Three Cards Monte Stand

Trick by JEKI YOO
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Three Cards Monte Stand

45.00 usd

Trick by JEKI YOO (45.00)

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Three Cards Monte Stand - magic
Three Cards Monte Stand Three Cards Monte Stand Three Cards Monte Stand Three Cards Monte Stand Three Cards Monte Stand Three Cards Monte Stand Three Cards Monte Stand Three Cards Monte Stand Three Cards Monte Stand

One of Jeki Yoo's most popular and viral effects is now available worldwide, and you won't believe how easy it is to do!

"Three Cards Monte Stand" takes the classic Three Card Monte effect to new heights. The addition of simple and devious card stands allows you to perform this amazing card trick with no sleight of hand required! You also can do a clean display of the front and backs of the cards throughout the routine, maximizing the impact of each phase.

While many magicians might know this effect from Jeki's social media channels, it's actually been a centerpiece routine in his working repertoire for many years. So, it's perfect for in-person performances, as well as online videos.

Everything you need to start performing right away is included.

  • Super easy
  • Zero sleights needed
  • Perfect for nearly any performing environment
  • High-quality Bicycle playing card gimmicks (in red or blue)

The comprehensive instruction video will have you up and running in no time! Grab "Three Cards Monte Stand" today!


Customer reviews for Three Cards Monte Stand



Great trick. I had already imagined the system. I received it today and I can assure you that it is really well done but a little expensive for what you receive. But it's worth it to buy. I think it's great for opening a little show.

VI Monthly


A + for the concept and props. The routine? Meh. The good news is that the props themselves facilitate a simple, clean, and impossible exchange of two cards. I'd suggest that coming up with a better structured and more nuanced routine than the one provided, perhaps one that relegates the props to a featured rather than starring role, wouldn't be much of a challenge to even an intermediate level performer. I will use this. The stands lend themselves to a novel and convincing presentation of a classic effect.


Community questions about Three Cards Monte Stand

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  • Amanda asks: Is there a routine included? If so how many phases?

    • 1. Rob answers: Yes, there is. It is two phases.
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  • Paul asks: What are the angles like ?

    • 1. Richard answers: The angles are excellent! Nothing to be seen as long as you can't see the faces of the cards. But that's what monte is all about anyway, isn't it?
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  • Paul asks: Could these stands be used for any 3 card Monte routines? I would think so, since the cards instead being placed flat on the surface they’re placed on the stands.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are designed to work with the cards you get with Skinner's monte routine.
  • Duane asks: The pictures show the faces in the stands with all the pips of all 3 cards showing at the same time, but with the skinner monte method that I know, this wouldn't be possible… do the stands somehow allow this to happen? Put another way, would any standard set of skinner monte cards work with these stands?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, the stands are *custom made* to work with Skinner's monte. It is a great design, and you will love using the stands with your standard set of Skinner monte cards.
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