Magic by Jeki Yoo

Jeki Yoo Masterclass Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Jeki Yoo Masterclass
Magic download (video) by Jeki Yoo - 75.00

Oh my! One of the most creative and talented magicians on the planet shares some of his best secrets in this incredible Vanishing Inc. Masterclass....

Three Cards Monte Stand Trick
Three Cards Monte Stand
Trick by JEKI YOO - 45.00

One of Jeki Yoo's most popular and viral effects is now available worldwide, and you won't believe how easy it is to do! "Three Cards Monte...

Pips Matrix Trick
Pips Matrix
Trick by JEKI YOO - 29.95

Jeki Yoo presents a unique, visual and fun Matrix routine that can even take place in a spectator's hand. The crowd at Magifest could not get enough...

Cone and Ball Lecture Magic download (video)
Cone and Ball Lecture
Magic download (video) by JEKI YOO - 14.99

If you've been to a magic convention lately, you know everyone is doing a similar version of Cups and Balls. Why not shake things up by learning Jeki...

Shade Trick
Trick by JEKI YOO - 79.95

A super cool and visual magic trick from Jeki Yoo! "This makes perfect sense and makes my brain melt at the same time! I love this!"...

JShirt Trick
Trick by JEKI YOO - 120.00

A crazy visual masterpiece direct from Jeki Yoo's working set. Jeki Yoo is one of the most creative magicians in the world and "J Shirt"...

Chop Egg Trick
Chop Egg
Trick by Jeki Yoo - 64.95

Jeki Yoo puts his unique creative spin on the Chop Cup and it is, of course, phenomenal! "Chop Egg" is a result of Jeki's passion for the...