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Get the inside scoop from the Vanishing Inc. team, creators, and convention stars with our magic postcast, The Insider. The emphasis of The Insider is on short, punchy interviews, with the magicians you know and love - each one lasts less than thirty minutes, but is packed with exclusive, informative content.

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Caroline Ravn

This week there's a viking on the line. Caroline Ravn.

Jamy Ian Swiss

Historian, skeptic, writer and magician Jamy Ian Swiss ducks out of Magifest to talk to us for half an hour.

Brad Henderson

Brad Henderson. Magician. Mentalist. Hypnotist. And, most importantly, thinker.

Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen chats with us about his graphic novel, how to put on a magic show in your own home town and, of course, lasagne.

Steve Faulkner

Steve Faulkner talks about what's important in a magic review show, how to deal with haters online and his Desert Island Tricks.

Rob Zabrecky

He's creepy and he's kooky, mysterious and spooky, he's altogether ooky... It's Rob Zabrecky.

Andi Gladwin

Vanishing Inc.'s own Andi Gladwin talks about Edward G. Brown.

John Guastaferro

This week’s episode of The Insider features a fascinating chat with John Guastaferro about marketing and magic, business and magic, music and magic and, of course, magic.