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Welcome to The Insider, Vanishing Inc.’s magical podcast. Every week, we interview magicians you know and love. Each episode is 30 minutes, so we cut straight to the chase and give you just the interesting and important magic chat. Read more

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Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson is a real proper underground card and coin guy. Well, he was. Then he decided he was going to publish a magic book.

Nikola Arkane

Listen to the very smart Nikola Arkane talk about her worst gig, structure in magic, the use of music and her first week at the Castle.

Avner The Eccentric

This is a fascinating episode, featuring the incredible Avner The Eccentric. I guarantee you will learn something about how to improve your show.

Wolfgang Moser

Today's guest shares with us what you do when you get 4 weeks notice to appear on Fool Us and his process for creating unique magic.

Michel Huot

Let's pull our "Socks' up and get on with this "Priceless" episode of the show.

Ian Kendall

He's tall. He's Scottish. He's performed at Edinburgh Fringe for 28 consecutive years and never lost money. You'll learn something in today's show...

Eric LeClerc

Eric LeClerc. YouTube, TV shows, bad magicians and more.

Short PSA

Just a very short PSA...