ask them to imagine themselves ripping off a corner and throwing it in the air. As they do, you reach out and "grab" the corner and place it on the chip.

But, nobody can see inside the chip. So, you wave your hand over it, making it completely transparent with nothing but the corner of the card stuck inside. The deck is then spread to show that the chosen card is now missing a corner.

Routine 2

A card is selected, signed and lost in the deck. You then place the poker chip on their hand and riffle the deck. Impossibly, the chip becomes transparent in their hand. The color didn't just vanish though. It changed places. The deck is spread to show one card has the imagery of the poker chip printed on the back. It's turned face up to show it's their signed card.

As an extra kicker, you then return the colored design back to the poker chip. The card is flipped again to show the poker image is no longer on the back of their signed card.

Routine 3

You hit the poker chip with the face of a playing card. Instantly, the poker chip becomes clear and its color is now on the card. A fast visual effect that is great for social media videos.


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