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Welcome to The Insider, Vanishing Inc.’s magical podcast. Every week, we interview magicians you know and love. Each episode is 30 minutes, so we cut straight to the chase and give you just the interesting and important magic chat. Read more

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Teller - Full Video Interview

What? An hour long video interview with Teller? Oh yes please!

Teller (Part 2)

Part 2 of our interview with Teller. Listen now.

Teller (Part One)

We were lucky enough to spend time with Teller on this week's episode of The Insider. Enjoy.

Ricky Smith

He hardly ever gives interviews, but we managed to get one out of him. Underground card legend, Ricky Smith.

Tina Lenert

The incredible Andy Kaufman used to use today's guest to practise his characters in public. She's become one of the most loved staged magicians in the world. Hear about Tina Lenert's story now.

Ben Harris

Not seen in magic for about ten years, this is the first interview in, well, a very long time with the amazing Ben Harris.

Piff The Magic Dragon (Part Two)

Part 2 of our interview with Piff The Magic Dragon. It's Piff. That's all you need to know.

Piff The Magic Dragon (Part One)

I can't even begin to summarize what happens. It's Piff. It's chaos. It's hilarious. Listen now.