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At Vanishing Inc. Magic., we take great pride in regularly improving our selection to ensure you always have access to all of the latest and greatest magic tricks—from sensational new effects to re-released classics.

Scroll down to see all of our favorite new magic tricks, or view a complete list of our newest magic tricks, magic books and, of course, magic downloads. Nearly every item has a video demo and, if you have any questions, we're always here to help!

Virtuoso P1 Limited Edition Playing Cards Deck of cards (pre-order)
Virtuoso P1 Limited Edition Playing Cards
Deck of cards (pre-order) by The Virts - $22.00

We are so excited to announce that we are getting this amazing deck, but only a small limited amount. With that Virtuoso allowed us to pre-order our stock that we will be receiving! Although this deck isn't supposed to ship until December 2020/January 2021, we know these will sell out long before...

Triple Tango Ultimate Coin - Tricolor (Copper Coin/Eisenhower Dollar/Chinese Coin) Gimmicked coin
Triple Tango Ultimate Coin - Tricolor (Copper Coin/Eisenhower Dollar/Chinese Coin)
Gimmicked coin by Tango Magic - $100.00

Three one dollar size coins in just one coin. The award-winning Tango TUC is now available in a Copper Coin, Eisenhower Dollar and Chinese Coin tricolor version. Produce and vanish coins with ease. The Tango Triple Ultimate Coin was the recipient of the FISM Invention Prize and is a classic in the...

Sharpie thru Quarter Trick
Sharpie thru Quarter
Trick by Tango Magic - $40.00

A modern and more easily accessible take on the classic Cigarette Thru Coin. Sharpie Thru Coin is made of the highest quality materials by Tango Magic. You'll receive a full tutorial on the handling. NOTE: You do not receive a sharpie with your purchase. Only the coin.

BCA Green Playing Cards Deck of cards
BCA Green Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Best Cardist Alive - From $12.00

A limited edition deck of cards from Best Cardist Alive celebrating 2019 Cardistry-Con Champion Lars Mayrand. Only 2,500 decks ever made. Available as single decks or half-bricks (6 decks). 54 gorgeous casino-style playing cards Printed with a vibrant green color on USPCC's premium crushed...

Dancers Thumbs Trick
Dancers Thumbs
Trick by Hugo Valenzuela and Magical Universe - $50.00

From two-time FISM Winner Hugo Valenzuela comes the incredibly fun, unique and visual Dancers Thumbs. This delightful effect begins by pasting different colors or shapes on your left and right thumbs, and then selecting some upbeat music on your phone. Your jacket is then removed and shown fairly...

Jumbo Tyvek Comedy Card Trick
Jumbo Tyvek Comedy Card
Trick by Alan Wong - $25.00

From the creative mind of Alan Wong, comes a super commercial three-phase comedy prediction routine that packs flat and plays HUGE. This versatile trick is the perfect addition to the arsenal of any stage magician or parlor magician. It can be used to open your show, transition into intermission or...

Double Agent Trick (pre-order)
Double Agent
Trick (pre-order) by Blaise Serra - $24.95

Is it time to retire your trusty Invisible Deck? There is no way this is possible. Just watch the video and you'll see for yourself. This just can't be possible....but it is. Blaise Serra bursts onto the scene with Double Agent, an advanced and innovative new approach to card magic. Don't let his...

Genii Magazine - August 2020 Magazine
Genii Magazine - August 2020
Magazine by Genii Magazine - $6.15

Genii the Conjuror's MagazineVOLUME 83ISSUE 8August 2020 FEATURES: The Road to Michael Carbonaro Live!: Coming of Age on Stage by Carl Mercurio Video Chat Magic by Dr. Will Houstoun and Steve Thompson COLUMNS Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman In Memoriam: Louis Falanga by Jim Sisti In Memoriam:...

Osmosilk Trick
Trick by Quique Marduk - $25.00

A remarkably visual and spellbinding "Silk Through Glass" effect that is sure to leave a lasting impression on every audience. With Osmosilk, a regular silk visually penetrates the solid bottom of a borrowed glass. Your spectators will actually be able to see the EXACT moment when the...

The Compartment Magic download (video)
The Compartment
Magic download (video) by Mayank Shekhar - $10.00

Vanish an object with NO sleight of hand. NO Magnets. NO Threads. NO Palming. The Compartment is as easy and fair as it gets. This truly looks and feels like real magic. Simply cover an object with a playing card, snap your fingers, remove the playing card and it's completely disappeared. You can...

Kane's Variant Book
Kane's Variant
Book by Kaymar Magic Company UK - $19.95

For the first time ever, Peter Kane's amazing material is being re-released for all modern magicians to enjoy. Kane's Variant is a an incredible 20-page booklet filled with a variety of original routines based on a truly baffling principle that you're going to love using. In the demo video above,...

