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Welcome to The Insider, Vanishing Inc.’s magical podcast. Every week, we interview magicians you know and love. Each episode is 30 minutes, so we cut straight to the chase and give you just the interesting and important magic chat. Read more

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Vinny DePonto

Vinny and I chat about mentalism, meaning, magic and more.

Roberto Mansilla

If you've ever wanted to, or already do, perform card magic in a parlor environment, this is required listening.

Siegfried Tieber

He's appeared on Fool Us not once, but twice. Please make yourself comfortable for a chat with the amazing Siegfried Tieber!

Homemade Trickery

This week's episode is a bit different and is introducing you to a new, interactive podcast series.

Jamy Ian Swiss (Part 2)

And we're back for round 2 of our exclusive interview with Jamy Ian Swiss on all things skeptical...

Jamy Ian Swiss (Part 1)

Jamy Ian Swiss is back for his second appearance on the show. We talk about all things skeptical...

Steve Thompson & Will Houstoun

A special episode of the show with Steven Thompson and Will Houstoun talking about their amazing Video Chat Magic project that has contributions from Jim Steinmeyer, Max Maven, Richard Wiseman, Larry Fong and many others.

Carisa Hendrix Part 2

Part 2 of our interview with Carisa Hendrix where we talk about Lucy Darling's first ever time on stage, material selection, and more.