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At Vanishing Inc. Magic., we take great pride in regularly improving our selection to ensure you always have access to all of the latest and greatest magic tricks—from sensational new effects to re-released classics.

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Psy-Key-Nesis Trick
Trick by Jimmy Strange Magic - $49.95

A new take on the key bend that you can bring with you wherever you go. Be ready to showcase the impossible at a moment's notice! Psy-Key-Nesis is a...

False Anchors 2 Playing Cards Deck of cards
False Anchors 2 Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Ryan Schlutz - $9.95

Ryan Schlutz is back with the second iteration of False Anchors Playing Cards. The brand new nautical back design pays homage to the classic Bicycle...

David Williamson: Masterclass: Live Live lecture
Vanishing Inc. exclusive David Williamson: Masterclass: Live
Live lecture by David Williamson - $75.00

David Williamson is the IDEAL Masterclass instructor because he is an expert in so many aspects of magic. He is, quite simply, a living legend, and...

Easel Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Luis Alberto Zavaleta Lores - $8.00

Easel is a super visual and unique card reveal with a nice artistic touch! This is a great trick for social media or virtual magic shows. A...

Resigned to Miracles Book
Resigned to Miracles
Book by Peter Gröning - $39.95

"You can live without this book. But if you study and use the commercial effect described in it, you will have added a gem to your...

P-Case (Parallel Case) Trick
P-Case (Parallel Case)
Trick by Silver Wing and Carpenter Wong - $39.95

Endless applications are possible with the versatile P-Case from Silver Wing & Carpenter Wong. The P-Case forms a parallel space within a card...

Hot Lite Ignition Sharpie Accessory
Hot Lite Ignition Sharpie
Accessory by Lee Jah Bond - $59.95

Infuse an unforgettable visual moment into any close-up magic effect with Hot Lite. From prediction reveals to signed card transformations, object...

MusiClowns Trick
Trick by CLIMAX - $165.00

A delightful guessing-game style routine that will keep children engaged and excited! MusiClowns features 3 identical clowns with trumpets. It...

Dots-Man (Automatic) Trick
Dots-Man (Automatic)
Trick by Marcos Cruz - $29.95

Combining the legendary Pac-Man video game with the classic Multiplying Dots effect, Marcos Cruz has created an innovative new take on an popular...

Everyday Magic Kit for Social Media Trick
Everyday Magic Kit for Social Media
Trick by Julio Montoro - $35.00

When it comes to social media magic and virtual magic shows, visual magic is key! Now, thanks to Julio Montoro, you can grab an incredible magic kit...

Mummy Magic Trick
Mummy Magic
Trick by Daniel Diaz - $45.00

Mummy Magic is a fun and hilarious effect with multiple phases that audiences of all ages will enjoy. The magician freely shows the mummy's tomb on...

ABRACADABRA (Limited Edition Artwork) Accessory
ABRACADABRA (Limited Edition Artwork)
Accessory by Blake Vogt - From $75.00

Well, this is a first, and we couldn't be more excited. Up close, this stunning, layered artwork looks like a modern design of geometric shapes in...

Poker Museum Trick
Poker Museum
Trick by JL Magic - $22.00

A STUNNING triple revelation that is super easy to do. No sleight of hand needed and it resets instantly! This is a great close-up card trick for...

No Choice Wallet Trick
No Choice Wallet
Trick by Mark Mason and Tony Miller - $60.00

"Best trick I saw at Blackpool by a mile!” Steve Parnell No Choice is a powerful multi-phase routine you can carry in your pocket. You’re...

The Vault - Card Animations Magic download (video)
The Vault - Card Animations
Magic download (video) by Patricio Teran - $19.95

"This is insane! Patricio just changed the game!" Hanson Chien 4 remarkably visual and innovative card animations! The animated card is...

Classic Correspondence (Vol. 3) Book
Classic Correspondence (Vol. 3)
Book by Mike Caveney - $65.00

Take a guided tour through the exciting annals of magic history with this third release in the award-winning Classic Correspondence series from Mike...

Classic Correspondence (Vol. 2) Book
Classic Correspondence (Vol. 2)
Book by Mike Caveney - $65.00

Classic Correspondence (Vol. 2) takes you on a fascinating journey through Magic's past with 24 more letters from Mike Caveney's beloved Classic...

DHUIT (Card to Bill / Bill to Card) Magic download (video)
DHUIT (Card to Bill / Bill to Card)
Magic download (video) by Esya G and Ragil Septia - $14.95

Kept secret for nearly a decade, Ragil Septia is finally ready to unveil DHUIT, a card to bill and bill to card transformation that you need to see...

Dream Rose Trick
Dream Rose
Trick by JL Magic - $120.00

A beautiful rose transformation that any magician can do. It's super visual and incredibly easy to perform. Each Dream Rose is made of durable,...

Book by Christopher Rawlins - $35.00

Discover how to cleanly and fairly duplicate an image, or reveal any thought-of name, destination or drawing, under test conditions with XIDD—an...

Wosek Deck Trick
Wosek Deck
Trick by Julio García De La Fuente - $35.00

This a more than just an ordinary deck of cards! The Wosek Deck is a powerful tool designed to help magicians and mind readers improve and innovate...

3DT Shirt Trick
3DT Shirt
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - $39.95

Visually pluck a real deck of cards out of your t-shirt with 3DT Shirt—one of the most surprising, fun and memorable ways to open up a card magic or...

Dani DaOrtiz: Connected Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Dani DaOrtiz: Connected
Magic download (video) by Dani DaOrtiz - $25.00

Here's something as timely as it is fascinating: Dani DaOrtiz has designed an entire collection of card material...for Zoom performances! In these...

Fusion Coins Trick
Fusion Coins
Trick by Michael Rubinstein and Meir Yedid Magic - $25.00

A Penny fuses inside another coin to create an impossible object that can be examined by your audience in this amazing effect from the creative mind...

TLC Trick
Trick by Alan Wong - $20.00

A pocket-sized mental epic taken straight from the professional repertoire of the incomparable Wayne Dobson. Crafted in association with Alan Wong,...

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