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Sphere Playing Cards Deck of cards
Sphere Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Magic Encarta - $15.00

Inspired by the traditional art form of moulding multi-colored lac bangles using heat, compression and rolling techniques, Magic Encarta and Vivek Singhi are proud to present Sphere Playing Cards. Sphere Playing Cards are an embodiment of minimalism, elegance and originality that will make you...

Bicycle Beekeeper Playing Cards Deck of cards
Bicycle Beekeeper Playing Cards
Deck of cards by - $9.99

Limited Edition Playing Cards from Will Roya. Only 1,000 ever made. This themed limited edition Bicycle deck of cards features art by Artur Rajch. Bicycle Beekeeper Playing Cards make a great gift for the Bee lover in your life or any card collector that appreciates gorgeous and unique designs....

Wallet (by Nicholas Lawrence) Trick (pre-order)
Wallet (by Nicholas Lawrence)
Trick (pre-order) by Nicholas Lawrence and Abstract Effects - $40.00

This innovative and deceptive utility device from the wildly creative mind of Nicholas Lawrence is like the Swiss Army Knife of magic wallets. Constructed with high-quality leather, this super sleek wallet looks nothing like a magic prop. No spectator will ever expect that a powerful secret lies...

Flash Torn Magic download (video)
Flash Torn
Magic download (video) by ARNEL L. RENEGADO - $9.95

A ripped card visually restores itself with a quick shake. Flash Torn is a fun and innovative take on the Torn and Restored plot that you'll want to download and start learning right away. This unique gimmick uses NO Thread and NO Magnets. It's incredibly easy to use and is amazingly visual. Get...

Virtuoso P1 Playing Cards (Limited Edition) Deck of cards (pre-order)
Virtuoso P1 Playing Cards (Limited Edition)
Deck of cards (pre-order) by The Virts - $22.00

We can't believe it... Virts are back and we've been granted access to a portion of their EXTREMELY LIMITED stock! Right now, Virtuoso is keeping many of the details under lock and key. The photos you see are all we have so far, but more are expected to be released as time goes on. This is the...

Deluxe Spring Flowers Trick
Deluxe Spring Flowers
Trick by Alan Wong - $15.00

A beautiful and flashy production that takes place at your fingertips. Deluxe Spring Flowers are perfect for stage magic or children's show magicians! Each unit is handmade with a hand-sewn genuine leather spring flower holder and 8 gorgeously vibrant cotton tissue flowers. Each high-quality...

Tic Tac Toe X Trick
Tic Tac Toe X
Trick by Lee Jah Bond - $499.95

Due to overwhelming customer demand following the launch of Tic Tac Toe Pro, Lee Jah Bond is thrilled to introduce the professional-quality Tic Tac Toe X. Tic Tac Toe X is a fantastic way to end your mentalism show. The final prediction can be customized to feature everything from a message to a...

Memo Card Trick (pre-order)
Memo Card
Trick (pre-order) by Sultan Orazaly and Skymember Presents - $24.95

Visual card magic unlike anything we've ever seen before. Memo Card from Sultan Orazaly and Skymember Presents takes manipulating ink routines to unbelievable new heights. Some our favorite effects include: Self-Folding Origami Animated Ink Drawing Color Changing Memo Note (or Sticky Note) Torn...

Metal Reel Pouring Streamer Pack Trick
Metal Reel Pouring Streamer Pack
Trick by JL Magic - $15.00

Metal Reel Pouring is a shiny metallic ribbon throw streamer pack that makes for a great finale to any show. Perfect for kids show or stage magic performers. These ribbons are cost-effective and easily fly up to 5 meters (16.5 feet). Comes with 15 streamer packs Beautiful long ribbons are tightly...

The Vault - A Card Merely Thought Of (ACMTO) Magic download (video)
The Vault - A Card Merely Thought Of (ACMTO)
Magic download (video) by Molim El Barch - $20.00

"If you want to perform direct mind reading - you'll love this!" The Other Brothers "I will use this for the rest of my life on a regular basis!" Daryl van Horne "This is diabolical! What real mind reading should look like." Shaun Robison A Card Merely Thought Of...

Silver Edition Star Wars Playing Cards Deck of cards (pre-order)
Silver Edition Star Wars Playing Cards
Deck of cards (pre-order) by theory11 - $9.95

Star Wars Playing Cards are back and better than ever with a special Silver Edition collectable version. Both of these gorgeous decks of cards come in a special embossed card box infused with striking silver foiling. The Silver Edition Light Side box uses a remarkable blend of clear reflective...

Triple Tango Ultimate Coin - Tricolor (Copper Coin/Eisenhower Dollar/Chinese Coin) Gimmicked coin
Triple Tango Ultimate Coin - Tricolor (Copper Coin/Eisenhower Dollar/Chinese Coin)
Gimmicked coin by Tango Magic - $100.00

Three one dollar size coins in just one coin. The award-winning Tango TUC is now available in a Copper Coin, Eisenhower Dollar and Chinese Coin tricolor version. Produce and vanish coins with ease. The Tango Triple Ultimate Coin was the recipient of the FISM Invention Prize and is a classic in the...

