Magic by JT

Ultimate Invisible Palm Trick
Ultimate Invisible Palm
Trick by Harry G and JT - 29.95

One of the easiest and cleanest versions of the classic "Invisible Palm" routine you'll ever see (or, technically, not see)....

Ultimate Out of This World Trick
Ultimate Out of This World
Trick by JT and Jia Tianshi - 39.95

The ultimate version of the iconic "Out of This World" plot. Super easy to do and your participants can even deal the cards themselves....

Parlour Collector Trick
Parlour Collector
Trick by Bocopo Playing Cards Company and JT - 39.95

Parlour Collector, created by JT, is the ultimate version of the classic Collectors Plot. 4 Aces are displayed and put inside a wine glass. 3 cards...

Knotted Necklace Trick
Knotted Necklace
Trick by JT and Jia Tianshi - 34.95

A novel and amazing "knots off necklace" effect that's easy to do and can even happen in their hands! You make three knots with your...