Ultimate Out of This World

Trick by JT and Jia Tianshi
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Ultimate Out of This World

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Trick by JT and Jia Tianshi (39.95)

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Ultimate Out of This World - magic
Ultimate Out of This World Ultimate Out of This World

The ultimate version of the iconic "Out of This World" plot. Super easy to do and your participants can even deal the cards themselves.

"Ultimate Out of This World" by JT (Jia Tianshi) is easy to do and offers many advantages when compared to other versions.

Two indicator cards (1 red/1 black) are removed from a shuffled deck. Your helpers are then asked to guess the color of the cards in your hand. If they say red, it goes in the red pile. If they say black, it goes in the black pile. In the end, it's shown that they perfectly guessed every card. It really is that direct.

Key Advantages of "Ultimate Out of This World"

  • Spectator can deal the cards themselves
  • Simple, direct and clean routining that looks like real magic
  • Extremely easy to do
  • No difficult sleight of hand
  • Even beginners can perform it

"Ultimate Out of This World" comes ready to go in either red or blue.


Customer reviews for Ultimate Out of This World


Laura Bautista

OH MY! Super smart! The solution that JT Magic has found to get the ULTIMATE OOTW is simply brilliant. I don't know why it hadn't occurred to me before. It's simple, clean, easy, and yet foolproof. I have done the OOTW with different techniques and in all of them there is always something suspicious in the eyes of the most curious viewers. I am delighted with this alternative.
NB. Spectators will NOT be able to inspect the cards once the routine is over. These are gimmicked cards.


Community questions about Ultimate Out of This World

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  • Jeff asks: Is the handing shown in the demo “true,” or is it a simulation of what the spectator will experience? The final horizontal spread appears too good to be true based on the method that seems to be implied. The method of flipping the two piles also appears too good to be true. It feels as if the video was made to deceive magicians into thinking the method is different from what it is. Or am I totally off base?

    • 1. Jim answers: It is true.
    • 2. Jeff answers: I checked with someone who owns this, and the truth is that the trailer is deceptive. The trailer does not show the routine using the gimmicked cards. It shows a simulation of what the effect looks like, but key elements of the trailer are different from the handling with the gimmicked cards provided. The horizontal spread does not look as natural as it does in the trailer.
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