Sharpie thru Quarter Gimmicked coin
Sharpie thru Quarter
Gimmicked coin by Tango Magic - $40.00

A modern and more easily accessible take on the classic Cigarette Thru Coin. Sharpie Thru Coin is made of the highest quality materials by Tango Magic. You'll receive a full tutorial on the handling. NOTE: You do not receive a sharpie with your purchase. Only the coin.

BCA Green Playing Cards Deck of cards
BCA Green Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Best Cardist Alive - From $12.00

A limited edition deck of cards from Best Cardist Alive celebrating 2019 Cardistry-Con Champion Lars Mayrand. Only 2,500 decks ever made. Available as single decks or half-bricks (6 decks). 54 gorgeous casino-style playing cards Printed with a vibrant green color on USPCC's premium crushed...

Dancers Thumbs Trick
Dancers Thumbs
Trick by Hugo Valenzuela and Magical Universe - $50.00

From two-time FISM Winner Hugo Valenzuela comes the incredibly fun, unique and visual Dancers Thumbs. This delightful effect begins by pasting different colors or shapes on your left and right thumbs, and then selecting some upbeat music on your phone. Your jacket is then removed and shown fairly...

Jumbo Tyvek Comedy Card Trick
Jumbo Tyvek Comedy Card
Trick by Alan Wong - $25.00

From the creative mind of Alan Wong, comes a super commercial three-phase comedy prediction routine that packs flat and plays HUGE. This versatile trick is the perfect addition to the arsenal of any stage magician or parlor magician. It can be used to open your show, transition into intermission or...

Double Agent Trick (pre-order)
Double Agent
Trick (pre-order) by Blaise Serra - $24.95

Is it time to retire your trusty Invisible Deck? There is no way this is possible. Just watch the video and you'll see for yourself. This just can't be possible....but it is. Blaise Serra bursts onto the scene with Double Agent, an advanced and innovative new approach to card magic. Don't let his...

Genii Magazine - August 2020 Magazine
Genii Magazine - August 2020
Magazine by Genii Magazine - $6.15

Genii the Conjuror's MagazineVOLUME 83ISSUE 8August 2020 FEATURES: The Road to Michael Carbonaro Live!: Coming of Age on Stage by Carl Mercurio Video Chat Magic by Dr. Will Houstoun and Steve Thompson COLUMNS Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman In Memoriam: Louis Falanga by Jim Sisti In Memoriam:...

Osmosilk Trick
Trick by Quique Marduk - $25.00

A remarkably visual and spellbinding "Silk Through Glass" effect that is sure to leave a lasting impression on every audience. With Osmosilk, a regular silk visually penetrates the solid bottom of a borrowed glass. Your spectators will actually be able to see the EXACT moment when the...

The Compartment Magic download (video)
The Compartment
Magic download (video) by Mayank Shekhar - $10.00

Vanish an object with NO sleight of hand. NO Magnets. NO Threads. NO Palming. The Compartment is as easy and fair as it gets. This truly looks and feels like real magic. Simply cover an object with a playing card, snap your fingers, remove the playing card and it's completely disappeared. You can...

Magic from My Heart DVD or download
Magic from My Heart
DVD or download by Juan Tamariz - $150.00

Now available as an instant download or DVD! Juan Tamariz is, perhaps, the finest living magician. You know that. He releases material very, very infrequently, and when he does, it's always essential to have and watch or read. We are DELIGHTED that there are now FIVE discs of Juan's material....

Kane's Variant Book
Kane's Variant
Book by Kaymar Magic Company UK - $19.95

For the first time ever, Peter Kane's amazing material is being re-released for all modern magicians to enjoy. Kane's Variant is a an incredible 20-page booklet filled with a variety of original routines based on a truly baffling principle that you're going to love using. In the demo video above,...

Dream Box Trick (pre-order)
Dream Box
Trick (pre-order) by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - $39.95

A surreal prediction effect with a PRINTED reveal that will leave your audiences guessing. With Dream Box, you start by handing out a special credential badge before the trick begins. You then have members of the audience create a unique and unforgettable "experience" by selecting various...

Verbal Magic Book
Verbal Magic
Book by Juan Tamariz - $50.00

Our entire team just spent the last week fooling ourselves... Well, actually, the master himself Juan Tamariz has been fooling us through the pages of Verbal Magic—a collection of amazing magic tricks performed by Tamariz on the radio that take place in the spectator’s hands. (We’d take a strong...

Magic Skeleton Playing Cards Deck of cards
Magic Skeleton Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Xu Yu Juan - $12.00

Fellas, time to get your bones crackin' and body movin'! The Magic Skeleton is here to get you up and have some fun! The Magic Skeleton Playing Cards is designed by Bocopo Playing Card Co. and printed by USPCC. From the tuck case to the decks, the Magic Skeleton will definitely put a smile on your...

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