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Get the inside scoop from the Vanishing Inc. team, creators, and convention stars with our magic postcast, The Insider. The emphasis of The Insider is on short, punchy interviews, with the magicians you know and love - each one lasts less than thirty minutes, but is packed with exclusive, informative content.

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In this week's episode, we chat with DMC about his hit series Death By Magic on Netflix, how he feels about the internet's claims on his reliance on actors, how his own brand of cards came about and his early days as a jobbing close-up magician.

Marc Kerstein

He's worked with Blaine, Brown, Troy and others. He makes the best iOS apps. And, he's really really nice. Listen to this short chat with Marc and find out about his views on piracy, borrowing his ideas, challenging customer service and The Session.

John Archer

A festive and happy John Archer chats with us his Christmas organisational skills, Fool Us, comedy, touring with Tim Vine, his soon to be released Collared 2.0 and his love of The Session. And some strange beeping.

Morgan & West

Messrs Morgan and West take time out of their busy schedule to chat with me about character, scripting, children's magic, Decoded and why The Session is their favourite convention. Do me a favour, please leave a review of the podcast or tell a magician friend about it. It would mean a lot.