Dream Box Trick (pre-order)
Dream Box
Trick (pre-order) by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - $39.95

A surreal prediction effect with a PRINTED reveal that will leave your audiences guessing. With Dream Box, you start by handing out a special credential badge before the trick begins. You then have members of the audience create a unique and unforgettable "experience" by selecting various...

Verbal Magic Book
Verbal Magic
Book by Juan Tamariz - $50.00

Our entire team just spent the last week fooling ourselves... Well, actually, the master himself Juan Tamariz has been fooling us through the pages of Verbal Magic—a collection of amazing magic tricks performed by Tamariz on the radio that take place in the spectator’s hands. (We’d take a strong...

Magic Skeleton Playing Cards Deck of cards
Magic Skeleton Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Xu Yu Juan - $12.00

Fellas, time to get your bones crackin' and body movin'! The Magic Skeleton is here to get you up and have some fun! The Magic Skeleton Playing Cards is designed by Bocopo Playing Card Co. and printed by USPCC. From the tuck case to the decks, the Magic Skeleton will definitely put a smile on your...

Soundboards Midnight Edition Playing Cards Deck of cards
Soundboards Midnight Edition Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Riffle Shuffle - $12.95

Limited to 2500 Decks. Soundboard Playing Cards were first produced by Patrick Varnavas in 2014 and then released in 2015. With the first edition printed blue and the second edition printed red, we are now introducing the newest edition - The Soundboard Midnight Edition. The Soundboard deck was...

Philtre V3 Playing Cards Deck of cards
Philtre V3 Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Riffle Shuffle - $10.00

Following the footsteps of our previous Philtre Playing Cards, we are back with a fresh edition of Philtre - Green Philtre. Created by PH, the Green Philtre fits into his style of performing outlandish visual magic or as an everyday carry. Manufactured by USPCC with Bee Casino Quality, Crushed...

Psy-Key-Nesis Trick
Trick by Jimmy Strange Magic - $49.95

A new take on the key bend that you can bring with you wherever you go. Be ready to showcase the impossible at a moment's notice! Psy-Key-Nesis is a high-quality prop that's self-contained and resets instantly. It's super durable and incredibly easy to use. Everyone from street magicians to...

False Anchors 2 Playing Cards Deck of cards (pre-order)
False Anchors 2 Playing Cards
Deck of cards (pre-order) by Ryan Schlutz - $9.95

Ryan Schlutz is back with the second iteration of False Anchors Playing Cards. The brand new nautical back design pays homage to the classic Bicycle style, giving the cards a familiar feeling from the first time you use them. The Ace of Spades and matching Jokers have also been customized, giving...

David Williamson: Masterclass: Live Live lecture
Vanishing Inc. exclusive David Williamson: Masterclass: Live
Live lecture by David Williamson - $75.00

David Williamson is the IDEAL Masterclass instructor because he is an expert in so many aspects of magic. He is, quite simply, a living legend, and someone who very rarely teaches in the detailed fashion we've established with our Masterclass series. Onstage, he's larger than life, and has toured...

Easel Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Luis Alberto Zavaleta Lores - $8.00

Easel is a super visual and unique card reveal with a nice artistic touch! This is a great trick for social media or virtual magic shows. A spectator selects a card without anyone seeing it. You then produce a prediction card that has an easel on the back. This card is signed on both sides by the...

Resigned to Miracles Book
Resigned to Miracles
Book by Peter Gröning - $39.95

"You can live without this book. But if you study and use the commercial effect described in it, you will have added a gem to your repertoire." Roberto Giobbi "Perhaps the real miracle here is that Gröning has managed to keep such a brilliant idea secret for almost forty...

P-Case (Parallel Case) Trick
P-Case (Parallel Case)
Trick by Silver Wing and Carpenter Wong - $39.95

Endless applications are possible with the versatile P-Case from Silver Wing & Carpenter Wong. The P-Case forms a parallel space within a card box that gives you access to a parallel universe filled with a variety of new possibilities. While the potential of the P-Case is nearly limitless, here...

Hot Lite Ignition Sharpie Accessory
Hot Lite Ignition Sharpie
Accessory by Lee Jah Bond - $59.95

Infuse an unforgettable visual moment into any close-up magic effect with Hot Lite. From prediction reveals to signed card transformations, object appearances, and everything in between, the Hot Lite Ignition Sharpie allows you enhance every magic trick with a visual spark. Hot Lite is an upgraded...

MusiClowns Trick
Trick by CLIMAX - $165.00

A delightful guessing-game style routine that will keep children engaged and excited! MusiClowns features 3 identical clowns with trumpets. It proceeds like a Monte routine where the children have to follow which one is making noise. The included routine will have children laughing as they...

Dots-Man (Automatic) Trick
Dots-Man (Automatic)
Trick by Marcos Cruz - $29.95

Combining the legendary Pac-Man video game with the classic Multiplying Dots effect, Marcos Cruz has created an innovative new take on an popular children's magic trick that every kid show performer is going to want to add to their set! Dots-Man (Automatic) allows you to perform this routine...

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