Ultimate Vanishing Bottle

Trick by Henry Harrius and Nielsen Magic
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Ultimate Vanishing Bottle

74.95 usd

Trick by Henry Harrius and Nielsen Magic (74.95)

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Ultimate Vanishing Bottle - magic
Ultimate Vanishing Bottle Ultimate Vanishing Bottle Ultimate Vanishing Bottle

Two magic powerhouses join forces to present one of the best versions of an all-time classic.

For decades, Nielsen bottles were the gold standard for “The Vanishing Bottle”. They were used by countless pros around the world before being unfortunately discontinued due to key manufacturers closing down.

As the effect was still immensely popular though, Henry Harrius set out to find a solution for modern performers. He finally cracked the code in 2022 with his bestselling effect “Refilled”, which was released with full permission from Nielsen Magic. It uses a Corona beer bottle and is considered by many to be one of the best vanishing bottles ever made.

It wasn’t just the exceptional quality of the bottle that made “Refilled'' so popular though. Henry also developed a unique routine that added new layers of deception. The audience could now feel, and even hear, the bottle before it was magically refilled.

Since then, magicians have been clamoring for a non-alcoholic version that they could use when beer wasn’t appropriate. This led to a partnership between Henry Harrius and Nielsen to create a line of the highest quality “Vanishing Bottles” the magic community has ever seen.

Their first collaboration is the “Ultimate Vanishing Bottle”, an incredible new take on the “Vanishing Coke Bottle”. This professional quality prop is constructed of the same premium materials as “Refilled”. It looks identical to Mexican Coke Bottles, which are immediately recognizable and are way easier to find in grocery stores and bodegas than the shorter American-style bottles Nielsen once used.

The “Ultimate Vanishing Bottle” by Henry Harrius and Nielsen Magic is one of the easiest ways to amaze an audience of any size or age. This easy-to-do parlor or stage routine is bursting with comedy and magic that can be accomplished without any sleight of hand required. It’s unbelievably realistic, especially when you add in the amazing BONUS convincer gimmick that allows to produce sound from the bottle before putting it in the bag, which is ONLY available to those who purchase from Vanishing Inc.

You receive the bottle, wooden bottle opener, enough stickers for upwards of 100 performances, special "bonus" convincer gimmick, and full instructions.


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Community questions about Ultimate Vanishing Bottle

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  • Anthony asks: Hi just wondering is the label a cling on one like on all of my newer Bud lights

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The label is vinyl
  • Filip asks: How does this work for EU markets? Will it look fishy or is the bottle very similar looking to what we find here in Europe?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The bottle is based on the "Mexican Coke" bottles that you can find in most convenience stores all over the world.
  • James asks: What does the bonus convincer allow you to do please?

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    • Mark asks: Is the sticker required? I've never seen a Coke (tm) bottle around here with a sticker on it. Also: any hints on what the "bonus" item might be?

      • 1. John answers: Mexican Coke bottles almost always have the sticker. But if you don’t want to use it, it is a separate sticker from the Coke label and you can leave it off.
      • 2. Chad answers: The bottle will Vanish with or without the sticker. It is only for matching it to a bottle that doesn't vanish. Here in the US, Coke changed to this logo on its bottles and the previous tricks like this do not match.
      • 3. Raymond answers: So I picked this up when Hennry released it at blackpool and bud grabbed one for me I just received it yesterday. The bottle is a Mexico style coke from everything I have read and what I've seen henrry say before as well
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    • Robert asks: Are the full coke bottles difficult to find?

      • 1. Roel answers: I’ve never seen Coco Cola bottles i Europe, only Coca Cola…
      • 2. Dan answers: These are readily available in the US at Costco
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    • Chad asks: Are you going to make refill stickers available? 100 performances in the big picture is great but not enough. Nielsen bottles last forever. I would be buying refill packs immediately upfront because something this good and unique is rare. Plus who knows when that pesky jerk attorney who works for Heinz will decide to "help" Coke.

      • 1. Marlin answers: Chad, how on earth are you getting 50 coke labels from a single sheet? Do you use any special kind of paper to print on?
      • 2. Chad answers: Just a suggestion, it's very easy to print your own labels for single use. I have this and just scanned a regular coke label (non Mexican) printing out 50 to a sheet.
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    • Michael asks: I'm glad they finally made this, but if the real Coke bottles, like the one in the picture, are green, why didn't they make this the same color? Sure it might fly over the heads of spectators, but why not make it as realistic as possible? Or is this too hard to make that way?

      • 1. Michael answers: Raymond, I think the answer you posted here is for one of the other questions.
      • 2. Chan Henry Ling Yan (creator) responds: It depends on which area you are at. Some areas have it completely transparent. Also if you are performing Refilled, it also works from transparent to slight green. Because it’s not noticable when the bottle is filled with Coke.
      • 1. Michael answers: Raymond, I think the answer you posted here is for one of the other questions.
      • 3. Raymond answers: They are Mexico style coke bottles. I did a search on Amazon you can find cases of them.
    • Ken asks: Are additional labels going to be available for purchase? (the Coco Cola label and the white lable)

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: In the future.
    • Gary asks: I am very "un"skilled when it comes to magic, I have a few of my favorites that I use and they are almost exclusively for kids. We have the Mexican Coke Bottles here all the time. My question is what level of difficulty is this for someone with very little talent?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Zero skill. If you can crumple a paper bag, you can do it.
    • Robert asks: I’m assuming the logo here “coco”-cola is to avoid a trademark infringement. So are the stickers intended to be switched onto regular Mexican “coca”-cola bottles so they match?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Henry doesn't switch when he does it. No one notices the "coco".
    • Jeffrey asks: When are the refills available for purchase?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Very soon!
    • Andrew asks: My question was removed for some reason and no one reached out to me through email either. Will you be selling the extra sound maker separately?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not at this time
    • Eric asks: Hi. I am wondering if my Vanishing Coke Bottle will have a green tint or should I be looking for an untinted clear Coke bottle to match it? Thank you. Eric.

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It will not have a green tint. The gimmicked bottle is clear.
    • Eddie asks: I've searched Amazon, ebay, and many online places for "CLEAR" mexican bottles. Everyone is Green!!! Where do you find clear ones???

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You could try a local convenience store but because the bottle is full at the end, the audiences will not notice the color change.
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